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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Lord William de Say

 378236678. Lord William de Say

~1138, William born in England, s/o 79959336. Baron William de Say & 79959337. Lady Beatrix de Mandeville.

1155, William’s father died, his mother surviving.

By 1160, An agreement between Ramsey abbey and William de Say and his mother Beatrice. William to assigned to the abbey a mark of rent in the hundred of Clackclose, Norfolk, and promised to give another mark as soon as he could acquire 40 marks of land of his inheritance, from the land of Robert de Rumele, being excepted on the day of the agreement.

1161-77, Odo Dammartin gave 2 parts of small tithes to Bermondsey, confirmed by William de Say. (S) Hist. of Huntingdon, V3, 1936, Kimbolton.

1166, ‘William filius William’ de Say held a fifth of a knight’s fee in Kimbolton. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, Farrer, V7, 2013, P52. [William also held a knight’s fee in Wheatenhurst. (S) EYCs, P2.]

Bef. 8/1/1177, William of Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire; and Saham, Norfolk, died. (S) Hist. of Middlesex, V5, 1976, Edmonton. (S) EYCs, P31.

1/25/1185, A fine was levied in the king’s court which divided the inheritance of the 2 daughters of William de Say, viz. Beatrice, wife of Geoffry fitz Piers, and Matilda, wife of Hugh de Bochland. (S) CH&I.HII.

Children of William and ?:

i. Beatrice de Say (189118339), born ~1160 in England.

ii. Matilda de Say, born ? in England.

Matilda married William de Bochland.

Bef. 1189 Matilda died without issue. [She was not an heir of William de Mandeville, earl of Essex.]

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