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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Earl Patrick of Dunbar & Countess Eupheme de Brus

 486765194. Earl Patrick of Dunbar & 486765195. Countess Eupheme de Brus

1185, Patrick born in Scotland, s/o 973530388. Earl Patrick of Dunbar & 973530389. Ada of Scotland.

~1192, Euphemia born in Scotland, d/o §§Lord William de Brus & Christine ?.

1200, Patrick’s mother died.

1200, ‘P. comes de Dunbar et P. filius eius’ donated property which ‘Willo de Curteneya et A. uxori …’ to Kelso monastery.

7/6/1208, An agreement was formed between Patrick, earl of Dunbar, and the house of Melrose, concerning the pasture west of the Leader, whereby, the earl with the consent of Patrick, his son and heir, in the presence of William, king of Scots, and Earl David, his brother and other good men.

11/6/1208 at Selkirk, King William has granted settlement in his presence and in his full court of dispute between Patrick, earl of Dunbar, and Melrose Abbey anent pasture on west bank of Leader Water; settlement is made with consent of Earl Patrick's son and heir, Patrick.

1208-12, Earl Patrick of Dunbar for Melrose Abbey; has given, with agreement and consent of Patrick, his son and heir, that whole arable land called Sorrowlessfield beyond Leader Water from west towards monks’ grange, as William Sorrowless most fully held it. He exempts the monks from any earthly, forinsec or secular service.

Bef. 1211, Patrick married Euphemia [Patrick’s step-sister, d/o his father’s 2nd wife.]

7/16/1212, Eupheme’s father died.

1213-32, Patrick, son of earl of Dunbar, to his baillies and sergeants, notifying that he has granted, and established by his charter, to God and St Mary and the new works of the church of Dryburgh 1 mark perpetually from his ferme of Birkenside.

12/6/1214, Alexander II succeeded King William I of Scotland.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England, succeeding King John.

1216, Patrick did homage to King Henry for his lands in Northumberland.

1210, Patrick, earl of Dunbar, and Patrick, his son, and William de Courtenay and his wife Ada, in 1st year of agreement made between them about rent of their land in Hume.

Bef. 10/5/1217, Patrick, earl of Dunbar, and Patrick, his son, announce that abbot and monks of Kelso Abbey, being accountable to William de Courtenay and his wife Ada, in 7th year of agreement made between them about rent of their land in Hume. [Ada, wife of William, is Patrick’s sister.]

11/30/1222, King Alexander II for Coldingham Priory; has granted that resignation and quitclaim which Patrick, son of Earl Patrick of Dunbar, made of villa of Swinwood, as charter of Patrick, and confirmation of Earl Patrick, his father, bear witness.

3/30/1231, Robert de Roos witnessed a quit-claim of Patrick, son of Patrick, earl of Dunbar. (S) POMS.

1231, Patrick’s father became a monk.

12/29/1231, Patrick, son of Earl Patrick of Dunbar acknowledges receipt from the prior of Coldingham at the Vigil of St Thomas the Martyr, of 40 marks sterling of the 200 marks owed him for the quitclaim he made of the demesne land and villa of Swinwood.

6/24/1232, Patrick son of Earl Patrick of Dunbar acknowledges he received from the prior and convent of Coldingham Priory 200 marks which the prior and convent are legally bound to pay him for the quitclaim in perpetuity of the demesne land and villa of Swinwood.

12/25/1232, Patrick’s father Patrick, earl of Dunbar and March, near dying, assembled his friends and neighbors in his castle and kept the festival with them. (S) Monastic Annals of Teviotdale, Morton, 1832, P224.

12/31/1232, Patrick’s father died after a long illness.

Bef. 1233, ‘SIGILL. PATRICII FILII COMITIS PATRICII’, seal of Patrick used on a letter. (S) Ancient Scottish Seals, I-91, 1866, P54.

2/22/1233, Patick given ‘sasine’ of his father’s lands in Northumberland.

1233, ‘SIGILLVM PATRICII COMITIS DE DVNBAR’, great seal of Patrick. [A privy seal shows a lion rampart with the legend ‘SECRETVM P. COMIT.’]

1235, Patrick with other barons led an expedition against an uprising in Galloway.

9/25/1237 at York, By treaty, Alexander II of Scotland asserted to King Henry of England that he was owed Northumberland as dowry of Joanna. King Henry acknowledge a grant of Tynedale in Northumberland, as well as the Earldom of Chester. … witness … Patrick, earl of Dunbar … (S) POMS.

1242, Patrick sent against the forces of rebel Thane of Argyll.

12/1244, Concession and promise to keep the peace sent by Alexander II to King Henry III by the prior of Tynemouth. Witnesses: … Alan Durward, … Patrick, earl of Dunbar, … Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, … Roger de Mowbray, … “our sworn man” Nicholas Soulis, lord of Liddesdale, … [Patrick, 1st in rank of 24 barons who guaranteed the Treaty of Peace with England]

1245, Patrick took part in the settlement of a land dispute between the Canons of Carham and Bernard de Hawden.

12/8/1245, Statement concerning oaths taken by Patrick, earl of Dunbar and Walter Comyn concerning an attack in Ireland against king of England’s land. Witnesses: Patrick, earl of Dunbar, … Jurors: … Roger de Mowbray … Robert de Mowbray … Nicholas Soulis, lord of Liddesdale, … John Comyn, lord of Badenoch, … Richard de Munfichet …

1247, Patrick took the cross of a crusader.

8/1247, Robert, brother of Patrick, held the post of steward to Patrick. (S) Medieval Scotland, Grant, 1998, P116.

8/29/1247, To defray his crusader expenses, Patrick sold his stud of horses in Lauderdale to the Abbot and Convent of Melrose.

4/14/1248 at Berwick, Robert de Roos witnessed a confirmation of Patrick, earl of Dunbar, of a grant by William Greenlaw to Melrose abbey, in the presence of King Alexander. (S) POMS.

By 6/1248, Patrick had left Scotland to join the crusade of King Louis IX of France.

Bef. 12/13/1248, Patrick died at Marseilles on route to the holy land. (S) The Wars of Scotland, Brown, 2004, P42.


1267, Euphemia died at Whittinghehame [East Lothian.]

(S) People of Medieval Scotland. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Scots Peerage, V3, Paul, 1906, P255.

Family notes:

1194, §§Lord William de Brus of Annandale succeeded his father, §§Lord Robert de Brus of Annadale, also holding large estates in northern England.

Children of Patrick and Eupheme:

i. Patrick of Dunbar, born ~1210 in Scotland.

3/30/1231, Robert de Roos witnessed a quit-claim of Patrick, son of Patrick, earl of Dunbar. (S) POMS.

12/13/1248, The king has taken the homage of Patric earl of Dunbar for all the lands and tenements that Patric his father held of the king in capite, and to which he succeeds in heritage.

8/10/1255, Power to admit to the king’s protection Patrick, earl of Dunbar, Malise, earl of Stratherne, Nigel, earl of Karrick, Robert de Brus, Alexander, steward of Scotland, Alan Durward (Hostarium), … and all others who adhere to the king, in opposition to those of Scotland who are against Alexander, king of Scotland, and Margaret, queen of Scotland. (S) CPRs.

9/1286, Patrick a competitor in the succession of King Alexander III.

8/24/1289, Patrick died; succeeded by his son Patrick.

ii. Isabel of Dunbar (243382597), born ~1220 in Scotland.

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