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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Comte William VI de Taillefer & Comtesse Marguerite of Turenne

 94555140. Comte William VI de Taillefer & 94555141. Comtesse Marguerite of Turenne

~1125, William born in Angoulême, France, s/o §§Comte Vulgrin II d’Angouleme & 189110281. Comtesse Pontia de la Marche. [Pontia d/o 319832070. Baron Roger Montgomery & 319832071. Lady Alomodis of La Marche.]

~1135, Marguerite born in Turenne, France, d/o §§Vicomte Raymond I du Turenne & Dame Mathilde du Perche.

7/22/1137, William’s father refused to attended the wedding of King Louis VII. (S) Henry II, Warren, 1973, P102.

1140, William succeeded his father and came to better terms with the King.

~1145, William first married Emma of Limoges.

6/1147, William attended the crusades with King Louis VII.

12/1147, On Christmas day on the coast of modern-day Turkey, encamped by a river, a tremendous storm washed away much of the supplies of the French. They decided to take a route over the mountains to Antioch. One night, King Louis was in the rear guard which was surrounded and attacked. Louis decided to return to his water route.

1/4/1148, The crusaders fought in a battle at Laodicea against the Turks.

1148, Louis’ barons decided that they best move in defense of the holy lands would be to retake Damascus. There, due to heat, lack of water, and disagreement on plans, the seige eventually failed.

1/20/1148, After additional battles, the crusaders reached Atalya.

3/19/1148, The crusaders reached Antioch.

1148, At Damascus, due to heat, lack of water, and disagreements on plans, the seige failed after 4 days. King Louis, sending most of the forces back.

By 11/1149, All of the surviving crusaders had returned.

[––Willliam & Marguerite––]

~1153, William married Marguerite.

1166, A powerul alliance formed to resist the authority of King Henry II of England led by William and by the Count of La Marche, offering to break from King Henry and give allegiance to King Louis of France.

2/26/1167, Comte of Angouleme, in rebellion against King Henry II.

8/1167, A truce was declared between Henry II and Louis VII.

1168, Comte William de Taillefer, Comter Adelbert de la Marche and lord of Lusignan still in rebellion. King Henry captured the castle of Lusignan and had it torn down.

3/1169, King Henry II suppressed the rebellion of William IV, Comte of Angouleme, and the Comte of La Marche and came to a peace agreement.

1171, Vuillelmus Talafers (94555140) comes Engolismensis [of Angoulême], Vulgrini filius et Margarita (94555141) uxor mea et filii nostri Vulgrinus scilicet primogenitus noster, Vuillelmus Talafers, Ademarus (47277570), …, transferred rights to Saint-Amant-de-Boixe. (S) FMG.

1173, William, count of Angouleme, supported the revolt of Young King Henry against his father Henry II. (S) King Henry 1173-74, Moen, Masters Thesis, Univ. of Oslo, 2018.

1173-74, William, one of the “mightiest of vassals” enriched by tolls on trade, also one of few who could keep up with advances in technology, such as building castles of stone.

1176, William and his town captured by King Henry’s son Richard.

9/1176, William sent to England where he begged King Henry to forgive him.

7/1179, William left on crusade with his step-son Viscount Aimar of Limoges. [Aimar s/o Emma of Limoges by a previous marriage.]

8/7/1179, William died on a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands at Messina.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) The Feudal Monarchy in France and England, Petit-Dutallis, 1986, P217. (S) Henry II, Warren, 1973.

Children of William and Emma:

i. Vulgrin of Angouleme, born ~1145 in Angoulême, France.

5/1178, Vulgrin, acting for his father who was on crusade, surrendered the city and the castle of Montignac to the forces of King Henry’s son Richard.

1180, Vulgrin led an invasion of Poitou.

6/29/1181, Vulgrin died leaving a daughter, his brother William succeeding.

ii. William of Angouleme, born ~1148 in Angoulême, France.

1182, William led a coalition of local forces against Richard’s forces.

1/23/1186, King Richard of England subdued a revolt of the Count of Anguleme and Geoffrey de Lusignan at the Battle of Barbezieux. William, count of Angouleme, was captured.

1186, William died, his brother Audemar succeeding.

Child of William and Marguerite:

iii. Audemar of Angouleme (47277570), born ~1160 in Angoulême, France.

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