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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Lord William de Glanville & Beatrix de Sackville

 94537778. Lord William de Glanville & 94537779. Beatrix de Sackville

~1095, William born in England, s/o 319832728. Ranulph de Glanville & 319832729. Flandrina ?.

~1100, Beatrix de Sachville born in Essex, England, d/o §§William de Sackville.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

William heir to his older brother Robert.

1113, William founded Bromholm Priory, Norfolk, made it subordinate to the Cluniac Monastery of Castle-Acre, and dedicated it to St. Andrew. (S) Hist. of Norfolk, V2, 1906, Priory of Bromholm.

1129, Notification to the officials and ministers of Essex of the restoration and confirmation to William de Glanville, the king’s serjeant, of the office and land late of William De-salt-les-dames, his uncle. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P552.

1130, Guillelmus de Glanvilla (94537778) donated salt and a serf to the abbey of Sainte-Trinité de Tiron, confirmed by filiorum meorum Bartholomei (47268888) et Anselmi (iii below) et Basilie (94537779) uxoris mee. (S) FMG.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

By 1150, William, lord of Bromholme, died; buried at Baketon [Bacton, Norfolk].

(S) Dormant and Extinct Baronage, Banks, 1807, P89.

Family notes:

·         The Sackville family has a complicated ancestry. (S) Arch. Journal, V64, Dec. 1907, P217ff is a good reference.

Children of William and Beatrix:

i. Bartholomew de Glanville (47268888), born ~1120 in England.

ii. Matilda de Glanville, born ? in England.

Matilda married Edmund Paston, holding lands in Bromholm of the Glanvilles.

iii. Ansel de Glanville, born ? in England.

iv. Ranulph de Glanville (1947060754), born ~1130 in England.

v. Gilbert de Glanville, born ? in England.

Gilbert appointed Bishop of Rochester.

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