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Friday, August 28, 2020

King Bela III of Hungary

 94555180. King Bela III of Hungary

~1150, Bela born in Hungary, s/o 189110360. King Geza II of Hungary & 189110361. Euphrosyne of Kiev.

[Undated] Bela educated in in the court of the Emperor of Constantinople.

By 1162, King Géza organized a separate appanage duchy, containing Dalmatia, Croatia and other territories, for his younger son, Béla.

5/31/1162, Bella’s father died, his brother Stephen III succeeding.


1163, Bela 1st married to Maria Comnena, d/o Emperor Manuel I Comnenus.

1169, Bela and Maria separated.

1172, Bela succeeded his brother Stephen III of Hungary.

Aft. 9/24/1180, King Bela III of Hungary invaded and captured Croatia, Dalmatia and the Srem from the Byzantine empire.

1182, King Bela had his 1st son Emeric crowned to insure succession.

1184, King Bela III took Beograd, Branicevo and the valley of the Morava river from the Byzantine empire.

1185, Emperor Issac (189118302) and King Bela III made a peace agreement; which included Isaac marrying a daughter of King Bela.

1186, Bella married Margaret Capet, widow of Henry ‘the young king’ of England, d/o 189110370. King Louis VII Capet.

1188, King Bela gave Andrew the principality of Halych; which had rebelled against their ruler Prince Vladimir II Yaroslavich. [King Bela had imprisoned Vladimir.]

1/21/1190, Isaac II Angelus concluded the Treaty of Anrianople [negotiated with the help of King Bela III] with Emperor Frederick I, agreeing to provide transport for his forces from Hellespont to Asia Minor.

1190, Isaac, with the help of King Bela III, invaded and defeated the Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja [of Rascia] in battle. By Treaty, Serbia remained independent, but was under Byzantine influence [Isaac gave Stefan an imperial title].

10/1191, Emperor Isaac met with his father-in-law King Bela III.

4/23/1196, Bela died, leaving a large amount of money to fulfill his crusader’s oath.

Child of Bela and ?:

i. Emeric of Hungary, born ? in Hungary.

1182, King Bela had his 1st son Emeric crowned to insure succession.

12/1197, Andrew, with the help of Leopold V, duke of Austria, defeated his brother in battle near Macsek. Andrew forced his brother Emeric to grant him the duchies of Croatia and Dalmatia. (S) Pope Innocent III, Moore, 2003, P73.

1199, King Emeric defeated his brother Andrew in battle; Andrew escaped to Austria. Through papal mediation, Andrew and Emeric made peace and Andrew was restored to Croatia and Dalmatia.

1200, Emeric and Andrew were again at war. Andrew was imprisoned in Croatia. Andrew escaped again.

Aft. 8/26/1204, King Emeric, in ill health, named Andrew to govern the kingdom during his son’s minority.

1204-05, King Emeric died.

5/7/1205. Emeric’s son Ladislaus III died, his uncle Andrew succeeding.

ii. Margaret of Hungary, born ? in Hungary.

1/1186, Emperor Isaac married 2nd Margaret of Hungary, d/o King Bela III, receiving the valley of the Morava river as her dowry. (S) The Wars of the Balkan Peninsula, Madrearu, 2008, P71.

iii. Andrew II of Hungary (47277590), born ~1177 in Hungary.

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