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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Earl Simon de Senlis & Countess Isabel de Beaumont

 486787858. Earl Simon de Senlis & 486787859. Countess Isabel de Beaumont

~1097, Simon born in England, s/o 318232098. Simon de Saint Liz & 319832121. Matilda of Northumberland.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

1111, Simon’s father died. Simon was passed over as earl of Huntingdon in favor of his stepfather, David of Scotland.

12/25/1113, King David of Scotland married Matilda [mother of Simon]; by arrangement of King Henry of England.

By 1116, Simon gave the Sepulchre church at Northampton, founded by his father, to the Cluniac priory of St. Andrew. (S) Archaeological Journal, V69, 1912, P439.

11/25/1120, Many young English-Norman Nobles died at sea when the ‘White Ship’ sank. The heirs of Ivo of Grandmesnil died. Leicester was at the time divided among 4 lords: Ivo, the King, the Bishop of Lincoln, and Simon of Senlis. Robert of Meulan [Robert de Beaumont] received Ivo’s share. (S) Anselm of Bec, Vaughn, 1987, P238.

1121, Isabel born in France, d/o 159116046. Robert de Beaumont & 159116047. Amice de Gael.

4/1130, Countess Matilda of Northumberland, Simon’s mother, died.

1130, Simon holding the county of Northampton, did not hold the city, which had the right to farm themselves.

1130, Simon de Senlis, earl of Northampton; and David, king of Scotland, witnessed a confirmation of a grant to Potton church. (S) Charters of King David I, Barrow, 1999, P74.

5/1133, Most of London including the church of St. Paul the Apostle was destroyed by fire.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England; ursuping Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I; and starting a civil war.

4/1136, Simon de Senlis at the Easter court of King Stephen at Winchester. The Charter of Liberties, and charters to Winchester cathedral and Robert, bishop of Bath, were issued.

[–––Simon & Isabelle–––]

~1137, Simon married Isabel de Beaumont.

By 1138, King Stephen restored Simon as earl of Huntingdon and Northampton [including the city, in consideration of his service – Simon was expected to be a military leader more than an administrator.]

8/1138, Simon de Senlis, earl of Northampton, with King Stephen as he besieged and quickly captured the town and castle of Shrewsbury. King Stephen had 93 common soldiers and 5 “men of rank” executed.

Winter/1138-39, Simon, earl of Northampton, witnessed charters of the King.

4/9/1139 at Durham, Queen Matilda [maternally a Scot] acting for her husband King Stephen, for the sake of peace, surrendered all of Northumberland to King David with the exception of 2 castles, and recognized Scotland as an independent kingdom.

4/30/1139, Simon de Senlis, earl of Northampton; Henry of Scots [Simon’s half-brother], earl of Northumberland [newly created]; Robert, earl of Leicester; Roger, earl of Warwick; and Waleran, count of Meulan all attended the King at Worcester cathedral.

1139, King Stephen besieged Ludlow castle. During the siege, Simon de Senlis, earl of Northampton, challenged Henry of Scots, earl of Northumberland, to a tournament [a battle of forces] in which the King had to intervene on behalf of Henry.

9/1139, King Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda invaded England.

4/1140 at Newtown [8 miles from Hereford], Simon de Senlis, earl of Northampton, 1 of 5 earls witnessing the charter of Robert, earl of Leicester, with respect to the town of Hereford. [The earls certified Robert’s right to the town, which had been captured buy the forces of Empress Matilda.]

4/1140, Simon de Senlis, earl of Northampton and 5 other earls allied their forces in attacking the house of Robert of Gloucester [Empress Matilda’s brother] a mile from Gloucester, and the town of Tewksbury.

6/1140, Simon de Senlis, earl of Northampton, attended the King’s court at Norwich [the only earl attending that did not have significant estates in the area.]

11-12/1140, Simon, earl of Northampton, attended the King at a large royal court held at Stamford.

2/2/1141, Simon fought with King Stephen at the battle of Linclon; in which King Stephen was captured.

4/7/1141 at Winchester, Empress Matilda acknowledged as “Lady of England and Normandy” by Bishop Henry.

1141, Simon’s midland estates lost to the Scots [being held at the time by Prince Henry of Scotland.]

6/24/1141, Londoners, in support of Queen Mathilde, attacked Winchester. Empress Matilda had to flee to her castle at Oxford.

9/14/1141, From Oxford, Empress Matilda marched an army on Winchester, to secure the treasury. What they did not know was that William of Ypres’ Flemish forces were surrounding London. Queen Mathilde marched the Flemish forces from her lands in Kent. Simon de Senlis, earl of Northampton; Gilbert de Clare, earl of Hertford; William d’Aubigny, earl of Arundel; and William, earl Warren also supported Queen Mathilde. Empress Matilda’s forces were defeated, and her brother Robert of Gloucester captured.

11/1/1141, King Stephen exchanged by Empress Matilda for Robert, earl of Gloucester. 

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King. [The civil war would continue for 12 more years.] Simon, earl of Northampton, attended, along with many others, who witnessed a charter in favor of Geoffrey de Mandeville.

5/1142 at Northampton, King Stephen, visiting Earl Simon, became seriously ill [The king in a campaign across England].

4-5/1143, at Oxford, Simon, earl of Northampton; Richard of Boulogne; Simon de Gerardmoulin; and Warner de Lusors witnessed a mortgage of 10 marks of land in Gamlingay by Queen Mathilde.

6/7/1143, Simon, earl of Northampton; Gilbert, earl of Hertford; and Geoffrey, earl of Essex, witnessed King Stephen’s charter to the abbey of Peterborough. [The King: ‘I came to Peterborough on my return from Lincolnshire where I had once again fortified my castle of Caistor in Lindsey.’]

1144, King Stephen laid siege to Rochester castle. (S) Antiquities of Sussex, Rouse, 1825, P109.

1145, King Stephen defeated Matilda’s forces at the battle of Faringdon.

1145, Simon founded Delapre abbey, based on a grant by the Prior and Convent of St. Andrew. (S) Northamptonshire, Pevsner, 1973, P352.

5/12/1146, Ralph Gubiun, a relative of Simon, earl of Northampton, installed as the new abbot at St. Albans.

12/25/1146, King Stephen held Christmas court at Lincoln. Simon, earl of Northampton, witnessed charters in favor of 2 new Cistercian monasteries.

1147, Simon, earl of Northampton, founded the Cistercian abbey of Sawtrey [St. Mary] in Huntingdonshire. (S) Cambridgeshire Collection.

6/1148, Empress Matilda returned to Normandy, never returning to England.

1149 at St. Albans, West Sussex,, Simon, earl of Northampton, witnessed a charter of the King’s son Eustace.

Winter/1153, A truce between King Stephen and Henry II was arranged on the King’s side by 2 earls, William d’Aubigny and Simon de Senlis.

8/1153, ‘Symone comite Huntedoniæ, comes de Norhamptone’ died; buried at St. Andrews priory. [Simon’s death coincided with the death of King Stephen’s son Eustace.]


Isabel married 2nd Gervase Paynell, baron of Dudley.

12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.

1187, ‘Gervasius Paganellus’ donated property to Tykford Priory, with the consent of ‘uxoris meæ Isabellæ comitissæ de Norhamton’, which names ‘Fulcodius Paganellus avus meus et Radulfus Paganellus pater meus’, witnessed by ‘Simone comite Northamptoniæ, Isabella comitissa matre eius.’

Aft. 5/1188 Isabel died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010.

Family notes:

Simon issued local coinage at Northampton [types 1 & 2], Huntingdon [type 3] and Cambridge [variant of type 1]. Later, Simon issued all coins based on dies made in London [type 6.] (S) Mints and Money in Medieval England, Allen, 2012, P33.

Children of Simon and Isabelle:

i. Simon de Senlis, born 1138 in England.

1/1155, Earl Simon witnessed a royal charter at the monastery of Peterborough.

Bef. 1157, Simon married the heiress & d/o Gilbert of Gant, earl of Lincoln.

1158-74, Simon de Senlis [brother of Isabel] confirmed to ‘Willelmo Malduit camerario domini regis et Isabelle uxori sue’ land in Grendon which ‘comes Simon pater meus dedit Willelmo Malduit et Isabelle uxori sue in libero maritagio.’ (S) FMG.

6/1174, Simon, earl of Northampton, assisting Richard de Luci, the chief justice, at the siege of Huntingdon.

1174, Simon recognized as earl of Huntingdon and Northhampton.

3/28/1175, Simon donated property to Ramsey abbey, Huntingdonshire.

6/1184, Simon died.

ii. Isabelle de Senlis (243393929), born ~1150 in England. [3rd daughter]

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