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Monday, August 24, 2020

Lord Hugh de Polsted & Cecilia ?

 189123208. Lord Hugh de Polsted & 189123209. Cecilia ?

~1155, Hugh born in England.

~1160, Cecilia born in England.

~1178, Hugh married Cecilia.

1189, Hugh de Polstead held 3½ hides of Glastonbury abbey. (S) Hist. of Wiltshire, V12, 1983, Winterbourne Monkton.

5/26/1196, Final concord between Walter de Windeshores, and Hugh de Polsted and Cecilia his wife; acquiring Walter’s interest in Compton manor for 35 marks.

3/2/1198, Hugh with agreement of the bishop of Winchester, granted the abbey of Chertsey a pension of 8s.

1198, Hugh and his son Hugh vs. Geoffrey de Maisil in Somerset.

5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.

1199, Walter de Grancurt brought a plaint against Hugh de Polsted, guardian of Walter’s 2 nieces, Hawis and Juliana. (S) English Women at Law, Orr, 1989, P81. [Hugh married his son to Hawis.]

1200, Julianan de Chandos [sister of Hawis] sued Hugh de Tabari and Hugh de Polsted for making her a nun. (S) Introduction to the Curia Regis Rolls, 1944, P210.

1200-1202, Hugh died.


1202, Cecily, a widow, holding dower at Compton answered for 40s scutage.

10/1204, Cecily de Polsted engaged as plaintiff defended a mort d’ancestor about an estate at Prittlewell by pleading that she held there only in dower, and vouched her son Hugh II to warrant. (S) 1235 Surrey Eyre, V2, 1979.

1206, Cecily de Polsted engaged in a suit.

5/1208, Cecily de Polsted engaged in litigation against Hugh de Windsor, otherwise de Horsley. (S) 1235 Surrey Eyre, V2, 1979, P230.

Cecilia died.

(S) A supplement to The Suffolk traveler, Page, 1844, P959. (S) Essay … County of Norfolk, V3, 1769, P745. (S) Essay … County of Norfolk, V7, Blomefield, 1807. (S) The 1235 Surrey Eyre, V2, Crook, 1979.

Children of Hugh and Cecily:

i. Hugh de Polsted (94561604), born ~1180 in England.

ii. Alice de Polsted born ? in England.

Alice married to Walter Gaugy. (S) Feet of Fines, Suffolk.

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