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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Lord Uchtred of Galloway & Gunhilda of Dunbar

 159916056. Lord Uchtred of Galloway & 159916057. Gunhilda of Dunbar

~1130, Gunhilda born in Scotland.

~1133, Uchtred born in Scotland, 2nd s/o 319832112. Prince Fergus of Galloway & 319832113. Princess Elizabeth. [Fergus called by Benedict Abbas a cousin of King Henry II.]

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

7/7/1136, Uchtred [still a minor] and his father Fergus witnessed a charter by King David I granting land to the church of Glasgow.

1139, Uchtred’s older brother Cospatric died. (S) American Historical Mag., V4, 1909, P85.

4/9/1139, As part of a peace agreement between King David of Scotland and King Stephen of England, Uchtred, son of Fergus, was given as a hostage.

~1142, After his father was deposed, Uchtred was sent as a hostage to the court of King Máel Coluim IV of Scotland.

5/1153, Malcom succeeded his grandfather King David I as King of Scotland.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1160, King Mael Coluim led 3 campaigns against Fergus, father of Uchtred.

1161, On the death of his father, Uchtred became Lord of Galloway, ruling jointly with his half-brother Gille Brigte.

5/12/1161-1164, Uhtred son of Fergus, … he and his heir [Roland] have granted and given to St Leonard and to St Peter’s Hospital, York, …, for the souls of David, king of Scots, and his father Fergus, and his mother, and his ancestors, with all its liberties and customs. (S) POMS.

5/12/1161-8/1173, Uhtred son of Fergus, to all his men and friends, French, English and Galwegian, making known that he has given, granted, …, with the consent of his son and heir Roland, to Richard son of Truite the whole land of ‘Lochenelo’ …, for the service of one knight. (S) POMS.

3/20/1164, Ailred, the abbot of Rievaux, visited Uchtred on a great gala day. (S) Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway, Agnew, 1893, P68.

~1164, Uchtred, son of Fergus, found the convent of Kirkcudbrightshire of Benedictine nuns. (S) Arch. And Historical Collections Relating to Ayrshire, V10, 1899, P99.

12/24/1165, William “the Lion”, age 22, crowned King of Scotland.

1165-1174, Uchtred and his son Roland witnessed the restoration of the lands of Robert de Brus by King William. (S) POMS.

~1166, Charter by Uchtred, Son of Fergus, Lord of Gallow: grant to the church of Holy Cross … (S) Arch. And Historical Collections Relating to Ayrshire, V4, 1884, P55.

1170, Charter by Uchtred, lord of Galloway, Ecclesai Sanctae Bridgide de Blacket. (S) Studies in the Topography of Galloway, Maclellan, 1887, P212.

1174, Uchtred and his brother joined King William I on his [unsuccessful] invasion of Northampton. King William was captured, and the 2 brothers attempted to take the crown, taking the opportunity to slaughter the Norman and Saxon settlers in their land.

9/22/1174 at his home in Loch Fergus, Uchtred died; brutally mutilated, blinded, castrated, and killed by arrangement of his brother Gille Brigte who seized control of all of Galloway. [Uchtred’s son Roland would eventually extract revenge against Gille’s heirs.]

Family notes:

Gunhilda of Dunbar a descendent of the great Earl Gospatrick. (S) Journal of Jurisprudence, V28, Barclay, 1884, P518.

In charters where Uchtred and and his brother Gille Brigte appear together, Uchtred appears first. (S) Scots Peerage, Paul, 1907, P137.

Children of Uchtred and Gunhilda:

i. Lochlan of Galloway (79958028), born ~1150 in Scotland.

ii. Eve of Galloway (973530463), born ~1160 in Scotland.

Eve married §§Walter de Berkeley, High Chamberlain of Scotland.

Daughter : ‘Elena’ [‘Name’ from name of daughter, (b.~1185)] married §§Lord Ingelram de Balliol ; parents of Elena Baliol (243382615).

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