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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Lord William de Brewes & Maud de Clare

 121685152. Lord William de Brewes & 121685153. Maud de Clare

1175, William born in England, heir & s/o 189118344. William de Braose & 189118345. Maud de Saint Valery.

~1178, Maud born in England, d/o 39979056. Richard de Clare & 39979057. Amicia of Gloucester.

[––William & Maud––]

Bef. 1198, William married Maud, acquiring the town and manor of Buckingham.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

7/1202, From Le Mans, Guillaume des Roches (39979486) and William de Briouze with King John as he rushed to Mirabeau castle where the king’s mother was under siege by Arthur of Brittany. (S) The Greatest Knight, Asbridge, 2014, P274.

8/1/1202, In a surprise attack on Arthur of Brittany’s forces William de Briouze captured Duke Arthur. Another 252 French knights were also captured.

By 1203, William [the father] had demised much of his English and Welsh lands on his son William.

[Undated] William the younger, “domini mei”, made a grant to Brecon priory.

12/5/1203 From Barfleur, a port in Cherbourg, France, William de Braose and William Marshall (94559174) were part of the retinue accompanying King John on his return to England.

1207, A tenant of the honour of Bramber brought a recognition against William the elder for 4 knights’ fees. William the elder responded that he could not comply because his son William held the land.

3/13/1208, William became a “hostage” of King John, but was placed in the custody of his brother-in-law Walter de Lacy.

1208, William had to provide his sons John and Giles as hostages to King John. [King John, facing a papal interdict, was taking hostages from any nobles who’s loyalty was suspect. King John at the time was also focused on issues with Scotland.]

1210, William de Broase [the father] initially a supporter of King John, had to flee England for Ireland.

6/10/1210, King John going to Ireland, landed at Waterford, and looked for rebel William. King John recieve homage from the Irish Chieftains who helped in the quest. William escaped, but his wife and son [Maud & William, and a daughter] were captured [probably in Scotland]. King John had them transported to Windsor Castle where they were put in a dungeon.

1210, William, “Willielmus iunior, dominus de Brecheniauc”, starved to death with his mother in Windsor castle, Corfe, England by King John. [A major factor in the future revolt of the barons.]


8/9/1211, William [the father] died in exile in Corbeil, France.

7/28/1213, Maud restored to her father.

1/1214, William’s sons John and Giles were transferred to a new custodian.

10/18/1216, King John died.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1217, Maud had letters of conduct to return to England.

1219, Maud sued her brother-in-law Reynold de Brewes over her dower lands.

7/10/1220, Maud living.

Maud died.

(S) King John, the Braoses, and the Celtic Fringe, Holden. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P133.

Children of William and Maud: [4 sons, 1 daughter]

i. William de Brewes, born ~1195 in England.

10/23/1223, William de Braose has licence to collect scutage from the knights’ fees that he holds of the king in chief, and he will have a moiety of the scutage and the king will have the other moiety. (S) FRsHIII.

4/5/1225, Henry de St. Valery gives the king half a mark for having a pone against William de Braose, Simon of Pende, … (S) FRsHIII.

1/31/1227, It has been attested … of the fine that Roger de Vautorte, father of Reginald de Vautorte, … made with King John, … for having that part of the lands that remained to Henry de Novant from the partition made between Henry and William de Braose, … (S) FRsHIII.

1229-30, At Aberffraw, William de Braose was caught hiding in the chamber of Princess Joan (19989623), wife of Llywelyn (19989730). Both were imprisoned.

4/28/1230, Order to the sheriff of Herefordshire to place in respite the demand he makes from William de Braose for [the scutage of] Montgomery, until William is delivered from the prison of Llywelyn, who holds him incarcerated. (S) FRsHIII.

5/2/1230, William was publically executed, Joan was banished [for 1 year]. [William’s daughter Isabel had been pledged to marry their son David. Llywelyn wrote a letter to widow Eve stating he still desired the marriage of their children.]

ii. John de Brewes (60842576), born 1197 in England.

iii. Walter de Brewes, born ? in England.

By 6/1222, Walter married Hawise (23639789) de Londres, heiress of Kidwelly, Wales.

1233, Walter and his wife Hawise sued the abbot of Gloucester for the church of Hannington, Wiltshire.

Bef. 1/14/1234, Walter died.

iv. Maud de Brewes (189134935), born ~1205 in England.

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