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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Lord William de Chesney & Albreda de Poynings

 39979922. Lord William de Chesney & 39979923. Albreda de Poynings

~1120, William de Cayneto born s/o §§Ralph de Chesney.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

~1135, Albreda born in England, d/o §§Adam de Poynings.

Aft. 1141, William’s father died.

2/2/1141, William de Chesney, a valiant knight, captured King Stephen at the battle of Linclon. (S) English Historical Documents, Douglas, 1996, P319.

4/4/1144, Pope Lucius II confirmed to the prior and canons of Rudham, all that Eborard [bishop of Norwich] had sanctioned and William de Cheney had granted. (S) Norfolk Archaeology, V17, 1910, P289. [Eborard retired in 1145 as bishop.]

5/19/1148, Grant by John de Chesney to the canons of Rudham … my grandfather, Ralph de Chesney, … William de Chesney, my uncle, … (S) English Historical Documents, Douglas, 1996, P927.

1146-49, William de Cayneto mentioned in the court records held in the bishop’s garden in Norfolk.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

4/1157, William de Caynete sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk.

1161, William owed £200 to the crown, ‘de misericordia.’

~1163, William married Albreda.

9/1163, William removed as sheriff, owing £319 9s 8d from being sheriff, and £150 for a previous debt.

1163, William fined £200 by the crown.

1/1164, William de Chesney a signer of the Constitutions of Clarendon. (S) The Lives of Thomas Becket, Staunton, 2001, P92.

1/26/1165, An earthquake was felt all over Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire.

1165, William “sed fuit attornatus inde Isaac Iudeo per Rotulum Camere et per Rotulum archidiaconi.”

1165, William de Norwich certified he held a knight’s fee of the old feoffment in Suffolk for which he now paid 1 mark in aid for marrying Maud, the King’s eldest daughter. (S) History of the City and County of Norwich, V1, 1768, P28.

1166, William in the “cartae” as both William de Chaisneto de Norum, and as William de Norwico, paid off 20 marks of his fine.

1166, William de Chesney held 3 knights’ fees in chief and 4 in mesne. (S) Restoration and Reform, White, 2000, P94.

1167, William one of the knights chosen to escort the king’s daughter to Saxony for her marriage. On the pipe roll: ‘homines Willemi de Caisn’; and on the chancellor’s roll ‘Homines Willelmi de Norwich’ given a reprieve of his debts.

Aft. 9/10/1167, King Henry bestowed with priviledges: “Willimo de Norwico manerium de Blieburgh” [which the King had previously settled on his mother.] (S) History and Antiquities of the County of Suffolk, V2, 1847, P132.

1168, Willelmus de Norwico, one mark for 1 knight’s fee. Willimus de Caisneto … [In the Cholchester cartulary William is styled “Vicecomes de Norwico”.]

1170, William de Caisento, sheriff of Norfolk.

Bef. 9/1174, William de Norwich, of Horsford, Norfolk, died, owing a debt to the crown of £190.

(S) English Historical Review, V35, 1920, P489-91.

Family notes:

·         1141, At Oxford, The Empress comfirmed to Ralph de Chesney ‘et ministris foreste’ the rights of the Cowley Templars in Shotover Forest. (S) Accession of Henry II, Amt, 1993, P52.

·         1160, Matilda, sister of Ralph de Chesney, married to Gilbert fitz Gerold, holding 2 fees of the honor of Wallingford. (S) Honour of Wallingford, Tilley, Thesis, 2011, King College. [Ralph holding over £60 of lands in Sussex and Norfolk. Ralph, vassal of William de Warenne, granted 5 churches in Sussex to Lewes. (S) Monasticism Without Frontiers, Pearce, Thesis, Univ. of Wales, 2017.]

·         [Temp. H.II], Adam de Poynings was also a benefactor of the monks of Lewes. (S) Monasticon Anglicanum, 1846, P3.

·         There is a contemporary Willam de Chesney of Oxford, “regis Stephani auctoritate”, attesting charters in Normandy in 1159 and 1161. (S) Eynsham Cartulary, 1907, P416. [His father was Robert fitz Walter.]

Children of William and Albreda:

i. Margaret de Chesney (19989911), born ~1164 in England.

ii. Clemence de Chesney, born ? in England.

Clemence married Jordan Sackville.

iii. Sara de Chesney (19989961), born ~1167 in England.

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