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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Duke Conan III de Bretagne & Duchess Matilda fitz Roy

 319836090. Duke Conan III de Bretagne & 319836091. Duchess Matilda fitz Roy

~1092, Conan III born in Brittany, France, s/o 639672180. Duke Alain de Cornouaille &  639672181. Ermengarde d'Anjou.

~1100, Maud born in Brittany, France, natural d/o 189110274. King Henry I Beauclerc.

1106-10, Conan III and his friend Robert de Vitre [with whom he will later be in conflict] made a pilgrimage to l’abbaye Saint-Nicolas d’Angers.

[––Conan & Matilda––]

By 1112, Conan III married toMatilda.

1113-16, Alain abdicated to his son and became a monk the abbey of Redon. Conan ruled as regent of his father with the advice of his mother.

3/31/1115, A privilege of the bishop of Nantes in favor of Marmoutier indicates ‘regnantibus Alano and Conano ejus filio in Britannia.’

By 1118, Conan’s holdings in Nantes included the city with the castle on the north side, Guerande – north of the Loire, which contained a salt works. South of the Loire he held the castellany of le Pallet and the ducal forest of Touffou. Conan also controlled tolls levied on the routes through his domain by land or water.

1118, Conanus … Britaniaæ dux cum sorore mea Hidevis et matre mea Ermeniart donated property to the abbey of Sainte-Croix de Quimperlé.

1118, Conan married Mathilde.

10/13/1119, Conan’s father died.

Aft. 1119, Mathilda comitissa et Haduisa soror comitis Conani, signed the charter of Duke Conan III donating a fishery to the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel.

1120-25, Conan had to deal with 2 lords of Nantes, Olivier, baron de Ponchâteau, and Savary viscomte de Donges, who were in open rebellion.

1122, Conan III supported an expedition of King Louis VI into Auvergne.

1124, Conan III summoned with other great vassals of King Louis VI to l’ost to deal with the German threat.

1126, Conan III supported the Bishop of Clermont against attack by Count Guillaume VI of Auvergen.

10/23/1127 at  l’Abbaye Saint-Sauveur de Redon, Conan III having mercilessly suppressed the 2 barons in revolt since 1120, required them to be at the abbey, which they had attacked, and submit before all of the Duke’s barons to Gerard, bishop of Angouleme.

3/1128, Conan III enacted new laws in the duchy. A key issues was limiting the seigneurial rights on the inheritance of commoners who died without direct heirs; which was made possible through the support of some bishops.

1128, Ermengardis mater mea et uxor mea Matildis, signed the charter under which Duke Conan III confirmed the possessions of the monks of Saint-Melaine de Rennes.

Aft. 1128, Matilda died.


1129-36, Conanus Britannorum dux donated property to Saint-Nicolas d´Angers, which names ‘mater mea Ermengardis comitissa’.

1132, Conan III, entrusts the care of Rennes, captured in conflict with Andre de Vitre, to Goranton III son of Hervé II.

1135, Conan III founder of the Abbey of Buzay with his mother.

1135, Conan III (319836090) returned the town of Rennes to Robert, heir of Andre de Vitre, who went into rebellion. Conan gathers his troop at Châteaugiron, and besieges and quickly takes Vitré.  Robert II, his wife Emma and his sons André and Robert take refuge with Henri de Fougères; but Conan III orders the latter to drive them out. Robert then goes to Juhel II de Mayenn (311835900). Conan III, in order to break this alliance, gives his daughter Constance in marriage to Geoffroi (155917950) the son of Juhel II.

11/2/1135, Conan III returns 4 churches he had take in the conflict to the Bishop of Nantes: Notre-Dame, Sainte-Croix, Saint-Saturnin and Saint-Aubin.

12/22/1135, Stephen of Blois succeeded Henry I as King of England. [This began a civil war in England, which decreased tensions between the kings of England and France; and especially for Conan because Henry I was his father-in-law.]

1143-46, Conan founded the priory of Tiron near the mouth of the Loire. (S) Cartulaire de l’abbaye de la Sainte-Trinite de Tiron.

1144, Conan III asked to fulfill broken promises made to the abbey of Buzay.

12/1144, Robert of Vitre reconciles with Conan III and recovers Vitre.

6/1/1146, Conan’s mother died.

9/8/1146, Conan made a donation the the Sainte-Croix de Quimperlé abbey.

9/17/1148, Duke Conan III died. [According to Pierre Le Baud, on his deathbed, Conan III disowns Hoël III his son, on the grounds that he was a bastard.]

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Brittany and the Angevins, Everard, 2000, PP22-23. (S) Histoire du 12ème siècle > Conan III dit le Gros. [French.]

Family notes:

Conan III coinage, minted at Nantes, is sold on the open market. [E.g., Conan III (1112-1148). Denier. Rennes. Variante légende avers COANNV. Sold by Auctions Künker of France.]

Child of Conan and Maud:

i. Bertha of Brittany (159918045), born ~1120 in Brittany, France.

ii. Constance de Bretagne, born ~1125 in Brittany, France.

~1145, Geoffrey de Mayenne (155917950) 1st married Constance de Bretagne. [Daughter: See Geoffrey.]

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