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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Baron Richard Fitz Eustace & Lady Albreda de Lisours & Baron William Fitz Godric

 159916240. Baron Richard Fitz Eustace & 159916241. Lady Albreda de Lisours & 121698304. Baron William Fitz Godric

~1115, Richard born in England, s/o 319832480. Eustace Fitz John & 319832481. Agnes fitz Nigel. (S) DNB, Sir Stephen, 1889, P184.

~1125, Albreda de Lisours born in France, heir & d/o §§Robert de Lisours & Albreda de Lacy.

~1130, William born in Yorkshire, England.

1131, Albreda’s father died; her mother surviving.

 [–––Richard & Albreda–––]

~1135, Richard married Albreda. (S) The History of Cheshire: Containing King’s Vale-Royal Entire, King et. al., 1778, P501.

1142, William fitz-Godric escaped from Randolf, earl of Chester, to Tickhill castle. (S) Norman People, King, 1874, P244.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1155, William son of §§Godric of Emley, son of Chetelbert, paid 25 marks for relief of his lands. (S) English and the Normans, Thomas, 2003, P114.

1156, William de Clarafai [son of Godric] with Alicia de Tanai [1st wife], and Albreda de Lisures founded Hampole priory, York. (S) Norman People, King, 1874, P244.

7/1157, Richard the 5th Baron of Halton and Constable of Chester; his father having died at the battle of Ewloe by the Welsh.

By 1161, Richard’s mother died.

By 1163, Richard died in Ireland. [His son John had become constable.]

[–––William & Albreda–––]

~1164, Albreda married 2nd William fitz Godric, who paid £100 “to have the mother of John the constable to wife with her lands”. [Descendents: the fitzWilliams of Yorkshire.] (S) Victoria History of the County of Lancaster, V1, 1966. [Most sources say the marriage occurred 1169-73. Possible, but not a good timeline fit.]

1170, William in the Pipe Rolls.

1170-84, Confirmation by William son of Godric to the monks of Rievaulx of 2 acres of land in Worsborough which Robert son of William de Wirkesburg gave them.

1178, William fitz Godric rendered an account of 10 marks ‘pro h’nda m’re Joh’is Cosnt’ cum terra sua’, for having taken the mother of John the Constable with her lands. (S) Sketches of Pontefract, 1873, P10.

1178, Raph de Nevill gave 100s for hastening the duel against William son of Godric. (S) History of Nottinghamshire, V1, Thoroton, 1797, P136.

1180, William son of Godric fined for having peace “de quadam lege que ei fuit adjudicata.”

1182, William son of Godric paid the last 10s. of his 1180 fine.

1184, William died. (S) Peerage and Baronetage, Burke, 1914, P791.


9/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

2/12/1193, Albreda heiress to her maternal half-brother [actually cousin germain] Robert de Lascy.

4/1/1193 at Winchester, Aubreye de Lizours and Roger the Constable her grandson, the lady Aubreye quitclaims to Roger the land which was Robert de Lacy’s and the said Roger grants that the said Aubreye shall hold for life the land which was of Robert de Lizours her father [8 knights’ fees held of the honor of Tickhill], with remainder to William her son. [seal of King Richard I] (S) The Ancestor, V10, 1904, P113.

4/25/1193, Auberia denied the claim to the Lizours titles and estates of her grandson Roger, s/o John. Roger received the “de Lascy” lands and assumed that name. The remaining lands went to the children of William.

1195, Albreda gave the king a fine of 2000 marks for livery of Robert de Lacy’s honour of Clitheror, with the lands and castles, except the castle of Pontefract [Yorkshire], which the king retained. (S) Victoria History of Lancaster, V1, Farrer, 1966, P301.

1200, Albreye and William Fitz-William her son recovered from the Hospitallers the advowson of the church of Fauford, co. Nott.

Albreda died; her son William receiving her lands.

(S) A Genealogical and Heraldic History of … Great Britain and Ireland, Burke, 1835, P238. (S) The Chartulary of St. John of Pontefract, 1899, P23. (S) History of Pontefract, Fox, 1827. (S) Transactions – Shropshire, V2, 1908, P31. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters.

Family notes:

1130, Godric [of Emley] son of Chetelbert [or Ketelbern], amerced 4 marks on the occasion of the eyre of Walter Espec in Yorkshire. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters.

1130, Robert de Lisoriis in a record.

1131, Robert de Lisours, lord of Sprotborough.

1131, Robert de Laci settled his inheritance on his cousin germain Albreda de Lisours, the daughter of his aunt Albreda.

Children of Richard and ?:

i. Roger Fitz Richard (39979820), born ~1137 in England.

[Most of the lands of Roger’s father went to his half-brother John, including the constableship. Albreda also controlled significant family lands, as she outlived Roger.] William fitz Godric paid £100 “to have the mother of John the constable to wife with her lands”.

ii. Robert de Lacy, born ~1139 in England.

Robert “the Hospitaller”, of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England.

Child of Richard and Albreda:

iii. John fitz Richard de Lacy (79958120), born ~1143 in Lincoln, England.

Child of William and Albreda:

i. William Fitz William (60849152), born ~1165 in England.

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