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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Chamberlain Hervey de Glanville

 159916364. Chamberlain Hervey de Glanville

~1100, Hervey born in England, s/o 319832728. Ranulph de Glanville & 319832729. Flandrina ?.

[1135-54], Hervey, chamberlain to King Stephen.

1147, Hervey and others from East Anglia joined the crusade.

5/23/1147, 164 ships of crusaders of northern European backgrounds set sail from Dartmouth, England, arriving on 6/16 at Porto, Portugal. They then sailed south to Join King Alfonso Henriques I of Portugal (94555154) who was besieging Lisbon.

6/28/1147, King Afonso of Portugal allied himself with the group of crusaders from northern Europe; guaranteeing them the plunder of Lisbon and the ransom of the captives. Hervey was a leader in this agreement.

7/1147, King Alfonso sent Infantry crusaders to storm the suburbs of Lisbon outside the city walls, while others were tunneling under the walls, and others were constructing siege towers.

10/24/1147, King Alfonso captured Lisbon. A siege tower had successfully bridged one part of the walls, and tunneling had collapsed a 200 foot section of another part. [The European crusaders wintered in Portugal.]

By 1150, Hervey returned to England.

1150, Hervey attended a meeting in Norwich in the bishop’s garden that included one of the king’s stewards, the bishop of Ely and other East Anglia barons.

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

1155, Hervey de Glanville and Ranulph de G. witnessed the foundation charter of Snapes, Essex. (S) Norman People and Their Existing Descendants, 1874, P182.

By 1166, Hervey died.

(S) Hist. Peerage of England, Nicolas, 1857, P213.

Family notes:

Hervey’s brother: 94537778. Lord William de Glanville (b.~1095, d.1150).

By 1219, Bartholomew de Creke gave land to St. Osyth’s, Essex, for the soul of his mother’s grandfather, Hervey de Glanville. [Agnes (39979091) d/o son William.]

Child of Hervey and ?:

i. Roger de Glanville, born 1130 in England.

Roger de Glanville, baron of the Exchequer, Viscount of Northumberland.

1182, Roger de Glanville, and “John, son of the Lord King” attested his brother Ranulf’s foundation charter of Leystone. (S) CH&I.HII; P249.

2/11/1188 at Gedington, Roger de Glanvill attested a charter of King Henry II. (S) CH&I.HII; P285. [Also attested by Ranulf.]

1188, A charter confirms to the Nuns, at the request of Roger de Glanvill and the countess Gundred, his wife, the church of Bungay, … (S) CH&I.HII; P285.

ii. Ranulf de Glanville, born ? in England.

[Undated] Ranulf de Glanville, a witness to a charter of his cousin Bartholomew de Glanville (47268888).

1168, Ranulph de Glanvill witnessed an agreement before Justiciars of the King. (S) CH&I.HII; P117.

1182, King Henry, leaving England, left Prince John under the tutelage of Ranulf de Glanville. (S) CH&I.HII; P249.

12/1/1182, Ranulph de Glanvill ‘Justiciar of the Lord King.’ (S) CH&I.HII; P249.

2/11/1188 at Gedington, Ranulf de Glanvill attested a charter of King Henry II. (S) CH&I.HII; P285. [Also attested by Roger.]

iii. William de Glanville (79958182), born ~1140 in England.

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