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Friday, August 28, 2020

King Sancho VI of Navarre & Queen Sancha of Castile

 94555186. King Sancho VI of Navarre & 94555187. Queen Sancha of Castile

~1130, Sancho born in Navarre, s/o 189110314. King Garcia VII of Navarre & 189110315. Marguerite de l’Aigle.

~1136, Sancha born in Castile, d/o 189110312. Emperor Alfonso VII of Spain & 189110313. Berenguela of Barcelona.

9/15/1149 at Compostela, Charter to the Cathedral of Santiago naming Infanta Sancha. (S) The Kingdom of Leon-Castilla Under King Alfonso VII, Reilly, 1998, P370.

Aft. 1149, Sancha’s mother died.

11/21/1150, Sancho’s father died; buried in Pamplona.

1/1151, Alfonso VII of Spain, and Ramon Berenguer IV, by the Treaty of Tudejen partioned the conquering of the kingdom of Navarre. (S) Spain, 1157-1300, Linehan, 2011.

1/7/1154 at Salamanca, Alfonso VII, Rica [stepmother], Sancho and Fernando, kings, and Regina Sancha, issued a charter to the monasterio of Ayo de Nogales.

8/21/1157, Sancha’s father died.

[––Sancho & Sancha––]

1157, Sancho married Sancha.

1159, Sancho VI of Navarre and Fernando II of León seized a number of Castilian frontier towns. (S) Under the Influence, Robinson, 2005, P167.

1161, Sancho attacked by Aragon and Castile.

1164, Sancho VI of Navarre invaded the Rioja of Castile and issued “fueros” there.

1165, Sancho VI of Navarre made a treaty of common cause with Fernando II of Leon. (S) Spain, Lineham, 2011.

1166, Sancho wrote to Genoa after sending representatives to William II of Sicily, stating that Sicily should make peace with Genoa. (S) The Two Italies, Abulafia, 2005, P136.

1168, Sancho VI of Navarre and Alfons I of Leon signed a 20-year truce to respect the previous arrangements concerning Muslim territories. (S) The Victors and the Vanquished, Catlos, 2004, P89.

1170, “I Sancho, by the grace of God king of Navarre, make this charter of donation and confirmation ot the community of Jews of Tudela …” (S) Church, State, and the Jew in the Middle Ages, Chazan, 1980, P72.

1171, Sancho el Sabio of Navarre capped the Arangoiz hill just on the west side of the bridge near Sanguesa with a castle, and surrounded it with a new town called El Castellon. (S) The Pilgrimage Road, Gititiz, 2000, P40.

6/1172, Queen Eleanor of England, in Aquitaine, received diplomatic visits from King Alfonso of Aragon, and King Sancho of Navarre. [King Alfonso and King Sancho were married to half-sisters.]

2/21/1173, King Henry of England, and Duke of Aquitaine, held court at Montferrand in Auvergne which was attended by Sancho, King of Navarre.

1173, King Alfonso of Castile began a war with Sanch of Navarre to recover lands lost in 1164.

1175, Sancho el Sabio authorized a weekly market, and equalized the rights of locals and Francos, at Los Arcos on the pilgrimage road near the Castilian frontier. (S) The Pilgrimage Road, Gititiz, 2000, P113.

1176, The Kings of Castile and Navarre refer their disputes to arbitration of King Henry II of England [who was also Duke of Normandy.]

3/15/1177 in London, King Henry II of England arbitrated a border dispute between Castile and Navarre through emissaries of each king. (S) CH&I,H.II..

1178, Grant by Sancho VI of Navarre to his court physician, Solomon, son of his alfaquim, Avenardus, for “numerous and good services.” (S) Social and Religious Histoy of the Jews, Baron, 1957, P253.

1179, Sancha died.


1179, Alfonso VIII of Castile signed the treaty of Cazola with King Alfonso II of Aragon, in which the zones of expansion of Navarre, Leon, Portugal, and Aragon were defined.

1180, King Sancho VI of Navarre declared in a code of regulations on hunting: big game and animals of the woodland could only be hunted “by the king, grandees, nobles, and knights.” (S) The Food of Spain, Roden, 2011, P423.

1181, Sancho VI of Navarre conquered Gasteiz. (S) Romans, Barbarians, … Mathisen, 2011, P294.

1182, Sancho the Wise of Navarre granted the Charter jurisdiction of Bernedo to the inhabitants of a small town that bore this name, by which he granted them certain privileges. (S) Guia Para Visitar Los Santuarios, Elustondo, 2000, P88.

1185, Sancho of Navarre support by the King of Leon were in conflict with the King of Castile [Sancho’s nephew.] (S) Chronicle of the Cid, 1894, P298.

1186-88, King Richard of England was making arrangements to marry Sancho’s daughter Berengaria.

1190, Alfonso II of Aragon joined forces with Sancho VI of Navarre against Castile by the Treaty of Borja.

11/1190, Queen Eleanor of England arrived in Pamplona to escort Sancho’s daughter Berengaria to her son King Richard to be married.

1192, Sancho of Navarre came to the aid of King Richard I of England during the revolt of his Gascon barons, unsuccessfully besieging Loches. (S) The Loss of Normandy, Powicke, 963, P148.

1192, Sancho, with the approval of knights and nobles, laid down customary sanctions against those who assault or retaliate without observing the rules of public notice. (S) Crisis of the 12th Century, Bisson, 2009, P532.

6/27/1194, Sancho VI el Sabio “the Wise”, King of Navarre died in Pamplona.

(S) Medieval Iberia, Gerli, 2003. (S) She-Wolves, Castor, 2011. (S) The Kingdom of Leon-Castilla Under King Alfonso VII, Reilly, 1998.

Children of Sancho and Sancha:

i. Sancho VII of Navarre, born 4/17/1154 in Navarre.

8/15/1194, Sancho crowned King in Pampolona.

1195, Sancho at the battle of Alarcos.

1212, Sancho at the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa.

4/7/1234, Sancho died; his heir his nephew Theobald by his sister Blanche.

ii. Berengaria of Navarre, born ~1170 in Navarre.

5/1191, Berengaria married King Richard I of England.

7/1/1199, Queen Berengaria, widow of King Richard I of England, witnessed the marriage between Berengaria’s sister Blanche, and Theobald, count of Champagne. (S) King John, Church, 2003, P188.

iii. Blanche of Navarre (47277593), born by 1179 in Navarre.

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