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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Constable Richard du Hommet & Agnes de Beaumont

 159916932. Constable Richard du Hommet & 159916933. Agnes de Beaumont

~1110, Richard born in Normandy.

~1115, Agnes de Beaumont born in England, d/o 159918672. Baron Jordan de Say & 159918673. Lady Lucy d’Aunay. (S) Henry II, New Interpretations; Harper-Bill, 2007, P113.


1130, Jordan de Sai and Lucy his wife founded the monastery of Aunay. (S) History of Staffordshire, V6, 1903, P9.


1152-4, Ricardus de Humez constabularius, Richardus de Haia … witnessed the charter under which Henri Duke of Normandy notified a judgment relating to the house of the late ‘Conani thesaurarii’. (S) FMG.

1153 in Normandy, Charter of Henry duke of Normandy and count of Anjou … restores and grants in fee and inheritance to Robert son of the earl of Leicester all the land of earl Robert his father in England … Testibus : … R[icardo] de Humez; …

11/6/1153, Signed at Westminster, by the Treaty of Wallingford, Duke Henry recognized by his cousin King Stephen of England as his heir. The were 37 signers, including 12 earls and 8 barons – including Richard du Hommet. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010, P289.

10/25/1154, King Stephen died.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England. At the coronation, Richard de Humez, constable, witnessed a royal charter giving William, earl of Arundel, also earl of Sussex.

3/27/1155, Ricardo de Humez, Constabulario, attended the King’s Council at London where he signed multiple charters.

9/1155, Richard 1st appointed as sheriff of Rutland.

9/29/1155 at ‘Wintoniam’, Ricardo de Humez, constabulario, witnessed a royal charter to the priory of Longueville of the gifts of the king’s grandfather King Henry.

1155-65, Charter of Engelger de Bohon. … Testibus : Ricardo de Humez; Willelmo de Humez, …

1/1156, Richard accompanied King Henry from Dover to Normandy.

1156, Ricardo de Humez witnessed a royal charter to the archbishop of Tours and all his lieges of Touraine.

1/1157, Richard de Humez, constable, witnessed a royal charter at Falaise, Normandy.

4/1157 at Norwich, Richard de Humez witnessed a royal grant to the cathedral priory of Norwich.

9/1157, Richard was with the King at Malmesbury, Wiltshire. (S) Transactions – Shropshire, V2, 1879, P25.

1/1158 at Nottingham, Richard de Humez, constable, witnessed a royal charter to the Bishop of Lincoln.

1159, King Henry began the expedition of Toulouse, and by November was campaigning against King Louis in the Beauvais. Chancellor Becket and [Richard] De Humez, the Constable, were with the King. (S) Transactions – Shropshire, V2, 1879, P25.

5/1160  in Normandy, Richard de Humez, constable, witnessed a peace treaty between King Henry II and King Louis VII of France concerning the Norman Vexin, … and conditions for the marriage of one of Henry’s sons to one of Louis’ daughters.

12/25/1160 at Le Mans, Richard de Humez, constable, attended the Christmas court of King Henry and Queen Eleanor.

6/1162, At Chinon, Normandy, Richard de Humez with King Henry who addresses Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, on behalf of the monks of St. Peter of Gant.

3/19/1163 at Dover, Richard pledged 100 marks for the King in an agreement with Theodorick, earl of Flanders.

1163, Richard of Hommet, a witness to the Anglo-Flemish Money Fiefs document. (S) Feudal Assessments, Keefe, 1983, P117.

3/1164, Ricardum de Humet, constable of Normandy, and the Bishop of Evreux sent on embassy to King Louis to negotiate a peace agreement.

6/22/1164, A letter from Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, to John, a priest in Poitiers, “… As I think you know, the lord bishop of Evreux and Richard de Humez have been sent to the king of France seeking peace …” (S) Correspondence of Thomas Becket, Duggan, 2000, P107.

By 8/1164, Richard, earl of Humiers, captured Combort in Limousin after a siege.

10/1164, Back in England, Richard de Humez witnessed a royal charter at Northampton.

4/1165 at Argenten in Normandy, Richard de Humez, constable, witnessed a royal charter to the canons of St. Mary of Gouffern.

7/1166, Richard de Humez, constable, is with King Henry at the siege of Fougeres in Normandy. Raoul de Fougeres surrendered and gave King Henry hostages for his good faith.

10/21/1166, at Caen, King Henry “exhibited fury” against Richard de Humez, constable, dealing with an issue of King William of Scotland who had left Normandy to return to Scotland.

8/1167 at Rouen, Richard de Humez, constable, witnessed a royal charter to St. Mary de Pre [where King Henry’s mother Empress Matilda was domiciled.]

3/1168, King Henry at Pacy, called to the south to Poitou, left Richard de Humet, constable of Normandy, the archbishop or Rouen, and Richard de Luci, justiciary of England, to conclude peace talks with representatives of King Louis.

6/1168, King Henry attacks Dinan, St. Malo, Little Brittany and Leon.

1/1169 at Argentan, Richard de Humez, constable, witnessed a royal charter.

6/1170 at Caen, Queen Eleanor and Richard de Humez, constable of Normandy, detain Roger, bishop of Worcester from traveling to England [Roger in possession of papal letters against the coronation of Henry’s eldest son.]

6/14/1170, King Henry had his 15 year old son Henry crowned King [known as Henry the young King.]

1170, Richard Humez gave St. Andrew, Stamford, to the nunnery of St. Michael at Little Wothorpe, Lincolnshire. (S) Hist. of Stamford, Lincoln, Drakard, 1822, P594.

12/1170, Richard de Humes and Saier de Quinci appointed by King Henry to arrest Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury. Richard kept surveillance of the English port to prevent Becket’s possible escape.

12/29/1170, King Henry complicit in the murder of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Cantebury.

7/1171 at Rouen, Richard de Humez, constable of Normandy, witnessed a royal charter to the abbey of Bec Hellouin.

1171-72, at St. Lo, Normandy, Richard de Humet, constable, witnessed a royal charter to the burgesses of Dublin. (S) Strongbow’s Conquest of Ireland, Clare, 1888, P59.

4/15/1173, At the outbreak of the revolt of King Henry the young, Richard de Humez stayed loyal to the king.

12/25/1173, Richard de Hommet, constable, with King Henry at his Christmas court at Caen. King Henry II granted Sheringham to Richard de Humet, king’s constable in Normandy, as an escheat, with the lordship of Stamford, Lincolnshire.

5/31/1174, Richard de Humez, constable of the King of England, was with his 3 sons William, Enguerran, and Jordan, at Beaumont in Maine. [Richard witnessed multiple documents during this year.]

12/1/1174, Richard of Hummet, and his sons Enguerrand, Jordan and Bertram, witnessed treaties of King Henry II with the King of Scots at Falaise and Valognes, France. (S) Feudal Assessments, Keefe, 1983.

5/18/1175 at London, Richard de Humez, constable, witnessed a royal charter to Gloucester abbey. [The charters at Shrewsbury - July, and then York – August, Ludgershall - October.]

1176, Richard de Humez a trustee who accounted at the Exchequer for Mienes.

1/1177 at Caen, Richard de Humez appointed an assessor of assizes.

[Undated], “Omnibus … presentibus et futuris Ricardus de Humet Constabularius domini Regis Angliae, salutem. Notum sit omnibus tam presentibus quam futuris me assensu Agnetis sponsae meae et Willelmi filii et heredis mei, …” (S) Archaeologia Or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity, V35, 1853, P494.

9/1178, Rics de Humez left his office as sheriff of Rutland and became a monk.

1180, Richard died as a monk at Aulnay.

(S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878. (S) Cal. of Doc.’s Preserved in France, V1, 1899.

Children of Richard and Agnes:

i. William de Humet (79958466), born ~1135 in Normandy.

ii. Jordan de Humet (121698316), born ~1140 in Normandy.

iii. Enguerrand du Hommet, born ? in Normandy.

1180-81, Enguerrand died.

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