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Monday, August 24, 2020

Lord Geoffrey Esturmy & Matilda ?

 243368000. Lord Geoffrey Esturmy & 243368001. Matilda ?

~1205, Geoffrey born in England, s/o 486736000. Henry Esturmi.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

Aft. 6/7/1223, Geoffrey’s father died.

1226-45, Geoffrey Esturmi. Geoffrey has given and confirmed to the prior and convent and to their church, two houses in the town of Burbach' … (S) UKNA.

12/22/1226, Charter by Henry III rendering to Geoffrey Esturmy, son and heir of Henry, Bailiwick of a forester of Savernake as his hereditary right. Charter by Henry III to Geoffrey Esturmy, all his lands which he inherited from his father in Wilts. and requiring sheriff to put him into possession without delay. (S) UKNA.

1228, A royal commission assigned to investigate the records and boundaries of Savernake forest; an ancient forest of the fee of Geoffrey Sturmi, gave it “commendably moderate findings.”

1229, Madatum est Galfrido Esturmy quod habere faciat Reginaldo de Blancmuster, … unum cheverellum in foresta de Severnac do dono regis.

11/10/1230, Mandatum est Galfrido Esturmy, forestario de Savernac, quod capiat ad ipus Isabelle sororis regis singulis setpimanis duas damas in foresta regis.

9/22/1231, Mandatum est Galfrido Esturmy quod in foresta de Savernak’ faciat havere H. comiti Hereford’ tres damos de dono regis.

1232, Mandatum est Galfrido Esturmy quod habere faciat leproais hospitalis extra Merleberg' xv. quercus in foresta de Savernak’ … de dono regis.

[––Geoffrey & Matilda––]

By 1232, Geoffrey married Matilda.

9/1/1233, Grant to Adam Esturmy, the king’s yoeman, of the gift made to him by Geoffrey Esturny of land … manor of Russath … (S) CChRs.

6/23/1234, Hampshire. Geoffrey Esturmy has made fine with the king by 100s. for his relief of 1 knight’s fee that William [de Bendeng], nephew of Matilda, wife of the same Geoffrey , held of the king in chief in Polling’ and in Liss, and that falls to Matilda by hereditary right … saving to Walter de Fauconberg , who had the aforesaid nephew of Matilda in his custody, the corn that he caused to be sown in the aforesaid lands and his other chattels. (S) FRsHIII.

1235, … Geoffrey, wishing to provide for the salvation of his soul and of those of his ancestors, and desiring to provide indemnity, has granted for himself and his successors to pay to the church 10s. every year - … and that both Geoffrey Esturmy and his free household can, during the whole year, notwithstanding the five days excepted in the former charter, hear divine service in the oratory of Burbech' and receive the ecclesiastical sacraments. And his wife and the free women of his household can be churched and married in the said oratory … (S) UKNA.

1236, Pro Galfrido Esturmy. Mandatum est justiciariis ad custodiani Judeorum assignatis quod de debito quod Galfridus Esturmy debet Benedicto Crespin [a Jew] et sociis suis …

7/2/1237, De maeremio ad molendina. Et mandatum est Galfrido Esturmy quod in foresta de Savernak' eidem constabulario maeremium ad illa duo molendina construenda et ad tercium emendandum …

11/3/1238, Avice [sic] de Columbariis gives three palfreys for having a writ before the king (coram Rege) against Geoffrey Esturmy as to by what warrant he holds a certain bailiwick. (S) FRsHIII.

2/20/1239, Geoffrey Esturmy gives 100s. for removing the plea which is before John Biset and his associates to be before the king (coram Rege) until three weeks from Easter. (S) FRsHIII.

9/23/1239, The dispute between Alice de Columbariis and Geoffrey settled by fine. (S) FRsHIII.

4/1/1243 at Bordeaux, The king has granted to Geoffrey Esturmy that he is to render each year at the Exchequer the 50 m. which he was accustomed to render per annum to David, Jew of Oxford, for the debts that he owes to the same David. (S) FRsHIII.

4/1243, At Bordeaux, France, King Henry arranged a 5-year truce with the French king.

6/22/1243 at Bordeaux, The king has granted to Geoffrey Esturmy … concerning the debts which the same Geoffrey owes to Benedict Crispin, Jew, he is to render 40 m. per annum at the Exchequer until he reaches the amount of the whole debt that he owes. (S) FRsHIII.

6/3/1244, Thomas, son of Thomas of London, gives 40s. for having a writ against Geoffrey Esturmy by the pledge of Humphrey Smith and Alan Balun of London. (S) FRsHIII.

11/2/1244, Richard Brian gives 1 m. for having a precipe [to remove a plea] against Geoffrey Esturmy from the county court of Hampshire to [the justices of the Bench at] Westminster.

Bef. 3/6/1245, Geoffrey captured by the Welsh. (S) FRsHIII. [The English army led by King Henry campaigned in north Wales to subdue Dafydd ap Llywelyn. Geoffrey was in the retinue of Richard, earl of Corwall. (S) Matthew Paris’s English History, 1853, P110.]

1245, Geoffrey Esturmy was absent from the Forest Eyre at Wilton – ‘the jurors say … he is in Wales in the King’s war.’

10/3/1245, Mandate to the bailiffs of Geoffrey Esturmi and his tenants to be intendant to Robert de Mucegros, to whom the king, because the said Geoffrey has been taken by the Welsh, whether alive or dead the king knows not. (S) CPRs.

1245-46, Geoffrey died.

4/20/1246, Geoffrey assumed deceased, his heirs given into the wardship of Robert de Muscegros.

(S) Easton Royal Conservation Area Statement, 9/2004. (S) Wardens of Savernake Forest, Earl of Cardigan, P36ff. (S) Close Rolls, V1, Lyte, 1902. (S) History of the County of Wiltshire, V16, Crowley, 1999.

Child of Geoffrey and Matilda:

i. Henry Esturmy (121684000), born 1233 in England.

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