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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Duke Guillaume X of Aquitaine & Duchess Aenor of Chatellerault

 94555138. Duke Guillaume X of Aquitaine & 94555139. Duchess Aenor of Chatellerault

1099, Guillaume ‘the Saint’ born in Toulouse, France, d/o 189110276. Duke Guillaume IX of Aquitaine & 189110277. Duchess Philippa of Toulouse.

~1105, Aenor born in France, d/o 756441158. Viscount Aimery I of Chatellerault & 756441159. Dame Dangereuse de L’Isle Bouchard.

8/3/1108, Louis VI crowned King of France.

1114-15, Guillaume and his mother were abandoned by his father (189110276) who took up with the wife of one of his vassals, Dangereuse de L’Isle Bouchard, who would remain his mistress in his castle of Maubergeonne. [Philippa (189110277) would have both of them excommunicated by the Pope.]

1116, William’s mother Philippa retired to the abbey of Fontrevault.

[––Guillaume & Anor––]

1121, Guillaume married Anor, daughter of his father’s mistress.

1122, Guillaume’s father lost control of Toulouse to Count Raymond of Toulouse.

2/10/1126, Guillaume “the Saint” succeeded his father as Duke.

1126, King Louis VI had to defend the Bishop of Clermont to Auvergne, opposing William, count of Avuergne. Louis, with Charles the Good of Flanders, Fulk V of Anjou, and Conan of Brittany, and Norman knights, besieged the castle at Montferrand. William X, duke of Aquitaine, who was overlord of the castle, questioned Louis’ authority, but was forced to accept Louis’ authority. (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P138.

7/1129, William granted privileges to the Abbey of Montierneuf, where his father was buried. Witnesses included Anor, his son William [an infant, his fingers were dipped in ink], and his daughter Eleanor [making a mark].

3/1130, William granted a charter to the church of Saint-Hilare of the right to cut firewood from the forest of Mouliere. Witnesses included Anor, his son William, and his daughter Eleanor.

1130, Anor and her son William died; leaving daughter Eleanor as the heiress.


1130, Guillaume supported antipope Anacletus II in the schism with Pope Innocent II. William drove supporters of Pope Innocent out of Aquitaine. [William would vacilate over the years.]

1131, Bernard de Clairvaux [a celebrated spiritual leader of the time] was sent by Pope Innocent to William, “to turn him from his sinful ways and bring him back to the bosom of the Church”. (S) Legends of the Blessed Sacrament, Shapcote, 1877, P28.

1132, Abbot Bernard de Clairvaux wrote to William: ‘… they [the Anacletians] have the Duke of Apulia for them, but he is the only prince they have, …’. (S) Making of Western Europe, V2, Fletcher, 1915, P136.

1133, William founded in the Clos-Moron [near Bordeaux] the Hospital of St. James for pilgrims. (S) The Way of Saint James, V2, 1920, P109.

1134, Guillaume became a supporter of Pope Innocent II.

1134, William donated land for Grace Dieu, a Cistercian house. (S) With the Spirit and Power of Elijah, Robson, 2004, P206.

1135, William stormed into the church of La Couldre where the abbot Bernard de Clairvaux was celebrating mass. In the confrontation, William suffered a seizure. When he recovered he repented for quarreling with the pope.

1136, On his daughter Eleanor’s 14th birthday, William had his vassals swear her their allegiance.

9/1136, Guillaume invaded Normandy with Geoffrey of Anjou, unsuccessfully attacking Waleran de Beaumont. The campaign was called off when Geoffrey received a foot wound. [William’s daughter Eleanor would eventually marry Geoffrey’s son, King Henry II of England.]

4/19/1137, Guillaume, Count of Poitou and Duke of Aquitaine died on pilgrimage at Santiago de Compostela; where he is buried. (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P139.

(S) Eleanor of Aquitaine, Kramer, 2006. (S) Eleanor of Aquitaine, Meade, 1991.

Family notes:

·         William was a patron of 2 troubadors, Cercamon [who wrote William’s funeral lament] and Marcabrun. (S) Provence and Pound, Makin, 1978, P120.

·         §§Aimery I of Chatellerault (d.11/7/1151) s/o §§Boson II de Ch√Ętellerault & Aleanor de Thouars.

Children of Guillaume and Anor:

i. Eleanor of Aquitaine (47277569), born 1122 in France.

ii. Petronilla de Guienne, born ? in France.

1142, Petronilla married Count Raoul of Vermandois [age 41, and a cousin of the King], seneschal of France, s/o Count Hugh de France & Adele of Vermandois. [Raoul was already married and put away his 1st wife, Eleanor of Champagne.]

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