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Saturday, August 22, 2020

King Władysław II Wrymouth of Poland & Queen Agnes of Babengerg

 378220582. King Władysław II Wrymouth of Poland & 378220583. Queen Agnes of Babengerg

~1105, Wladyslaw ‘the Exile’ born in Poland, eldest s/o 756441164. Duke Bołesław III Wrymouth & 756441165. Zbyslava of Kiev.

1107, Wladyslaw’s father sole ruler of Poland.

~1114, Wladyslaw’s mother died.

~1115, Agnes born in Austria, d/o 756441166. Leopold III of Austria & 756441167. Agnes Hohenstaufen.

[––Władysław & Agnes––]

1125, Wladyslaw married to Agnes.

1133-35, Władysław saved Silesia during the wars with Bohemia, stopping forces which crossed the Oder river.

1137, Władysław the godfather of the youngest son of Soběslav, future Duke Wenceslaus II.

10/28/1138, Wladyslaw’s father died; dividing up the country under his “Succession Statute’ among his sons.

1138, Wladyslaw, High Duke of Poland [as eldest son], and Duke of Silesia.

1141, Władysław entered in disputes with his stepmother and his half-brothers; when his stepmother had divided her lands between her sons without his permission.

1141, Władysław arranged for his eldest son Bołesław to marry Zvenislava, d/o the Grand Prince of Kiev. [Married in 1142.]

1142-43, Władysław, backed by the Rus’ and the Holy Roman Empier, in conflict with his half-brothers.

7/11/1144, Salomea of Berg, Władysław’s stepmother, died.

1144, Władysław attacked his half brothers and suffered defeat; but was saved by support arriving from Kiev. A peace treaty was made.

1145, Władysław captured his brother Włostowic. Agnes wanted him executed; but Władysław had him blinded, mutilated and sent into exile. [Many nobles to switch their allegiance to the Junior Dukes, as did the Kiev allies.]

1146, Wladyslaw excommunicated by Archbishop Jakub ze Żnina of Gniezno. The rebellion caused him to flee with Agnes and his children [who had been in Krakow.]

1146, Wladyslaw and his family in the castle at Prague. Shortly after, they were taken in by his brother-in-law King Conrad III of Germany.

1146, Wladyslaw, with support of Conrad III, make a failed attempt to retake Poland.

5/30/1159, Wladyslaw died in Poland, succeeded by his nephew, Emperor Frederick I (189118300).

Child of Wladyslaw and Agnes:

i. Richeza of Poland (189110291); born ~1135 in Poland.

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