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Saturday, August 22, 2020

King Ramiro II of Aragon & Queen Agnes of Acquitaine

 378220578. King Ramiro II of Aragon & 378220579. Queen Agnes of Acquitaine

4/24/1086, Ramiro II of Aragon, youngest s/o §§King Sancho Ramirez of Aragon and Navarre (b.~1042) & Queen Felicia of Roucy. [1076, Sancho married Felicia.]

6/4/1094, Ramiro’s father died, his oldest half-brother Peter “the Catholic” succeeding.

~1105, Agnes born in Aquitaine, d/o 189110276. Duke Guillaume IX of Aquitaine & 756441159. Dame Dangereuse de L’Isle Bouchard.


1117, Agnes 1st married to Aimery V, viscomte of Thouars.

5/23/1123, Ramiro’s mother died.

1127, Aimery V killed in battle.

1134, After a succession conflict following the death of the childless warrior-king Alfonso the Battler of Navarre and Aragon, Garcia elected as King of Navarre, separating it from Aragon, which chose Garcia’s younger brother Ramiro. Ramiro did not accept Garcia as King of Navarre. The Bishop of Pamplona granted GarcĂ­a his church's treasure to fund his government against Ramiro's pretensions.

[––Ramior & Agnes––]

11/13/1135, Ramiro married Agnes.

1136, Alfonso VII (189110312) captured Aragon’s capital of Zaragoza; putting monk Ramiro II as ruler.

8/11/1137, Ramon II’s daughter and heir Petronilla, age 1, pledged in marriage to Ramon Berenguer (189110288).

By 1140, Ramiro performed penance for his marriage and returned to the Benedictine habit of a monk.

9/16/1140, A deed of Ramon Berenguer (189110288, Ramiro’s son-in-law), prince of Aragon: The Patriarch and Chapter in Jerusalem ceded their claims on the kingdom [as given by Ramiro II’s brother Alfonso the battler], and received in return from Ramon territory and vassals to found a church in Calatayud, next to the Mozarabic quarter. (S) The Way of Saint James, V3, 1920, P315.

8/16/1157, Ramiro died at the abbey of San Pedro el Viejo.

[––Post Mortem––]

6/24/1158, Pope Adrian, ignoring the existance of Ramiro II, bequeathed all the lands of Ramior’s brother Alfonso [who had left them to military orders] to Count Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona (189110288).

Child of Ramior & Agnes:

i. Petronilla of Aragon (189110289), born 1136 in Aragon.

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