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Monday, August 10, 2020

Earl Edmund Fitz Alan & Countess Alice de Warenne

 5909944. Earl Edmund Fitz Alan & 5909945. Countess Alice de Warenne

5/1/1285, Edmund born in Marlborough castle, Wiltshire, England, s/o 11819888. Richard Fitzalan & 11819889. Alice Saluce.

1287, Alice born in England, d/o 11819890. William de Warren & 11819891. Joan de Vere.

Bef. 1/15/1302, Edmund suceeded as Earl of Arundel on the death of his father. Edmund’s wardship and marriage granted to John de Warren, Earl of Surrey.

12/30/1304, Grant to Alesia daughter of William de Warenna and niece of John de Warenna, sometime earl of Surrey, of the fine, forfeiture, and whaterver may belong to the king touching the marriage of Edmund son and heir of Richard son of Alan, sometime earl of Arundel, … the late earl of Surrey, … having offered her to the said Edmund, who refused her. (S) CPRs.

4/8/1305, Commission of oyer … The jury is to consist of men of the liverties of Edmund son and heir of Richard, earl of Arundel, of Temeste; … (S) CPRs.

[––Edmund & Alice––]

1305, Edmund married Alice. (S) The Manor and Parish Records of Medmenham, Buckinghamshire, Plaisted, 1925, P40.

5/22/1306, Edmund, 1 of 267 knighted by King Edward I in London at Westminster abbey.

6/6/1306, Grant to Edmund, earl of Arundel, of all fines … when it was in the king’s hands by reason of the minority of the said Edmund, … (S) CPRs.

1306, Edmund served with the king in Scotland. (S) CPRs, 3/26/1307.

11/9/1306, Edmund, “Monsire Edmond conte de Arundel” [earl], summoned to parliament.

4/24/1307, Pardon to Edmund, earl of Arundel, of £4,234 3s 4.75d … of debts of himself and his ancestors, … (S) CPRs.

12/2/1307, Edmund participated in the tournament at Wallingford hosted by Piers Gaveston. In the tournament he was “unhorsed” by Piers.

2/25/1308 at Westminster, Edmund carried the royal robes at the coronation of King Edward II. Edmund made a Knight of the Bath with Prince Edward.

4/1309, Edmund attended the tournament at Dunstable.

6/14/1309, The earls of Gloucester, Hereford, Lancaster, Warrene, Warwick and Arundel [Edmund] sent a royal prohibition of tournaments.

10/1309, Edmund one of a number of barons that refused to attend Parliament because of Piers Gaveston’s presence by the King’s side.

3/20/1310, Edmund one of 21 barons appointed to reform the government and the King’s household, and 1 of 5 Lords Ordainer.

11/1313, Henry de Percy acknowledge that he had received full payment for the debts of Edmund’s father.

3/1312, Edmund one of 5 Earls that swore to kill Piers Gaveston if he was captured.

5/1312 at Warwick, Edmund and other Earl’s agreed that Piers Gaveston should be put to death.

6/19/1312 at Warwick, Edmund one of 3 Earls attending the murder of Piers.

1/17/1313, Safe-conduct to Edmund, earl of Arundel, and his followers and adherents, going to and fro throughout the king’s dominions, provided they go without horses and arms. (S) CPRs.

1314, Although summoned to a campaign against the Scots, Edmund [and other Earls] refused to attend saying that King Edward had gone to war without consent of Parliament. [The English suffered a devasting loss at Bannockburn.]

4/1315, Due to a famine in England caused by year-long rains and flooding, King Edward ordered the regulation of food prices. [The regulations were suspended in the parliament of 1316.]

1316, Edmund quit supporting the Earl of Lancaster and joined in support of the Earl of Pembroke.

11/20/1316, Edmund constituted Captain-general to Edward II, commander of the English army in Scotland. Edmund was to serve with 100 men-at-arms of his own retinue for £3000. Edmund was to be supported 16 other captains. (S) Wars of the Bruces, McNamee, 1997, P149.

3/1317, Edmund led an incursion into Scotland, cutting down trees in Jedwood forest. James Douglas attacked and Edmund withdrew.

1317, Edmund obtained a grant from the crown of the confiscated property of Lord Badlesmere, in the city of London and county of Salop, as well as the escheated lands of John Mowbray, Lord Mowbray, in the Isle of Axholme, and several manors and castles, part of the possessions (also forfeited) of Roger Mortimer, Lord Mortimer, of Wigmore.

8/9/1318, Grant for 3 years to Edmund, earl of Arundel, for the repair of the bridge of Moneford, co. Salop, of pontage upon all wares for sale crossing the bridge. (S) CPRs.

9/7/1319, Edmund participated in the seige of Berwick on Tweed, Scotland. King Edward had not brought siege engines and had to have them brought by ship. Learning of the invasion of York and the defeat at Myton of the Archbishop, Edward abandoned the siege and returned to England. [The Scots escaped by a western route which avoided Edward’s large army.]

2/10/1321, Licence for Edmund, earl of Arundel, to enfeoff … manors of Wenge … with remainder to Richard, son of the said earl, and to Isabella, daughter of Hugh le Despenser, the younger, his wife, … (S) CPRs.

6/8/1321, Licence for Edmund, earl of Arundel, to enfeoff … to regrant the same to the earl and Alice his wife, … (S) CPRs.

10/1321, King Edward II took to the field with a large army to oppose the Marcher Lords in revolt in the Despenser War. Edmund participated in the seige of Leeds.

1/5/1322, Edmund replaced his granduncle, Roger de Mortimer of Chirk, as Justice of North Wales.

3/16/1322, At the battle of Boroughbridge, northwest of York, King Edward defeated the forces of the Marcher lords and Thomas of Lancaster.  The royalist forces were defending their position with dismounted men-at-arms and archers against an attacking calvary.

3/20/1322, Edmund a member of the group finding Thomas, Earl of Lancaster guilty of treason and sentenced to death.

4/9/1322, Commission to Edmund, earl of Arundel, justice of Wales, to raise the following men: … of Kardygan and Kaermerdyn, 1,000, Euyaslacy and Euyasharald, 200, Ellesmere, 100, North Wales, 2,000, Flynt and Englefeld, 600. All to be at Newcastle-upon-Tyne to go against the Scots.

10/14/1322, Edmund with King Edward, fought the battle of Byland [20 miles north of York] against Robert Bruce. [This defeat compelled King Edward to recognize Scottish independence.]

1323, Edmund made Justice of South Wales.

4/1/1324, Edmund obtained royal patent letters to give land to friars. (S) Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the Hist. & Antiq’s of the County, 1878, P87.

6/10/1324, Licence for Edmund earl of Arundel and Alice his wife to enclose and empark 50 acres … manor of Wolfhampton, co. Essex … (S) CPRs.

1325, Edmund appointed Warden of the Welsh Marches.

5/17/1326, Whereas the king by charter granted to Joh de Warenna, earl of Surrey, his kinsman, the castle and town of Reygate, … the earl has now quit-claimed … remainder to Edmund earl of Arundel and Alesia his wife, … (S) CPRs.

10/1326, when Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer invaded England; Edmund was 1 of 2 Earls that stayed loyal to King Edward II and fled with him from London. [The other his brother-in-law earl John de Warren.]

11/16/1326, Edmund captured in Shropshire by John de Cherleton. He was then taken to the Queen at Hereford.

11/17/1326, Edmund beheaded in Bristol [without a trial.] Queen Isabella took possession of Edmund’s confiscated goods. (S) Weir, P245. [Edmund initially buried at the Franciscan church at Hereford, but later interred with his parents at Haughmond abbey, Shropshire.]


7/12/1327, The king granted lands worth £270 to Alesia in aid of the maintenance of herself and her boys. (S) CCRs.

2/28/1328, To Alesia, late the wife of Edmund, earl of Arundel. Order not to intermeddle further with a messuage, two gardens, and a rood of land in Farlyngton … (S) CCRs.

4/22/1328, To Alesia, late the wife of Edmund, late earl of Arundel. Like order to deliver to the said Eleanor, late the wife of Hugh le Despenser, the manors of Stanvord, Fairford, and Caveresham, which are of Eleanor's inheritance and which the king committed to Alesia at another time. The king will make her recompence for the lands aforesaid. (S) CCRs.

5/16/1328, Grant to Alesia, late the wife of Edmund, earl of Arundel, … £540 [total] … yearly … (S) CPRs.

Bef. 5/23/1338, Alice died, her son Richard the executor of her will. (S) CPRs.

(S) DNB, 1889, 87.

Children of Edmund and Alice:

i. Richard FitzAlan (2954972), born 1306 in England.

ii. Edmund FitzAlan, born ? in England.

Edmund married Sibil Montacute, ggd/o Simon de Montague, s/o William, s/o Drogo & Alvia Bassett.

1349, Edmund died.

iii. Eleanor FitzAlan (2954877), born ~1310 in England

iv. Alice FitzAlan, born ? in England.

Alice married John de Bohun, s/o 5909948. Earl Humphrey de Bohun. [No children.]

v. Jane FitzAlan, born ? in England.

Jane Fitz Alan, married Warine Gerrard, Lord L’Isle.

vi. Mary de Arundel, born ~1320 in England.

Mary married John le Strange, s/o 2955026. John le Strange & 2955027. Ankaret le Boteler.

vii. Aline FitzAlan (7605687), born by 1326 in England.

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