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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Seigneur Peter de Courtenay & Dame Elizabeth de Courtenay

 94555142. Seigneur Peter de Courtenay & 94555143. Dame Elizabeth de Courtenay

9/1126, Piers born in France, 5th s/o 378220740. King Louis VI & 378220741. Adelaide of Maurienne.

1127, Elizabeth born in France, d/o 189110286. Renaud de Courtenay.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

Aft. 1145, Elizabeth’s father died.

1150, Peter donated property to the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

1151, Elizabeth’s father moved to England where he was given lands by King Henry II.

[––Peter & Elizabeth––]

~1153, Peter married Elizabeth and took the name ‘Courtenay.’ [Not unusual for the younger s/o a nobleman, especially since she her father was very powerful France.]

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1161, Peter succeeded as Seigneur de Courtenay, de Montargis, de Ch√Ęteau-Renard, de Champignelles, de Tanlay, de Charny et de Charenton, by right of his wife.

9/21/1177, Near Ivri, King Henry of England and King Louis of France meet and both swear to take the cross. Present were [named in order] a Cardinal legate, 5 bishops, Henry the young King, Theobald Comte of Blois, Robert Comte of Muelan, Simon comte of Evreux, Peter de Courtenai, and William de Humez. (S) CH&I,H.II., P219.

1179, Sultan Saladan invaded the crusader states in the Holy Land.

5/1179, Peter de Courtenay went to Jerusalem with Henry, Comte of Troyes, and other French knights.

6/10/1179, At the Battle of Marj Ayyun Saladin’s forces defeated the crusaders led by Baldwin IV. Initially winning some smaller encounters, they rested, and were then surprised by the main army of Saladan.

8/23/1179, The Battle of Jacob’s Ford, a crossing on the upper River Jordan, a historic passage point between the Golan Heights and northern Galilee, about 100 miles north of Jerusalem. Sultan Saladan defeated the forces of Baldwin IV, King of Jerusalem, and then destroyed the fortress they were building. About 800 Templars and crusaders were killed. (S) History of the Crusades, Mills, 1844, P154.

8/1180, Peter de Courtenay with Henry, Comte of Troyes, in Constantinople.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

4/10/1183, Peter died on crusade in Palestine. Reynald of Chantillion was besieged by an Egyptian force at Kerak. Guy de Lusignan led French crusaders against the forces of Saladan to break the siege. After a week-long battle, the Egyptian forces withdrew.


1185, Elizabeth, heiress of Renaud de Courtenay, identifies herself as “sigillum Elizabeth de Curtiniaco”.

9/1205, Elizabeth died.

(S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P231ff.

Children of Peter and Elizabeth:

i. Peter II de Courtenay (94555182), born ~1155 in France.

ii. Alice of Courtenay (47277571), born ~1165 in France.

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