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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Earl Henry of Northumberland & Countess Ada de Warenne

 159916060. Earl Henry of Northumberland & 159916061. Countess Ada de Warenne

1/8/1107, David became king of Southern Scotland; Alexander I King of Northern Scotland.

1114, Henry born in Scotland, s/o 319832120. King David I of Scotland & 319832121. Matilda of Northumberland. [Henry was named after King Henry I, at whose court his father spent many years.]

~1116, Ada born in England, d/o 319832122. Earl William de Warenne & 319832123. Isabel de Vermandois.

4/27/1124, King Alexander died, David I became King of Scotland.

4/23/1126-3/4/1127, Henry a consentor to a gift of King David of lands in Lothian to St. Cuthbert.

7/17/1127-1131, Henry a consentor to renewal of gifts given by the King and his ancestors.

1134, Henry, son of David king of Scotland, by royal grant received the manor of Tottenham with the earldom of Huntingdon. (S) Critical Review, Smollett, 1799, P203.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

2/5/1136, King Stephen arrived at Durham with a very large army, after capturing local towns. This was to ensure King David’s allegiance against Empress Matilda’s claim to the throne of England.

2/1136, By the Treaty of Durham, Henry granted Doncaster and the lordship of Carlisle, the honour and earldom of Huntingdon, after doing homage to King Stephen at York. King Stephen released 4 of the 5 towns he had captured, including Newcastle.

3/22/1136, Henry, son of David I, at King Stephen’s court at Westminster.

4/1136 at Westminister, Earl Henry was 5th to sign King Stephen’s charter of Winchester.

1136-37, Henry a grantor of a gift of Swinton in feu.

1137, King Stephen was out of England most of the year.

12/1137, King Stephen refused the request of King David that Henry be made Earl of Northumberland.

1/1138, The Scots invaded Northumberland. King David with a large force occupied Corbridge on the Tyne. King Stephen brought a large force against King David, who then retreated. King Stephen burned a large area and then retreated south before Lent.

8/22/1138, Earl Henry fought at the Battle of the Standard on Cowton Moor near Northallerton in Yorkshire between the Scottish and the English, fighting for his father King David. He had initial success, but making a poor decision to follow a routed unit, he ended up loosing all but 19 of his 200 knights. The Scots had superior numbers, but English archers held off repeated attacks.

4/9/1139, King Stephen of England confirmed Henry as earl of Northumberland in a peace treaty with King David. [Henry had a new seal made: “SIGILLVM HENRICI COMITIS NORHVMBERLANDIE FILLII REGIS SCOCIE”.]

4/30/1139, As part of a peace treaty with King Stephen, Henry was one of 5 sons of high-ranking Scot barons sent to English court as hostages. He accompanied Queen Matilda [maternally a Scot] on her return from Durham.

5/1139, Ludlow Castle was captured [in 1138] on behalf of Empress Matilda, and King Stephen besieged the castle in an attempt to regain it. During the siege King Stephen bravely saved Prince Henry of Scotland from being captured by a grappling hook thrown from the castle. (S) The Marches of Wales, Harper, 1894, P195.

1139, Ranulf, earl of Chester, threatened peace in the north with his plot to kidnap or kill Henry on his return from King Stephen’s court. (S) Boulogne and Politics in Northern France, Tanner, 2004, P207.

4/9/1139-5/1141, Henry, son of king of Scots, has granted and restored to William son of Alfric of Corbridge, the land of his brother Richard at Dilston (Northumberland), to hold of Henry in chief.

4/9/1139-1142, Ada de Warenne, countess of Northumberland, witnessed Henry’s renewal of all lands held in Northumbria of King Henry I and King Stephen.

9/1139, King Henry I’s daughter Empress Matilda invaded England.

3/1140, Henry, son of king of Scots, to Robert Foliot, his steward, and burgesses and barons of Honour of Huntingdon; has granted to priory church of St Mary, Huntingdon, churches of St Martin and St Benedict.

1140, Ranulf, earl of chester, rose in hostility against Henry, demanding he be given back Carlisle and Cumberland. A trap was set, but King Stephen found out and helped Henry return to Scotland. (S) Scottish Annals, 1908, P216.

6/14/1140, Henry a consentor of a gift of Clerkington with other revenue by the King.

7/1/1140, Henry, son of the king of Scotland, has granted and confirmed the gift of the church of Sprouston that John, bishop of Glasgow, gave to the church of St Mary, Kelso.

2/2/1141, King Stephen captured at the battle of Lincoln by the forces of Empress Matilda. (S) English Historical Documents, Douglas, 1996, P319.

1141, Midland estates of Simon de St. Liz lost to the Scots, being held at the time by Prince Henry of Scotland. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, 1991, P97.

1141, Henry, earl of Northumberland, “ea die qua comitatus de Norhimberland mihi datus fuit” [dating his charter by his comital year.]

11/1/1141, King Stephen exchanged by Empress Matilda for captured Robert, earl of Gloucester [her half brother]. 

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King of England.

5/1142, David, King of the Scots, and his son Henry, and Richard, abbot of Melrose, walked the bounds of an estate [on the Friday after the Acension].

1143-8/1147, Henry a consentor to the gift of lands in Roxburghshire and easements by King David.

1147, Henry a consentor to grants of various possessions to Cambuskenneth abbey.

9/1147, Henry issued a charter “postquam Ludoucius rex Francie iter Ierosolimitanum aggressus est.” [Noting the King of France.]

1147-51, Henry confirmed gifts to Newbattle and Moorfoot, as given by his father; and of land given by Robert the ironsmith.

1148, Henry’s seal is the first to depict a helmut without a “nose piece” component.

5/22/1149, at Carlisle, Henry present when his father knighted Duke Henry [future Henry II of England].

1149 at Carlisle, Henry, with his father, attempted to build an alliance to put Henry II on the throne of England. The alliance fell apart when Ranulph, who attended the meeting, switched allegiance back to King Stephen.

1150, Henry founded Holmcultram abbey in Cumberland.

12/11/1150, Earl Henry held a council at Edinburgh attended by many bishops, earls and barons. (S) Charters of David I, Barrow, 1999, P41.

11/10/1150-6/12/1152, Henry confirmed gifts made by Hugh de Moreville and Beatrice de Beauchamp.

1150-6/12/1152, King David, with the assent of Earl Henry and Queen Matilda, has granted various gifts and privileges to Dunfermline Abbey.

1152, Henry died.


6/12/1152, Henry, Prince of Scotland, heir to the Kingdom of Alba, Earl of Northumberland, and Earl of the Honour of Huntingdon and Northamption buried. His half-brother became his heir, but died in 1153 leaving Henry’s son Malcolm as heir. Henry buried at Kelso abbey.

6/12/1152-5/24/1153, Ada made a grant in perpetual alms of a toft in Haddington to Dunfremline abbey for the benefit of her ancestors and herself.

5/24/1153, King David died; Henry’s on Malcom succeeding.

5/24/1153-4/8/1156, Ada de Warenne, countess of Northumberland, attested a gift of the church of Old Roxburgh, and the chapel of king’s castle of Roxburgh with ploughgate.

12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.

1160-62, William and his brother David, and their mother Ada, witnessed a charter of King Malcom to the abbey of Newbottle. (S) Scottish Review, V31, 1898, P130.

1161-9/20/1164, Confirmation by King Malcolm of donations to Holyrood abbey by Ada de Warenne, countess of Northumberland.

1162-9/1164, Ada de Warenne, countess of Northumberland, attested a grant of 3 marks annualy from the cain of ships at Perth.

12/24/1165, William “the Lion”, age 22, crowned King of Scotland.

12/24/1165-1171, Ada de Warenne, countess of Northumberland, granted a toft in burgh of Crail to Cambuskenneth abbey.

12/24/1165-1174, Ada de Warenne, countess of Northumberland, attested the renewal of donations by King William.

1178, Ada died.

(S) Scotland’s Historic Heraldry, McAndrew, 2006. (S) People of Medieval Scotland. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010.

Family notes:

The earliest record of these and other events of this time were written down by a French writer named Pierre de Langtoft, in the early 1300’s.

Earl Henry had coins issued in his name at Carlisle and Newcastle; with silver from mines below Nenthead, near Alston.

Children of Henry and Ada:

i. King Malcom IV of Scotland, born 1141 in Scotland.

5/1153, Malcom’s father having recently died, he succeeded his grandfather King David I as King of Scotland. [He was in poor health most of his life.]

7/1157 at Peak castle, Derbyshire, King Malcom of Scotland, met up with King Henry II of England, and traveled with him to Chester. At Chester, Malcolm did homage to King Henry and surrendered Bamborough, Newcastle, and Carlisle to the King, and relinquished the Scots claims to Cumbria, Westmorland and Northumbria. Malcom needed help against pretenders to the throne.

1/1158 at Carlisle, King Henry II grants knighthood to William earl Warren, but refuses it to Malcolm, King of the Scots.

6/30/1159 at Perigueux, France, King Henry II conferred knighthood on Malcolm, King of the Scots.

7/1159, Malcoln with King Henry as he begins the siege of Toulouse.

9/1159, King Louis VII of France brought his army to relieve the siege and King Henry and his forces had to retreat.

10/1159, King Malcom was still with King Henry when they reached Uzerche in Limousin.

7/1/1163, at Woodstock, Malcom, King of Scotland, did homage with Rese, Prince of S. Wales, and Owen, Prince of N. Wales, to King Henry II.

12/9/1165, age 24, Malcolm died unmarried; buried at Jedburgh Abbey, the last King of Scotland to bear a Gaelic name.

ii. King William I of Scotland (39979020), born ~1142 in Scotland.

iv. Margaret of Huntingdon (189118337), born ~1144 in Scotland.

i. Ada of Huntingdon (94555209), born ~1146 in Scotland.

v. David of Huntingdon (79958030), born ~1148 in Scotland.

vi. Majorie of Huntingdon, born ~1151 in Scotland.

Majorie married Gille Christ, Earl of Angus.

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