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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Seigneur Ralph de Tony & Dame Isabel de Montfort

 159917060. Seigneur Ralph de Tony & 159917061. Dame Isabel de Montfort

~1030, Ralph born in Normandy, s/o 319834120. Roger of Tosny & 319834121. Godeheut ?.

~1040, Ralph’s father died; Ralph inheriting the office of Standard-bearer of Normandy.

1050, Ralph witnessed a charter of Duke William of Normandy to the monastery of St. Evroul.

2/1054, Duke William sent Raoul de Toeni to annouce the defeat of his allies to the King of France after the battle of Mortemer. Ralph supposedly yelled from a hill “Frenchmen … be on your way, you are sleeping too much. Go and bury you friends who have died at Mortemore.” (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P108.

~1055, Isabel in France, d/o 319834122. Simon de Montfort & 319834123. Isabella Bardolf.

1061, William, duke of Normandy, expelled Ralph de Toeny, Hugh de Grantesmenil and Arnould d’Echaufour from his dominions for hostile activities with Robert Curthose, brother of Duke William. [By the support of his friends, Ralph was reinstated.]

1063, On the petition of Simon de Montfort and Walerand de Breteuil, Ralph restored to favour.

1066, Ralph present at Duke William’s council of Lillebonne where the invasion of England was planned.

10/14/1066, Ralph acquitted himself of being the Standard Bearer for the battle of Hastings so that he could fight along side Duke William. (S) Battle Abbey Roll.

Aft. 1066, King William granted Ralph 37 lordships, 19 in Norfolk.

[––Ralph & Isabel––]

~1067, Ralph married to Isabel. [Ralph obtained the right to marry Isabel by kidnapping Anges, d/o Richard, compte d’Evreux, his own half sister, and delivering her in marriage to Simon de Montfort.] Isabel brought the castle of Nogent-l’Erembert near Chartres to Robert.

1068, Ralph de Tony holding lands in Cantref Selyf, Wales. (S) Cymmrodorion Record Series, I4, Pts3-4, 1908, P537.

Bef. 1071, William fitz Osbern, earl of Hereford, placed his brother-in-law Ralph de Tosny in charge of the frontier district of Clifford-on-Wye in south Wales. (S) Age of Conquest: Wales, Davies, 2000, P82.

2/22/1071, William fitz Osbern killed at the battle of Cassel by the Count of Flanders; his son Roger succeeding.

1075, The failed rebellion of Roger, earl of Hereford, inceased Ralph’s status in the Welsh marches. [Roger was Ralph’s nephew.]

1076, Ralph de Tosny began Belvoir priory. (S) King and Lords, Fleming, 2004, P172.

1077, Ralph had some of holdings seized by King William when he supported the king’s son Robert Curthose in a conflict with his brother William Rufus. (S) General History of England, Carte, 1747, P433.

1078, Clifford castle granted to Ralph de Toeny.

1080, Ralph de Verney and Ralph de Toeni jointly held lands at Bois-Raillate. (S) Norman People, 1874, P432.

1081, Ralph de Toesny with King William at Winchester.

1085, Ralph de Tosny presented Le Bec with an important grant in Normandy [and later with a manor at East Wretham in Norfolk.] (S) England and Normandy, Bates, 1994, P139.

Bef. 1086, King William granted Ralph de Tony, son of Roger de Tony, standard-bearer of Normandy, for his eminent services, 19 lordships. (S) History and Antiquities of the City of Norwich, 1783, P8.

8/1086, Ralph de Tosny & Conches had land holdings in 7 counties [Includes Clifford castle, Dinedor, Westhide, Fransham (his residence), Westmill, and Astley]. (S) Domesday Survey.

9/9/1087, William, King of England and Duke of Normandy, died at Rouen; succeeded by his sons William Rufus in England, and Robert Curthose in Normandy.

1087, Ralph expelled the ducal garrisons from his castles in Normandy. (S) Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy, V4, 1856, P277.

1088, Ralph supported Robert, duke of Normandy, in invading Maine.

1090-91, William, count of Evreux, [Ralph’s younger half-brother] laid siege to Conches, killing Isabel’s brother Richard de Montfort. (S) Collected Historical Works of Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H., 1921, P143.

1090-91, Ralph de Toeny switched his allegiance from Curthose to Rufus after Curthose would not help his with his conflict with Guillaume, comte de Evreux. [Isabel road around in the full armor of a knight seeking revenge.]

1091, Raoul de Conches and many other Norman barons swore allegiance to William Rufus, son of William the Conqueror.

1091, The tithe of Wmfreville-la-Mivoye … given to the Holy Trinity of Rouen, with the assent of King William and Ralph de Conches, has now been restored by Ralph de Bec, who had appropriated it. (S) Regesta Willelmi Conquistoris, 1913, P82.

1091-92, Ralph sought the help of his northern allies Stephen of Aumale and Gerard of Gournay. Ralph captured his nephew William of Breteuil, s/o his sister Adeliza. [William would have to pay a ransom of £3000-Norman, and forfeit of his inheritance to Ralph’s oldest son. This conflict lasted 3 years. The dispute was settled when William, count of Evreux named Ralph’s younger son Roger as his heir.]

1094, The tithes of Fyfield were given by Ralph de Tany to the Cluniac Abbey of Bermondsey. (S) Transactions of the Essex, V7, 1900, P184.

Bef. 1099, Ralph de Toney, Isabel his wife, and their sons Roger and Ralph founded the priory of Westacre, Norfolk. (S) Index Monasticus, Taylor, 1821, P27.

1099, King William II was killed while hunting. Robert Curtose and his younger brother Henry [future King Henry I] both claimed the crown of England.

9/1100, Ralph de Toesny and William of Evreux at war with Robert de Beaumont, count of Meulan, invading Mellent. (S) History of Normandy, V4, Palgrave, 1864, P700.

3/24/1102, Ralph, Standard-bearer of Normandy, died; buried at Belvoir, Norfolk.


1102, Isabel survived Ralph and took the veil of a nun at Haute Bruyere at St. Remi-l’Honore [founded by her half-sister Queen Bertrade of France.] Isabella endowed the convent with the revenues of Tosny castle of Acquigny before her death, and 100s a year after her death.

(S) Norman Frontier, Power, 2004, P295, P382. (S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007. (S) DNB, V16, 1909, P653.

Children of Ralph and Isabel:

i. Roger de Tony, born ? in Normandy.

1091-92, Roger named the heir of his cousin William of Breteuil as part of his ransom of William after being captured by Ralph’s father in battle.

5/15/1093, Roger died leaving his brother Ralph as his heir. (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V1, 1898, P12.

ii. Ralph de Tony (79958530), born ~1078 in Normandy.

iii. Godechilde de Tony, born ? in Normandy.

Godechilde married Baldwin of Boulogne, count of Edessa.

1097, Baldwin died.

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