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Friday, August 28, 2020

Count Godfrey III of Brabant & Countess Margaret of Limbourg & Countess Imagina of Loon

 94555212. Count Godfrey III of Brabant & 94555213. Countess Margaret of Limbourg & 189111961. Countess Imagina of Loon.

By 1142, Godfrey born in Louvain, s/o 189110424. Godfrey II of Brabant & 189110425. Luitgarde of Sulzbach.

~1145, Margaret born in Limbourg, d/o §§Duke Hendrik II of Limburg & Duchess Mathilde von Saffenberg.

1/23/1139, Godfrey’s grandfather [I] of the same name died.

6/13/1142, Godfrey III of Leuven, duke of Lower Lotharingia, became duke of Brabant on the death of his father [II].

3/30/1147 at Aachen, Godfrey present at the coronation of Henry [VI] of Germany [died 1150.]

1148, War broke out when Conrad, father of Henry VI left on crusade.

~1150, Imagina born in Belgium, d/o §§Count Louis I of Loon & Countess Agnes von Metz.

[–––Godfrey & Margaret–––]

1158, Godfrey III married Margaret of Limbourg.

1159, Godfrey ended a protracted war with the Berthout, lords of Grimbergen, by burning their fortress motte at Grimbergen.

8/1167, Margaret’s father died in Rome during an epidemic.

1170, Henry, count of Namur and Luxembourg, and Baldwin, count of Hainault, defeated Godwin III of Louvain at the battle of Carnieres. Baldwin, with about 3000 foot soldiers, encountered Duke Godfrey of Louvain with a much larger army; but defeated them in the ensuing battle; killing about 2000 of the duke’s men and capturing about 6000. (S) Encyclopedia Metropolitana, V1, 1845, P561.

1171, Godfrey at war with Hainaut.

8/11/1171, Imagina’s father died in the Battle of Duras [Belgium]; buried at Borgloon.

1172, Margaret died; buried in Louvain, ├ęglise coll├ęgiale de Saint Pierre. (S) FMG.

[–––Godfrey & Imagina–––]

1172, Godfrey married 2nd Imagina of Loon, d/o Louis I, count of Loon.

1179, Godfrey arranged for his son Henri to marry Maud of Flanders, d/o Matthew of Alsace & Marie of Boulogne.

Bef. 1180, Imagina’s mother died.

1/1183, Baldwin V of Hainaut and Duke Godfrey of Brabant agreed to a truce. (S) Social Politics of Medieval Diplomacy, Huggman, 2000, P114.

1183-84, Godfrey went on crusade to Jerusalem.

4/1184, Godfrey and his son Henri present with the Archbishop of Cologne at a great gathering [estimated 40,000-70,000 knights] of nobles of Germany, Italy, and Burgundy in Mainz held by Emperor Frederic Barbarossa. (S) Medieval Popes, Emperors, Kings, …, Busk, 1854, P160.

11/1184, Philip, archbishop of Cologne, Duke Godfrey of Brabant [a vassal of the archbishop], the Duke’s son Henry of Brabant, and the Count of Flanders attacked the county of Hainault, besieging the castle of Binche. Baldwin, count of Hainault, held out and a peace treaty was made.

1185, Son Henri became acting Duke of Brabant when Godfrey ceded control to retire because of illness.

9/1185, ‘Godefridus dux Lotharingie’ returned property to Aachen St Maria, in the presence of ‘filiis meis Heinrico milite, Alberto clerico.’

1188, ‘Godefridus … Dux et Marchio Lotharingie’, at the request of ‘uxoris nostre Imaine ducisse Lotharingie’, confirmed the donations to Averboden by ‘frater eius comes Gerardus de Loen.’

8/21/1190, Godfrey died.


1203, Imagina became an abbess at Musterbilsen [Belgium].

6/5/1214, Imagina died.

(S) Secretum Scriptorum, Prevenier, 1999, P47. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Children of Godfrey and Margaret:

i. Henri I of Brabant (47277606), born ~1165 in Brabant.

ii. Albert de Louvain, born ~1166 in Brabant.

By 1183, Albert the archdeacon of St. Lambert, Liege.

By 1189, Albert the provost of St. Lambert, Liege.

1191, Albert elected bishop of Liege.

11/24/1192, Albert assassinated at Reims.

Children of Godfrey and Imagina:

i. William de Louvain, born aft. 1172 in Brabant.

Aft. 8/1/1224, William died.

ii. Godfrey de Louvain (94555980), born aft. 1172 in Brabant.

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