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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

King Garcia Ramirez VII of Navarre & Queen Marguerite de l’Aigle


189110314. King Garcia Ramirez VII of Navarre & 189110315. Queen Marguerite de l’Aigle

~1100, Garcia VII Ramirez of Navarre, “the Restorer”, s/o §§Lord Ramiro Sanchez of Monzón & 378220629. Cristina de Vivar, d/o 756441258. Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar. (S) FMG.

~1110, Mauguerite born in France, d/o §§Seigneur Gilbert de Laigle & Juliane du Perche. (S) FMG.

1116, Garcia succeeded his father as Señor de Monzón y Logroño. (S) FMG.

[––Garcia & Marguerite––]

~1128, Garcia married Margaret. [She is said to have had lovers; and to have shown favouritism to her French relatives. Garcia refused to recognize one of her sons – Rodrigo.]

1134, After a succession conflict following the death of the childless warrior-king Alfonso the Battler of Navarre and Aragon, Garcia elected as King of Navarre, separating it from Aragon, which chose Garcia’s younger brother Ramiro. Ramiro did not accept Garcia as King of Navarre. The Bishop of Pamplona granted García his church's treasure to fund his government against Ramiro's pretensions.

9/7/1134, Alfonso VII’s (189110312) step-father died without descendents; Alfonso accepted the throne of Aragon while the Count of Mozon accepted Navarre. The barons of Aragon chose instead the brother of Alfonso I, which caused Alfonso to occupy La Rioja  and conquer Zaragoza. Alfonso did received the homage of Garcia Ramirez and his brother Ramiro of Navarre.

1/1135, By the Pact of Vadoluengo the 2 monarchs reached a mutual accord of ‘adoption’: García was deemed the ‘son’ and Ramiro the ‘father’ to maintain the independence of each kingdom, and the supremacy of the Aragonese. (S) FMG.

5/20/1135 in Najera, Charter of Alfonso VII and Berengaria to Fortun Garcia. [García declared himself a vassal of Alfonso VII.]

5/26/1135 at the church of Santa Maria in Leon, Alfonso crowned Emperor of all of Spain. (S) Alfonso 10, The Learned, Marta-Nez, 2010, P123. Alfonso awarded Garces Ramior the village of Varea for holding his shield during the coronation. [Garcia’s daughter Blanca would marry Alfonso’s eldest son].

1135, ‘Garsias Ranimiriz’ confirmed the rights and privileges of the church of Pamplona on the advice of ‘uxoris mee Margarite regina’. (S) FMG.

9/1135, Alfonso VII granted Zaragoza to Garcia as a fief.

1136, Garcia recognized as King of Zaragoza. Then, Alfonso was forced to do homage for Zaragoza to Ramiro and to recognise him as King of Zaragoza. Garcia also had to surrender Rioja to Castile.

1137, Garcia surrendered Zaragoza to Ramond Berengar (189110288), Count of Barcelona, who was allied with Ramiro.

1139-40, Garcia became allied himself with Castile.

1140, Alfonso allied with Garcia Ramirez. Alfonso invaded Navarre, and his ally Garcia invaded Aragon. (S) Spain and Portugal, Williams, 1908, P616.

5/25/1141, Marguerite died. (S) FMG. [A charter of Leire monastery: ‘… in mense maio in ipso anno … Margarita’ died.]


4/1144, Count Ramon (189110288) recaptured Tarazona and Sos, which had been overrun by Garcia Ramirez.

6/24/1144 in Leon, Garcia married 2nd Urraca, illegitimate daughter of Alfonso VII. (S) FMG.

1144-50, ‘Garsias … Pampilonensium rex … cum uxore mea Urraka regina’ donated property to the church of Santa María de las Dueñas. (S) FMG.

1146, Garcia occupied Tauste in Aragon. Alfonso VII mediated a peace agreement.

1147, Garcia, in support of Castile, participated in the conquest of Almería [SE Spain on the Mediterranean].

11/21/1150, Garcia died in Lorca [Navarre], buried in Pamplona.


10/13/1053, ‘Gontrodo Petri ... cum domina mea, et filia Urraca’ donated property to the monastery of Santa María de Vega near Oviedo. (S) FMG.

(S) The Kingdom of Leon-Castilla Under King Alfonso VII, Reilly, 1998. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Children of Garcia and Marguerite:

i. Sancho VI of Navarre (94555186), born ~1130 in Navarre.

ii. Blanca of Navarre (94555157) born ~1135 in Navarre.

iii. Margaret of Navarre, born ? in Navarre.

Margaret married William I of Sicily.

Child of Garcia and Urraca:

iv. Sancha of Navarre, born 1148 in Navarre.

1165, Sancha married Vicomte Gaston V de Bearn.

1173, Sancha married Pedro Manrique de Lara, Vicomte de Narbonne.

1176, Sancha died.

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