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Friday, August 28, 2020

Emperor Theodore I Lascaris & Empress Marie de Courtenay

 94555258. Emperor Theodore I Lascaris & 94555259. Empress Marie de Courtenay

1174-75, Theodore born in Nicea, s/o §§Manuel Lascaris & Ioanna Karatzania.


1199, Theodore 1st married Anna Komnene Angelina, d/o Emperor Alexios III Angelos, a widow.

1203, Baldwin (47277602) leading crusaders captured Constantinople in a 3-month siege. Theodore defending at the Latin siege, had to flee to Nicea. [Constantinople divides the “Latin,” or Roman empire to the West, from the Byzantine East.]

1204, Marie born in France, d/o 94555182. Peter II de Courtenay & 94555183. Yolanda of Flanders.

5/9/1204, Baldwin elected Emperor of Constantinople [by the Latin empire. 5/16/1204, Crowned at the Hagia Sophia.].

By 7/1205, Baldwin died. [He had been captured at siege of Andrianople by Joannice of Bulgaria, and taken to Bulgaria where he died a prisoner.]

1205, Theodore defeated the combined forces of Paphlagonia and Phrygia.

8/20/1206, Baldwin’s brother Henry crowned the Latin Emperor of Constantinople.

1207, Emperor Henry married the daughter of Joannice, who had captured Baldwin, making peace with Bulgaria.

1207, Emperor Henry made a peace treaty with Theodore, Emperor of Nicea.

3/1208, Theodore crowned Emperor of Constantinople [by the Byzantine empire].

1209, Theodore, allied with Kaloyan of Bulgaria, attacked to Emperor Henry’s forces.

1211, Theodore killed the Sultan Kaykhusraw I of Rum in single combat at Antioch.

10/1211, Theodore defeated by Latin Emperor Henry, Baldwin’s brother.

1212, Angelina died.

1214, Theodore defeated Henry at Bithynia. Henry laid siege to Pemanene.

1214, Theodore made a peace treaty with the Latin empire at Nymphaion, dividing the Eastern and Western empires. [After which Theodore expanded control of his side of the territories.]

1215, Theodore married Philippa of Armenia [annulled a year later.]

6/11/1216, Latin Emperor Henry died in a conflict with Theodore, leaving his sister Yoland of Flanders (94555183) as regent.

4/9/1217, Yolanda’s husband, Peter de Courtenay (94555182), crowned Latin Emperor in Rome.

1217, Peter attacked Epirus, ruled by Theodorus Comnenus, and was taken prisoner. (S) Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon, V6, 2004, P449.

By 1/1218, Peter died in captivity.

[––Theodore & Marie––]

1219, Theodore married Marie de Courtenay, d/o Peter.

1219, Theodore proposed that the Eastern and Western clergy meet at Nicea to consider re-uniting.

1221, Peter’s 2nd son Robert became the new Latin Emperor.

1222, Theodore of Epris captures Thessalonica.

1222, Theodore defeated Robert at Serres.

1222, Theodore died, his son-in-law Joannes, Ducas Vatatzes succeeding.

(S) Encyclopaedia Britannica. (S) The Later Roman Empire, Williams, 1908, P15.


9/1222, Maria, Empress of Nicea, died.

Child of Theodore and Philippa:

i. Maria Laskarina (47277629), born 1219-20 in Nicea.

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