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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron Humphrey de Bohun & Lady Margaret de Gloucester

 378236672. Baron Humphrey de Bohun & 378236673. Lady Margaret de Gloucester

1109, Humphrey born in England, s/o §§Baron Humphrey [II] de Bohun & Lady Maud of Salisbury, d/o §§Lord Edward d’Everux of Salisbury. [See Family notes.]

~1123, Humphrey’s father died.

~1124, Margaret born in England, d/o 39979818. Milo Fitz Walter & 39979819. Sybill de Newmarch.

1129-30, Humphrey succeeded his father.

1130, Humphey de Bohun, under Wiltshire, accounts for £22 10s as successor to his father’s land, and 400 silver marks, that he might be Dapifer to the king, and 60 silver marks in case he should be able to claim the land of Mere in Wilts. (S) Numismatic Chronicle, 1901, P395.

1131 at Waltham, Grant of the King for the use of the canons of the church of the martyrs Gervase and Protase of Sees … attested … Waleran count of Meulan, Hugh Bigot and Humphrey de Bohun sewers, Miles of Gloucester, … Payn fitz John, … Geoffrey fitz Pain, … (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P563.

8/1131, Notification by Henry I … restored and granted to William, son of Walter de Beauchamp, his dispenser, the land that his father held from whatever lord; and his father's office of dispenser. … Witnesses: … G[eoffrey] the chancellor; … Robert Earl of Leicester; Robert de Vere; Miles of Gloucester; … Humphrey de Bohun; Payn fitz John; Eustace fitz John; Geoffrey fitz Payn; William Maltravers; William de Albini, … William Mauduit.

9/8/1131 at Northampton, Walter of Salisbury and Humphey de Bohun with the king’s charter to the See of Salisbury. (S) Numismatic Chronicle, 1901, P395.

4/29/1132, Notification by Henry I … has granted St. Martin's Church at Dover … Witnesses … William Earl Warenne; Ranulf Earl of Chester; Robert Earl of Leicester; Brian fitz Count; Hugh Bigod; Humphrey de Bohun; Miles of Gloucester; Payn fitz John; Richard fitz Gilbert; Robert de Vere; Robert de Essex; Richard Basset; Aubrey de Vere; …

6/1132, King Henry to the abbot and monks of St. Mary’s, Reading … Witnesses … Robert Earl of Gloucester; Stephen Count of Mortain; William Earl Warenne; Robert de Vere; Robert de Curci; Brian fitz Count; Hugh Bigod; Humphrey de Bohun; Aubrey de Vere; Richard Basset.

1132 at Marden, Sussex, Grant to the hospital of Falaise … attested by … William earl of Warren; the sewers Hugh Bigot, Humphrey de Bohun, …; Geoffrey fitz-Pain, Miles of Gloucester, Pain fitz-John, … and Aubrey de Ver, at Marden.

12/25/1132, Humphrey de Bohun at the Christmas court of King Henry at Windsor. (S) King Stephen, King, 2011, P36.

1134, at Rouen, Notification by Henry I to the Abp. of Rouen … Witnesses: Matilda the Empress; … Robert Earl of Leicester; Brian fitz Count; Robert de Vere; Robert de Curci; Humphrey de Bohun; Hugh Bigod; …

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

4/1136, King Stephen’s Charter of Liberties issued at Winchester. Humphrey de Bohun a witness to the charter. (S) FMG.

1136, Humphrey named Steward to King Stephen.

6/1139, King Stephen’s household: William de Pont de l’Arche, Aubrey de Vere, chamberlains; Hugh Bigod, Humphrey de Bohun, stewards; William d’Aubigny, pincerna; John fitz Gilbert, marshal; Robert de Vere, Miles of Gloucester, Robert d’Oilli, Brian fitz Count, constables. (S) Anarchy of King Stephen’s Reign, King, 1994, P119.

1139, Humphrey, identified as the “sewer” to King Stephen.

9/1139, King Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda invaded England with forces led by her half brother Robert, Earl of Gloucester. [Humphrey’s father-in-law quickly joined her cause.]

1139, Humphrey, supporter of invading Empress Matilda, on the advice of his father-in-law, fortified his castle of Trowbridge and held off an attack by royal forces.

[––Humphrey & Margaret––]

~1140, Humphrey married Margaret.

2/2/1141, King Stephen captured at the battle of Lincoln.

3/2/1141, Humphrey de Bohun a witness to Empress Matilda’s charter to Bishop Henry.

4/7/1141 at Winchester, Empress Matilda acknowledged as “Lady of England and Normandy” by Bishop Henry.

9/14/1141, Empress Matilda’s forces defeated at the battle of Winchester by forces led by King Stephen’s wife Mathilde of Boulogne. Empress Matilda’s brother Robert, earl of Gloucester, was captured. [Matilda’s half-brother.] Humphrey also taken prisoner at Winchester fighting for Empress Matilda.

11/1/1141, King Stephen exchanged by Matilda for Robert, earl of Gloucester.

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King. [The civil war would continue for 12 more years.]

1143 at Devizes, Miles, earl of Hereford; Robert, earl of Gloucester; Brian fitz Count; and Humphrey de Bohun met with Empress Matilda, who had just excaped from Oxford. (S) King Stephen, King 2010, P189. [From there they went to the castle of Brian fitz Count at Wallingford.]

1144, Margaret’s father died.

1144, Grant by the Empress to Humphrey de Bohun of all the lands he held when Henry I died, the office of Steward in England and Normandy, and Malmesbury and Box, co. Wilts. (S) UKNA. [‘M. imperatrix, Henrici regis filia et Anglorum domina et Henricus filius comitis Andegavie’ confirmed the rights of ‘Unfrido de Buhun’ in the lands he held on the death of her father ‘et dapiferatum suum in Anglia et Normannia.’ (S) FMG.]

6/1148, Empress Matilda returned to Normandy, never returning to England.

1/1153, Duke Henry of Normandy, s/o Matilda, landed in England with 140 knights and 3,000 infantry in 36 ships.

Winter/1153, with Duke Henry and King Stephen’s forces facing each other in snow and cold, a peace agreement was made. Humphrey de Bohun had joined the forces of Duke by this time.

12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.

3/27/1155 at London, Humphrey de Bohun, Dapifer, witnessed a royal confirmation of 2 charters to the Canons of the Holy Trinty of London.

1156, ‘Hunfr de Buhun’ in Wiltshire, in Melchesha yielding ₤48, in Bradeford ₤40. (S) FMG.

6/1157 at Writtle, Essex, Humphrey witnessed a royal charter to Woodham priory.

1157, ‘Hunfr de Buhun’ in Wiltshire, in Melchesha yielding ₤48, in Bradeford ₤40. (S) FMG.

7/1158 at Gloucester, Humphrey witnessed a royal charter to Tewkesbury abbey.

1158, Humphrey deprived of his demesne lands in Wiltshire.

1158-1165, The last of Margaret’s 4 brothers died leaving the sisters as heirs.

1/1159, at Argentan, Normandy, Humphrey witnessed a royal charter in favour of the Norman abbey of Fontenay.

1162, The [Humphrey de] Bohun fief paid fines on 30 fees.

1/1164,Constitutions of Clarendon … in the fourth year of the papacy of Alexander, in the tenth year of the most illustrious king of the English, Henry II., in the presence of that same king, … in the presence of the following: [10 counts], Richard de Luce, …, Humphrey de Bohen, …, William Malet, …, William de Hastings, Hugo de Moreville, William Malduit-chamberlain, … and many other chiefs and nobles … (S) Yale Law School, The Avalon Project.

1165, Margaret’s last surviving brother, Mahel, died in an accident. Margaret and her sister Lucy had English manors settled on them. (S) Lords of the Central Marshes, Holden, 2008, P25.

1165, Humphrey and Margaret held her share of her father’s estates.

Bef. 9/29/1165, Humphrey died.


1165, Hugh Petit held 4 knights’ fees under Margaret de Bohun. (S) Gentleman’s Mag., Urban, 1826, P232.

1166, Margaret returned the ‘carta’ which named 17 knights’ fees of the old feoffment, and 3.75 of the new.

1166, William Torel held a quarter of a knight’s fee of Margaret de Bohun in South Cerney. (S) Transactions – Bristol and Gloucester, V79, 1961, P199.

1167, Margaret began her patronage of St. Mary’s priory, Llanthony, which she sealed with her personal seal. (S) Nobelwomen, Johns, 2003, P71.

1167-8, ‘Margareta de Bohun xvii m’ in Gloucestershire, assessed for aid for the marriage of the King’s daughter.

1171, Charter of Margaret de Bohun to Llanthony Secunda, recording the grant of half a hide of land in Southam and confirming grants made by her predecessors. (S) Camden Miscellany, V22, 1964, P54.

Aft. 1174, Charter of Margaret de Bohun to Llanthony Secunda, granting to the canons her ‘chapelry’ throughout her barony. (S) Camden Miscellany, V22, 1964, P61.

By 1179, At the instance of Margaret de Bohun, Bishop Nicholas of Llandaff gave Caldicot church to the cannons of Lanthony. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, 1993, P171.

1181, Margaret’s son Humphrey died.

1181-9, Charter of Margaret de Bohun confirming to Llanthony Secunda the grant of land in Barnsley made by Philip the monk. (S) Camden Miscellany, V22, 1964, P62.

1185, Margaret in custody of her grandson Henry [s/o son Humphrey]. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, Richardson, P225.

1186, Margaret living. (S) Rot. De Dominabus, P44.

4/6/1187, Margaret died, buried at Llanthon Secunda priory in Gloucester. (S) FMG.

(S) Tenures of Land & Customs of Manors, Blount, 1874, P82. (S) DNB, P308. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V7,  Eyton, 1858. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of king Henry II, Eyton, 1878.

Family notes:

1066, §§Humphrey [I] de Bohun, kinsman of William the Conqueror, gave the church of St. George de Bohun to the abbey of Marmontier as a cell [after the battle of Hastings.]

Aft. 1092, Humphrey [I] de Bohun died.

1/13/1103, at Salisbury, King Henry and Queen Matilda attended by bishops … Eudes the sewer, Richard de Redviers, Roger Bigot, Humphrey de Bohun [II], William de Aubigny, …

8/20/1119, Humphrey [II] the royal standard bearer at the battle of Bremule, France, in which King Henry I defeated an alliance of French forces.

Child of Humphrey and Margaret:

i. Humphrey de Bohun (189118336), born ~1142 in England.

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