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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Earl Milo Fitz Walter & Countess Sybill de Newmarch

 39979818. Earl Milo Fitz Walter & 39979819. Countess Sybill de Newmarch

~1100, Miles of Gloucester born in England, s/o 79959636. Walter of Gloucester & 79959637. Berta ?.

~1100, Sybill born in Wales, eldest d/o 79959638. Bernard de Newmarch & 79959639. Nefta verch Griffin.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

[––Milo & Sybill––]

1121, Milo married Sybill, acquiring the honor of Brecknock and the office of Constable of the King’s Court.

5/1121, Henry, King of England … granted to Milo de Gloucester, Sibilla, the daughter of Bernard de Newmarch (79959638), with all the land of Bernard her father, and of her mother, after their decease, or before, if they will, … unto the boundary of the land of Richard fitz Pons (79958528), … (S) Women of the English Nobility, Ward, 1995, P27.

By 1125, Sybill’s father died.

1127, Confirmation to the monks of St. Mary’s, Malvern … attested by … Miles of Gloucester, … Pain fitz John, … Walter de Beauchamp, at Hereford.

1127-33, Miles of Gloucester and Pain fitz John witnessed gifts of Baldwin de Rivers to the canons of Breamore.

4/1128, Miles of Gloucester, Richard fitz Pons, … and Maurice fitz William de Londres named in a letter issued by Pope Honorius II. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies 21, Battle Conference 1998, P39.

1128, Miles succeeded his father, becoming sheriff of Gloucester and Stafford.

1129, Miles of Gloucester and Payn fitz John requested the king appoint a successor to Richard, bishop of Hereford – Roger of Salisbury.

1130, Miles of Gloucester the sheriff of Gloucestershire. (S) The Anarchy of King Stephen’s Reign, King, 1994, P55.

1131 at Waltham, Grant of the King for the use of the canons of the church of the martyrs Gervase and Protase of Sees … attested … Waleran count of Meulan, Hugh Bigot and Humphrey de Bohun sewers, Miles of Gloucester, … Payn fitz John, … Henry de Ferrers, … Geoffrey fitz Pain, …

1132, Grant to the hospital of Falaise … attested by … William earl of Warren; the sewers Hugh Bigot, Humphrey de Bohun, …; Geoffrey fitz-Pain, Miles of Gloucester, Pain fitz-John, … and Aubrey de Ver, at Marden.

12/25/1132, Humphrey de Bohun at the Christmas court of King Henry at Windsor. (S) King Stephen, King, 2011, P36.

1133, Miles of Gloucester witnessed the founding document by the king of the abbey for canons at Messenden.

1135, On the death of King Henry I, Milo retrieved Empress Matilda from his castle at Gloucester.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1136 at Reading, King Stephen granted Milo, on doing his homage, all the lands he had held in Gloucester and Brecknock.

10/1136, The news of the death of Richard de Clare (159916224), earl of Hertford, Owain Gwynedd invaded his lordship and won a crushing victory at the Battle of Crug Mawr. The town of Cardigan was taken and burnt, and Richard’s widow, Adelize (159916225), took refuge in Cardigan Castle. She was rescued by Earl Milo Fitz Walter who led an expedition to bring her to safety in England.

1137, Milo founded the abbey of Lanthony in Monmouthshire. [Where his father retired.]

5/1138, When, Robert, earl of Gloucester rebelled against King Stephen, Miles stayed loyal to the king. (S) From Alfred the Great, Davis, 1991, P259.

1138, Milo, constable of King Stephen, conducted the King to the royal palace in Gloucester where the citizens swore allegiance. (S) Memoirs Historical and Topographical of Bristol, V1, 1821, P401.

2/1139 at Reading, Milo of Gloucester witnessed a charter of the Queen to the Templars. (S) English Historical Review, V25, P115.

6/24/1139, Milo’s fellow “curiales” Bishop Roger of Salisbury was arrested by King Stephen. (S) From Alfred the Great, Davis, 1991, P259.

1139, Miles of Gloucester built a small castle at South Cerney in rebellion against the king [soon captured by King Stephen.] (S) Transactions – Bristol & Gloucester, V10, 1991, P15.

7/1139, As part of her invasion plans, Empress Matilda made agreements through her half-brother Robert, earl of Gloucester. At Domfront, before Elias Giffard and Humphrey fitz Odo, Robert arranged for the support of Miles of Gloucester. (S) King Stephen, King, 2011.

9/1139, Milo supported Empress Matilda against King Stephen; receiving her at Gloucester. Milo was militarily aligned with Robert, Earl of Gloucester, Matilda’s brother.

1139, King Stephen began a march on Bristol, setting up a siege at Wallingford castle on the way. Milo of Gloucester flanked Stephen and ended the siege, setting free Brian fitz Count. Milo also captured Hereford castle.

1139, Empress Matilda moved her base to Glouceser where Milo was in charge of her safety.

1139, Milo given St. Briavel’s castle and the Forest of Dean by Empress Matilda.

2/2/1141, Milo at the battle of Lincoln and the capture of King Stephen. (S) Foundations of England, V2, Ramsay, 1898, P400.

1141, After the battle of Linclon, Matilda took refuge with Milo when a conspiracy threatened her.

6/24/1141, Fleeing with Empress Matilda from Winchester after an attack by Londoners, Milo had to strip his armour and leave his weapons, arriving back at Gloucester “weary, half-naked, and alone.”

7/25/1141, Milo, created Earl of Hereford by Empress Matilda.

1141-42, Miles of Gloucester, earl of Hereford, made a treaty with Robert, earl of Gloucester.

7/1142, Milo gave his youngest son Mahel as a hostage in alliance with Robert of Gloucester.

1142, Milo given custody of the castle of Abergafenni [later given to his daughter Bertha in marriage.]

1143 at Devizes, Miles, earl of Hereford; Robert, earl of Gloucester; Brian fitz Count; and Humphrey de Bohun met with Empress Matilda, who had just excaped from Oxford. (S) King Stephen, King 2010, P189.

1143, Milo excommunicated by Bishop Robert de Betun [an adherent of King Stephen] for seizing his goods and lands.

1143, Milo and Robert de Gloucester defeated the forces of King Stephen at Wilton.

12/24/1144, Miles of Gloucester killed in a hunting accident in the forest of Dean, Gloucester; his son Roger succeeding.

(S) The Cartulary and Historical notes of the Cistercian Abbey of Flaxley, Crawley-Boevey, 1887. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Age of Owain Gwnedd, Barbier, 1908. (S) Memoirs Historical and Topographical of Bristol, V1, 1821. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919. (S) She-Wolves, Castor, 2011.

Family notes:

·         Milo’s shield: silver, a knight on horseback in chain mail, armed with lance and shield, with the inscription “SIGILLYM MILOMS DE GLOCESTRIA.”

·         The Historia fundationis cum fundatoris genealogia of the priory of Abergavenny: Margaretam, Bertam et Luciam as the 3 daughters of Milonem & his wife, … Lucy married Herberto filio Hereberti and inherited foresta de Dene et aliis terries in Anglia.

·         All 4 of Milo’s sons came to untimely ends. (S) Annals and antiquities of the counties and county families of Wales, Nicholas, 1872, P68.

Children of Milo and Sybil:

i. Bertha de Gloucester (79958019), born ~1122 in England.

ii. Margaret de Gloucester (378236673), born ~1124 in England.

iii. Roger de Gloucester, born ? in England. [Eldest son]

1137, Roger married Cicely, d/o Payn Fitz John & Sybil Talbot.

1143, Roger succeeded his father as earl of Hereford. (S) FMG.

1155, Roger died without children.

iv. Lucy Fitz Walter (19989909), born ~1141 in England. [3rd daughter]

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