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Friday, August 28, 2020

Count Otto I Graf van Gelre & Richardis of Bavaria

 94555210. Count Otto I Graf van Gelre & 94555211. Richardis of Bavaria

1155, Otto born in Holland, s/o 94555222. Count Hendrik of Guelders & 94555223. Agnes of Arnstein.

~1165, Richardis born in Bavaria, d/o §§Duke Otto I Wittelsbach of Bavaria & Duchess Agnes of Loon.

1182, Otto became Count of Gelders.

1184, Otto married Richardis.

1189, Otto on joined the 3rd crusade supporting Frederick I [Barbarossa]. His son in law William I of Holland was also in the forces.

1190, The crusaders spent the winter in Greece.

5/18/1190, The crusaders conquered Iconium [Turkey] by siege.

6/10/1190, The leader, Frederick I, died in Turkey. Some crusaders left for home, but Otto joined others that went on towards Syria and Palestine.

1190, Otto joined the forces of Guy of Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, besieging the city of Acre.

1190-91, Otto returned home.

1207, Otto, Count of Guelders and Zutphen, died.

1231, Richardis died.

Children of Otto and Richardis:

i. Adelheid of Guelders (47277605), born by 1185 in Guelders.

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