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Friday, August 28, 2020

Seigneur Raoul I de Coucy & Dame Agnes de Hainaut

 94555230. Seigneur Raoul I de Coucy & 94555231. Dame Agnes de Hainaut

~1140, Raoul born in Coucy, France, s/o 189110460. Enguerrand of Coucy & 189110461. Agnes de Beaugency.

1142, Agnes born in Hainaut, d/o 189110408. Count Baldwin IV of Hainaut & 189110409. Alix of Namur.

Aft. 1147, Raoul’s father died [possibly on crusade.]

[––Raoul & Agnes––]

By 1163, Raoul married Agnes.

Raoul’s father died.

1166, Radulphus de Marla, Seigneur de Coucy et de Marle, confirmed the donation to Thenailles abbey made by ‘patris mei Ingelranni.’ [The original with consent by his mother and his sister Ada, who could have been born as early as 1133.]

1170, Raoul Seigneur de Coucy donated property to Laon Saint-Martin, with the consent of ‘sa femme Agnes et de ses filles Yoland et Milesonde’.

1173, Agnes de Hainaut died.


Aft. 1173, Raoul married 2nd Alix, d/o 94555228. Comte Robert I of Dreux.

Aft. 1173, Agnes [Raoul’s mother] uxor domini Ingelranni de Cociaco’, daughter of ‘domina de Baugenciaco primogenita’ … ‘comitis Hugonis li Maines’ … mother of ‘domini Radulphi de Cociaco, et de eodem Radulfo Ingelrannus de Cociaco, nunc vivens.’ [Son Enguerrand living.]

1174, Radulphus … Cociaci et Marlæ dominus … Engelranni filius donated property to Saint-Denis, for the souls of ‘meæ, Agnetis uxoris meæ’ and especially for the soul of ‘fratris mei Engelranni’ [who was buried in the abbey.]

1181, Raoul sided with the King of France against Philip, count of Flanders.

1187, Radulfus dominus Cociaci … assensu Aelidis uxoris meæ donated property to Roberto de Attrio … witnessed by Radulfus clericus nepos meus, Margareta de Firmitate neptis mea …

1187, Radulfus dominus Cochiaci donated property to Mont Saint-Martin, with the consent of uxore mea Adelide et liberis meis Ingelranno, Thoma, Radulph, Roberto … [sons of Alix.]

1190, Radulphus dominus Couciaci preparing to go on crusade, appointed Ingelranno filio meo … prior natu [natural son] as his main heir … bequeathed Veruinum, Fontanas et Landousies to filius meus Thomas … Agneti … filiæ meæ … Aelidis uxor mea …

6/24/1190, Raoul left with King Philip Augustus on crusade to the holy lands from France.

3/30/1191, King Philip’s French forces arrived at Tyre.

4/20/1191, King Philip arrived at Acre and took command of the siege [multiple smaller and unorganized forces had arrived over the previous 2 years].

6/1191, Seige engines were launching objects at walls, troops were trying to fill in the moat, and other troops were tunneling under the walls; but the various national groups were acting independently. King Philip developed a disease that caused their hair and nails to fall out.

7/31/1191, Due to the death of Count of Flanders and Philip of Alsace, and King Philip’s own illness, Philip left his 10,000 men under the control of Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy, and left for France.

9/7/1191, French forces at the battle of Arsuf.

11/1191, Raoul died on crusade at Acre.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

·         Yolandem, Agnetem, Lauretam the daughters of Alidis (189110409) comitissa Hanonensis … cum viro Balduino comite … Agnetem marrying Radulphus de Cocy qui et Cociacum et Marlam et Vervinum et Feram castra possidebat. (S) Chronicon Hanoniense.

Children of Raoul and Agnes:

i. Yolande de Coucy (47277615), born 1164 in Braine, France.

ii. Agnes de Coucy, born ~1166 in France.

Agnes married Radulpho comiti de Roci. [No children.]

Agnes married 2nd le conte Henri de Grantpre.

iii. Ada de Coucy, born ~1169 in France.

Ada married monsigneur Thierri de Bevre chastelain de Dikemue.

Child of Raoul and Alix:

i. Enguerrand de Coucy, born aft. 1173 in Braine, France.

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