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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Constable Richard de Morville & Avice de Lancaster

 159916058. Constable Richard de Morville & 159916059. Avice de Lancaster

~1120, Richard born in Burgh-by-Sands, Cumberland, England, s/o 319832116. Hugh de Morville & 319832117. Beatrice de Beauchamp.

~1125, Avice born in England, d/o 319832118. William fitz Gilbert de Lancaster.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1139, Richard given as a hostage by his father in a peace agreement between England and Scotland.

~1148, Richard married Avice.

1150, 1st record of Richard in Scotland, in a charter by King David confirming lands acquired by his mother Beatrice.

Bef. 1153, Stephen Locard witnessed a charter of Richard de Morville. (S) Norman People, 1874, P313.

Bef. 5/24/1153, B[eatrice] de Beauchamp notifies her lord, David, king of Scotland, his heirs, and Richard de Moreville her son and all his heirs, that she has given and granted to Dryburgh Abbey the church of Bozeat (Northants), her free dowry.

5/1153, Malcom succeeded his grandfather King David I as King of Scotland.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

6/24/1158, At the castle of Roxburgh, Malcolm, King of the Scots, to the bishops, abbots, earls, … to Walter fitz Alan my steward … Witnesses, … William and David, the King’s brothers, Earl Gospatrick, Earl Duncan, Richard de Moreville, … Robert de Brus, … (S) Charters and Documents Relating to the Burgh of Paisley, 1902, P3.

1162, Richard became hereditary Constable of Scotland on the death of his father.

1162-9/9/1165, Richard de Moreville, constable of the king of Scots, has given, and by his charter established, to Dryburgh Abbey, the church of Saltoun with a full ploughgate of land and –all things pertaining to the church after the death of Robert, clerk, in perpetual alms. He also grants and establishes to them the donations which his father gave to the brethren, that is, the church of Channelkirk, which Godfrey the priest held on the day his father took up the canonical habit.

1163, Richard de Morville, lord high constable of Scotland. (S) Political Index, V3, Beatson, 1806, P126.

1164-74, Richard de Morville, son of Hugh, obtained ‘Gillemurestun’ at farm from Bishop Ingram of Glasgow and made a knight’s fee for Edulf, son of Uhtred. (S) The Kingdon of the Scots, Barrow, 1973, P298.

12/24/1165, William “the Lion”, age 22, crowned King of Scotland.

Aft. 5/25/1166, Pope Alexander III[command to pay teinds] … Richard de Moreville, Alan, son of Walter, and others from whom the detainers of teinds acquire lands and pastures, should be prohibited, under threat of anathema both from the pope and the bishop, from offering such support.

1166, Richard de Morville, Constable of Scotland, sold Edmund, the son of Bonda, and Gillemichel, his brother, to Henry St. Clair, for 3 marks. (S) Robert the Bruce, Maxwell, 1906, P28.

1166-74, at Lechmaban. Charter by King William I to Robert de Brus, granting him Annandale … Witnessed by … Richard de Moreville, … (S) Huse of Commons Papers, V31, 1867, P101.

1170, Richard “paid a fine of two hundred marks for livery of those lands which he claimed with the daughter of William de Lancaster.” (S) The Coucher Book of Furness Abbey, 1886, P201.

12/29/1170, Richard’s uncle Hugh de Morville implicated in the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket.

4/15/1173, Richard supported the sons of King Henry II in their rebellion. (S) CH&I.H.II., P172.

By 1174, Richard de Moreville has granted, and by his charter established, to Dryburgh Abbey, the donation his mother made of the church of Bozeat, the mill of Nenthorn, and her land from Roxburgh …, and the donation of Ada, his sister, of the teinds of the mill of Longnewton.

By 2/2/1174, Richard de Moreville, constable of the king of Scotland, has granted and by this present charter established to Kelso Abbey the church of Kilmaurs … wintesses … Avice of Lancaster, wife of Richard de Moreville.

1174, King William of Scotland split his army invading Northumbria into 3 divisions headed by Gilbert, earl of Angus, Duncan, earl of Fift, and Richard de Morville; and ordered them to plunder and revage the countryside. (S) Henry II, Hosler, 2007, P215.

12/8/1174 at Valognes, Normandy, An agreement is formed between William, king of Scots, and Henry (II), king of the English, son of the Empress Matilda. King William becomes the liege man of the king against all men, for Scotland, … He also does homage and swears fealty to the King Henry, his son (i.e., Henry the young king), reserving the fealty due to his father the king … witnesses … Richard de Moreville.

8/1175, Richard a designated hostage in the Treaty of Falaise, between captured King William of Scotland and King Henry of England.

1176, Undertenancy in Wothersome by Richard de Moreville recorded in a confirmation by Roger de Mowbray, his chief lord, by the service of an eighth of a fee. (S) West Yorkshire, Moorhouse, 1981, P257.

By 1177, Avice de Lancaster, spouse of Richard de Moreville, with the advice and grant of William, her heir and her other heirs, has granted and established by her charter to Furness Abbey Newby, which Waltheof son of Edmund gave in pure and perpetual alms.

1179, Confirmation for Furness abbey of the grants of Waltheof son of Edmund and Richard de Moreville and Alice his wife. (S) Duchy of Lancaster, GBPRO, 1964, P4.

10/21/1179, Richard de Moreville a witness to King William’s grant to Glasgow Cathedral.

1179-89, Richard de Moreville, constable of the king of Scotland, and William, his son and heir, have granted … to Melrose Abbey, … in Whitelee bside the edge of the forest, for a cowsted to be constructed for 100 cows.

3/30/1180 at Haddington, a dispute between Richard’s family and the monks of Melrose [which became a famous controversy] required King William to gather a vast assemblage of the chief men of the Kingdom.

1181, Disputes between Melrose and Richard de Morville concerning the extent of the forest and pasture was decided in the king's court by a jury of 13. (S) Domination and Lordship: Scotland, Oram, 2010, P244. [The monks won.]

1181, Richard and others of the household of the King of Scotland excommunicated by the archbishop of St. Andrews’s who claimed they had caused a breach of peace between him and the king.

10/18/1184, Richard de Morville, royal constable, foreman at the resolution of the dispute between the abbey of Melrose and the men of Wedhale before King William. (S) Annals of Scotland, V1, Dairymple, 1819, P364.

12/1/1185-10/20/1187, Urban III to Bishop Jocelin of Glasgow, permitting him to absolve Richard de Moreville from his vow to round a Cistercian monastery, because of Richard’s donations to Melrose abbey and to other religious establishments. (S) Scotia Pontificia, Somerville, 1982, P135.

1188, Richard de Moreville, constable of the king of Scotland, and Avicia, his wife, has given and by this present charter established to Melrose Abbey, by the consent and good will of William, their son and heir, …, for the salvation of their lord, William, king of Scotland, and their souls, and for the souls of their fathers, mothers, ancestors and successors, the chapel of Park on Leader. (S) POMS.

Aft. 3/23/1189, Richard de Moreville and Avice, his wife, have given and established by their charter, with the consent of their heirs, to the abbey of St Mary of Furness, all the pasture of Selside and Birkwith … the monks have given them 300 marks to acquit their land of Lonsdale from the hands of William de Stuteville in their great need.

1189, Richard, Lord of Cunninghan and Lauderdale, died at Lauder, Lauderdale, Scotland. (S) The Church Historians of England Stevenson, 1856, P143.


[Undated] Avice, wife of Richard, is named in 16 charters in Scotland.

9/3/1189, Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.

1190, Avice, spouse of Richard de Moreville has given and established by this charter, by the grant of her heirs, to Furness Abbey, all the pasture of Selside and Birkwith.

1/1/1191, Avice died.

(S) DNB, V13, Stephen, 1909, P1066. (S) People of Medieval Scotland.

Children of Richard and Avice:

i. William de Morville, Born ? in Scotland.

William married Christinia ?.

1189, William succeeded his father as Constable of Scotland.

1196, William died, and his sister Elena’s husband assumed the role of Constable of Scotland.

ii. Elena de Moreville (79958029), born ~1150 in Scotland.

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