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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Earl Richard de Clare & Countess Adelize de Gernon

 159916224. Earl Richard de Clare & 159916225. Countess Adelize de Gernon

~1094, Richard [FitzGilbert] born in Hertfordshire, England, s/o 319832448. Gilbert FitzRichard de Clare & 319832449. Adelize de Clermont.

~1097, Adelize, “Alice of Chester”, born in England, d/o 159916040. Ranulph de Machines & 159916041. Lucy Taillebois.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

~1116, Richard married Adelize.

1121 at Winchester, Richard at the court of King Henry I.

1124, “Ricardus de Clara comes Hertfordiae” removed the monks from his castle at Clare into the church of St. Augustine, at Stoke, and bestowed upon them a little wood, called Stoke-Ho, with a doe every year out of his park at Hunedene. (S) Journal of the British Arch. Assoc., V26, 1870, P151.

1125, Royal Confirmation to the church of St. Gervase and St. Protase of Vire … signatories … the king and queen; … William de Aubigny, … Stephen count of Mortain, Richard fitz Gilbert, …

1130, Richard has a large debt with the Jews.

1131, Richard fitz-Gilbert in the return made by the sheriffs for the county of Hertford. (S) Journal of the British Arch. Assoc., V26, 1870, P151.

9/8/1131 at Northampton, King Henry again had his barons swear allegiance to his daughter Empress Matilda. Richard was present and swore allegiance.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

[Undated], Richard founded Tunbridge priory.

1135-36, King Stephen acknowledged Richard as earl of Hertford.

4/15/1136, Richard, earl of Hertford, and lord of Ceredigion in Wales, the most powerful magnate in Wales, slain in an ambush at Abergavenny by men of Gwent under Iorwerth ab Owain.


10/1136, The news of Richard’s death induced Owain Gwynedd (79958920) to invade his lordship. In alliance with Gruffydd ap Rhys of Deheubarth he won a crushing victory over the Normans at the Battle of Crug Mawr, just outside Cardigan. The town of Cardigan was taken and burnt, and Richard’s widow, Adelize, took refuge in Cardigan Castle. She was rescued by Earl Milo Fitz Walter (39979818) who led an expedition to bring her to safety in England.

Adelize died.

(S) A History of Wales from the Earliest Times, V2, Lloyd, 1912. (S) Court Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878. (S) Proceedings of the Battle Conference, V11, 1988, P270.

Children of Richard and Adelize:

i. Gilbert de Clare, born ? in England.

12/25/1141, Gilbert created earl of Hertford by King Stephen.

1153, Gilbert died leaving his brother Roger as the heir.

ii. Adeliza de Tunbridge (3894121523), born ~1120 in Tonbridge Castle, Kent, England.

iii. Roger de Clare (79958112), born ~1122 in Tonbridge Castle, Kent, England.

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