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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Duke Frederick II Hohenstaufen & Duchess Judith of Bavaria

 378236600. Duke Frederick II Hohenstaufen & 378236601. Duchess Judith of Bavaria

1090, Frederick born in Alzey, Germany, s/o 756473200. Duke Frederick von Buren of Swabia & 756441167. Duchess Agnes Hohenstaufen.

~1102, Judith born in Bavaria, d/o §§Duke Heinrich IX dem Schawarzen of Bavaria (d.1126) & Duchess Wulfhild of Saxony, s/o Duke Welf I of Bavaria (d.1101).

By 7/1105, Frederick succeeded his father.

1106, Frederick’s mother Agnes married 2nd Markgrave Leopold III of Austria. [This marriage would create many younger half-siblings to Frederick and his younger brother Duke Konrad of Franconia.]

8/7/1106, Frederick’s maternal grandfather died; his uncle Henry V succeeding.

1/7/1114 at Mainz, Matilda, age 12, d/o King Henry I of England, married Emperor Henry V. [Thereafter known as Empress Matilda.]

1116, Frederick named Regent in Germany by his maternal uncle King Henry V.

[––Frederick & Judith––]

1121, Frederick [a Ghibelline] married Judith [a Welf]. [‘Historia Welforum’ names the 4 daughters of ‘Heinricus dux ex Wulfilde’: ‘Iuditham, Sophiam, Mahtildem, Wulfildem’, specifying that Judith married "Friderico Suevorum duc.’]

5/23/1125, Holy Roman Emperor Henry V died leaving no legitimate children. Emperor Henry V left his possessions to his nephew Duke Frederick II of Swabia (378236600), s/o of his sister Agnes (756441167).

1125, Lothar III [Welf] elected King of Germany, starting a civil war between the Ghibellines [Hohenstaufen] and the Guelfs [Welfs]. [Frederick refused to turn over his lands to King Lothar.]

1126, Judith’s father died.

1127, Frederick came to the aid of Nuremberg, under siege by supporters of King Lothar.

1127, Frederick and his brother failed in a coup to overthrow King Lothar.

12/1127, Frederick’s brother Konrad elected anti-King of Germany by supporters in Franconia and Swabia. [One conjecture as to why Konrad is chosen over Frederick has to do with the loss of sight in one eye by Frederick.]

1128, Frederick captured Speyer.

1129, Henry the Proud, duke of Bavaria, attempted but failed to capture Frederick.

1129, Frederick lost Speyer to King Lothar. [Other towns eventually lost included Nuremberg and Ulm.]

By 1131, Judith died.


1132-3, Frederick married 2nd Agnes von Saarbrucken, d/o Friedrich I von Saarbrucken Graf.

6/4/1133 in Rome, King Lothar crowned as Holy Roman Emperor.

10/1134, Frederick submitted to King Lothar; retaining his title and lands as Duke of Swabia.

1138, Duke Frederick, his brother Conrad, and Bishop Burchard of Worms meth at Coblenz, with Archbishop Albero of Trier, where it was decided to elevate Conrad to Kingship.

3/7/1138, Frederick’s brother Konrad III elected King of Germany on the death of Lothar. Another civil war broke out between the Ghibellines [Hohenstaufen] and the Guelfs [Welfs].

1138, Duke Frederick of Swabia supported the appointment of Adalbert II von Saarbrucken as archbishop of Mainz.

1138-47, Frederick witnessed more than 60 of Konrad’s charters.

7/25/1139, ‘Dux Fridericus …’ witnessed a charter under which Adalbert [II] Archbishop of Mainz confirmed his predecessor's grants to Kloster Jechaburg.

1140, King Conrad and Frederick defeated Welf VI of Altdorf at Neckar.

5/1142, King Conrad III [never crowned Emperor] and Welf leader Henry the Lion reached a peace agreement.

9/24/1143, Frederick’s mother died.

4/6/1147, Frederick ‘the one eye’ died; buried at Walburg abbey.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) The Sibling Bond in German Politics, Lyon, 2012.

Children of Frederick and Judith:

i. Bertha von Hohenstaufen (756501363), born 1122-23 in Germany.

ii. Emperor Frederick I Barbarosa (189118300), born 1125-6 in Germany.

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