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Friday, August 28, 2020

Earl Hamelin Plantagenet & Countess Isabel de Warenne

 94559120. Earl Hamelin Plantagenet & 94559121. Countess Isabel de Warenne

1137, Isabel born in Surrey, England, heir & d/o 189118242. Earl William de Warenne & 79959357. Adela Talvas.

~1140, Hameline de Warenne born in Normandy, France, natural s/o 94555136. Comte Geoffrey Plantagenet. [Half-brother to King Henry II.]

1/7/1148, Isabel’s father died on crusade.

9/7/1151, Geoffrey’s father died.


Bef. 1153, Isabel 1st married William de Blois, 2nd s/o King Stephen.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

10/1159, William de Blois died; buried in Poitou, France.

[––Hamelin & Isabel––]

4/1164, By arrangement of King Henry II, Hamelin married widow Isabel, becoming earl of Surrey, and Comte de Warren.

10/1164, Hamelin present at the council of Northampton. Hamelin joined in the denunciation of Archbishop Thomas as a traitor.

1166, Hamelin of Warrene, held 140 knights’ fees in England and Wales. (S) War, Government and Aristocracy in the British Isles, Given-Wilson, 2008, P15. [Assessed on the aid of marrying the King’s daughter.]

1166, Isabel held 60 knights’ fees. (S) History of Conisborough Castle, 1887, P103.

1173-4, Hamelin supported King Henry II against his sons who were in rebellion.

3/14/1176 at London, Hameline Earl Warren attested at royal charter to Rivaulx abbey.

1176, Hamelin escourted his niece Joan, d/o King Henry II, to her marriage to the King of Sicily.

3/1185 at Westminster, Hameline of Warrene, earl of Surrey, a witness of the confirmation of lands of the canons of Butley. (S) Feudal Assessments, Keefe, 1983, P105.

9/3/1189, Hamelin at the coronation of his nephew King Richard I.

12/12/1189, King Richard departed on the 3rd Crusade.

3/20/1190, at Rouen, Hamelino Comite de Warenna, Hugone de Gurnai, … witnessed the charter of King Richard founding the chapel of Fumechon in Normandy.

1191, Hamelin supported the chancellor against King Richard’s brother Prince John.

12/21/1192, King Richard was captured near Vienna, returning from crusading.

1193-4, Hamelin 1 of 5 treasurers for the collection of King Richard’s ransom.

2/4/1194, King Richard released from imprisonment in Germany.

3/29/1194, Hamelin earl of Warren attended the King’s parliament at Nottingham. (S) Parliamentary History, V1, 1806, P1290.

4/17/1194, Hamelin bore 1 of the 3 swords at King Richard’s 2nd coronation.

1195, A controversy between the dean and the clergy of Thetford, and the canons, concerning the tithes of lands given to the canons by Hameline earl Warren. (S) History of the Town of Thetford, Martin, 1779, P176.

4/6/1199, King Richard died.

5/27/1199 at Westminster, Hamelin present at the coronation of his nephew King John.

7/13/1199, Isabel died; buried in Chapter House, Lewes, Sussex, England.


1200, Hamelin granted a weekly market at Conisborough, Yorkshire.

3/1201, King John visited his uncle Hamelin in Yorkshire castle.

4/2/1202, Hamelin, vicomte of Touraine, 5th Earl of Surrey in right of his wife, died in England; buried in the chapter-house at Lewes with Isabel.

(S) Plantagenet Ancestry, P747. (S) DNB, V20, 1909, P1367. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878.

Children of Hamelin and Isabel:

i. Maud de Warenne (189118343), born ~1165 in England.

ii. Adelade de Warenne (19989669), born ~1170 in England

ii. William de Warennne (47279560), born ~1175 in England.

iii. Ela de Warenne (60849153), born ~1178 in England.

iv. Isabel Plantagenent, born ? in England.

Isabel married 1st Robert de Lacy [who died in 1193, no children].

Isabel married Gilbert de L'Aigle [died in 1234.]

v. Agnes Plantagenent, born ? in England.

Agnes married Jordan de Marisco.

Agnes had an affair with King John.

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