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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Earl Waltheof of Northumberland & Countess Judith of Lens

 639664242. Earl Waltheof of Northumberland & 639664243. Countess Judith of Lens

~1040, Waltheof born in England, 2nd s/o §§Earl Siward of Northumbria & Countess Aelfflaed of Bernicia. [Bernicia in SE Scotland.]

1054, Judith of Boulogne born in France, d/o 1279328486. Lambert II of Boulogne & 1279328487. Adelaide of Normandy.

1054, Judith’s father killed in battle at Phalampin.

1054, Waltheof heir of his older brother Osbearn, killed in battle.

1055, Waltheof’s father died. Waltheof a minor, Tostig Godwinson appointed Earl by King Edward “the Confessor”.

10/1065, Waltheof succeeded as earl of Huntingdon and Northamptonshire when Tostig Godwinson was banished. (S) FMG.

1/5/1066, King Edward the Confessor of England died without a male heir; Harold Godwinson elected King.

3/20/1066, Haley’s comet appeard in the sky at its closest point to earth, and was interpreted as an evil omen.

1066, During an incursion of Harald III, King of Norway, ‘Earl Valthiof’ fled to the castle of York. (S) FMG.

8/14/1066, Waltheof, on the English [losing] side at the battle of Hastings, ‘escaped by flight.’ (S) FMG.

10/25/1066, William I crowned King of England

1066-7, Waltheof submitted to William the Conqueror and was allowed to keep his title and possessions.

2/21/1067 from Penvensy, King William returned to Normandy, taking Edgar Atheling and ‘Waltheofum Siwardi ducis filius’. (S) FMG.

4/8/1067 at Fecamp, King William held ‘the most splendid  royal court ever seen in France in recent years.’ (S) The Normans, Crouch, 2006, P98.

12/1067, King William back in England, ended a revolt by besieging Exeter.

1068, King William returned to Normandy.

1068, Waltheof, a member of King Willliam’s court, rebelled with other barons.

9/1069, Waltheof joined with the Danes in an attack on York. King William returned from Normandy and suppressed the revolt, burning the countryside through which he traveled. (S) Medieval English Ancestors, Boyer, 2001, P113.

12/25/1069, King William celebrated Christmas in the ruins of York.

1/1070, The Danes retreated.

By 4/1070, Waltheof again pledged allegiance to King William and was allowed to retain his lands.

[–––Waltheof & Judith–––]

1071, in Artois, France, Waltheof married Judith.

1072, Waltheof expelled his cousin Gospatric from Northumbria. King William gave Waltheof the earldom of Northumberland, and the provence of York. [Just as Earl Aldred had held it – his maternal grandfather.]

1073, Waltheof revenges the death of his grandfather Aldred, by killing the sons of Charles, in a banquet at Seterington [near York]. (S) Collected Historical Works, Palgrave, 1921, P609. [They let one brother, ‘Canute’ live – ‘because of his inherent goodness.’]

1074, Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland, gave the church of Tinmouth, with all the lands and possessions thereof, together with the body of St. Oswin, to the monks of the neighbouring monastery of Jarrow. (S) History and Antiquities – Town of Newcastle, Brand, 1789, P72.

1075, Ralph de Waer led a plot against the life of King William. Waltheof declined to be involved in the plot, but also declined to betray them. If successful he could reclaim Northumbria. After the revolt was lost, Waltheof fled to Normandy to expose the plot and throw himself on the King’s mercy. [Waltheof also seems to have become caught up in an ongoing feud between his patron, Archbishop Lanfranc, and Odo of Bayeux.]

1075, Waltheof repented and asked for the King’s pardon.

12/1075, Waltheof tried at Westminster, and then imprisoned. [Judith testified against her husband.]

5/31/1076, After a year of imprisonment, Waltheof was beheaded, in the King’s absence, at St. Giles Hill near Winchester by a powerful group of his enemies led by Odo; buried in the Chapter House of Croyland abbey. Miracles were rumored soon after Waltheof’s death at his tomb. [The only English aristrcrat to be executed by King William I.]


By 1084, Judith’s mother died.

Bef. 1086, ‘Juditha comitissa … uxor Waldevi comitis Huntingdon, et neptis Gulielmi Conquestoris’ founded Elstow priory.

Aft. 1086, Judith died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) King William the Conqueror, Evans, 1956.

Children of Waltheof and Judith:

i. Matilda of Northumberland (319832121), born ~1073 in England.

ii. Alice of Northumberland (79958531), born by 1075 in England.

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