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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Prince Gwenwynwyn ap Owain-Cyfeiliog & Princess Margaret Corbet

 121697000. Prince Gwenwynwyn ap Owain-Cyfeiliog & 121697001. Princess Margaret Corbet

~1160, Gwenwynwyn born in Wales, s/o 243394000. Owain-Cyfeiliog ap Gruffydd  & 243394001. Gwenlian verch Owain-Gwynedd.

~1187, Margaret of Caus born in Wales, d/o 243394002. Baron Robert Corbet & 243394003. Emma Pantulf.

1186, Gwenwynwyn and his brother implicated in the slaying of Owain ap Madog.

1187, Gwenwynwyn and brother Cadwallon made a night attack on Owain Fynchan, at Gwern y Figyn near his castle of Carreg Hofa, and killed him.

7/6/1189, Richard I became King of England on the death of his father. [King Richard had no interest in the activities of the Welsh.]

1196, Gwenwynwyn in a conflict with Archbishop Hubert Walter.

1197, Gwenwynwyn’s father died.

1197, Gwenwynwyn involved with the power struggle of south Wales supporting Maelgwn ap Rhys.

1197, Gwenwynwyn acquired the Lordship of Arwystli.

7/1198, Gwenwynwyn laid siege to William de Bruese at Maud’s castle. [Gruffydd ap Rhys was released by the English to treat with his fellow countrymen.]

8/13/1198, The siege of Gwenwynwyn was broken by Geoffrey Fitz Peter, with the Welsh loosing over 3000 men. [Many of these men were sent by Llywelyn.]

4/6/1199, King Richard I of England died; King John succeeding; previously designated lord of the Welsh Marche.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

9/1199, King John favored Llywelyn and confirmed him in possession of all of his lands.

4/11/1200, King John granted Gwenwynwyn the royal manor of Ashford, Derbyshire, for rendering 1 sparrow hawk each year. [Gwenwynwyn also granted the right to hunt with 4 greyhounds in the king’s forests as he journeyed to court.]

1200, Gwenwynwyn gave, for the good of his soul, pasture lands in Y Fernwy.

1201, Gwenwynwyn gave, for the good of his soul, pasture lands in Cyfeiliog.

7/11/1201, Llywelyn swore fealty to King John and promised to do homage when the king returned to England [from France.]

1201, Llywelyn called a council of Welsh chieftans to receive their homage, Gwenwynwyn refused to attend.

1202, Gwenwynwyn attacked by Llywelyn.

1202, Gwenwynwyn son of Owain summoned to attend a council of the King at Shrewsbury. (S) Lineage of the Lloyd and Carpenter Family, Smith, 1870, P93.

8/1202, Llywelyn raised an army for the reduction of southern Powys. Gwenwynwyn was ‘in expeditione contra Lewelinum, cui tunc concordatus fuerat.’

1202, Cistercian monks intervened to prevent warfare between Lywelyn ab Iorwerth and Prince Gwenwynwyn of Powys. (S) The Welsh Cistercians, Williams, 2001, P29. [Llywelyn did secure a foothold for future attacks.]

[––Gwenwynwyn & Margaret––]

~1203, Gwenwynwyn married Margaret.

1203, Gwenwynwyn and Maelgwn ap Rhys again attacked the lands of William de Bruese; seized Dinefwr in Cantred Mawr and Llandovery and Llangadock in Cantred Bychan.

1204, Gwenwynwyn gave, for the good of his soul, a great portion of Mochant to God, the glorious Virgin his mother, and the monks of Ystrad Marchell.

8/1204, Gwenwynwyn given safe conduct to meet with King John at Woodstock, received back lands at Ashford in Derbyshire. [Gwenwynwyn had been asked to bring Maelgwn ap Rhys with him.]

12/1204, The Earl of Chester incurred the King’s displeasure for giving countenance to Gwenwynwyn.

1207, William de Bruese was ordered to give up Glamorgan and Gwynllwy to Falkes de Breaute. Gwenwynwyn used this opportunity to attack lands in mid-Wales.

1207, King John and Llywelyn, in support of Peter fitz Herbert, combined forces against Gwenwynwyn.

10/8/1207, King John seized Gwenwynwyn at Shrewsbury.

1207-08, Llywelyn took possession of all of Gwenwynwyn’s territory and castles in Powys, taking Aberystwyth Castle, and conquering all Ceredigion north of the Aeron. (S) Lineage of the Lloyd and Carpenter Family, Smith, 1870, P93.

10/28/1208, at Shrewsbury, Gwenwynwyn of Powys required to give 20 named hostages for his life, witnessed by marcher barons William fitz Alan, Robert Corbet, Hugh Pantulf, and John L’Estrange. (S) King John, Church, 1999, P279. [Gwenwynwyn gave the hostages and was released.]

12/25/1208, King John, concerned about Llywelyn’s aggression, wrote in answer to a letter from Llywelyn, that he would overlook all the had done to the injury of Gwenwynwyn for a return of certain promises.

1209, Gwenwynwyn, with the king's help, drove Llywelyn out of Powys. (S) DNB, Stephen, 1893, P8.

1210, Gwenwynwyn among the leaders of the Welsh summoned to Chester to meet with King John.

1210, Gwenwynwyn supported King John against Llewelyn ap Iowerth and drove him out of Powys.

1211 in Wales, King John defeated Llywelyn, reducing his holdings to Gwynedd and Meirionydd, and imposed a very large tribute.

11/1210, King John restored Gwenwynwyn to his dominions in southern Powys.

1211, Gwenwynwyn 1 of 6 princes in Wales. (S) Medieval Wales, Walker, 1990, P92.

1212, Gwenwynwyn attacked by and losing lands to Robert de Vieuxpont, the king’s lieutenant in Powys.

6/1212, Gwenwynwyn joined Llewelyn ap Iowerth and Maelgwn ap Rhys against King John, a war instituted by Pope Innocent III.

1212, Gwenwynwyn besieged Robert de Vieuxpont at his castle at Mathrafal.

1213, Innocentius, Pope of Rome, released prince Llewelyn, Gwenwynwyn, and Maelgon of those oaths that they had made to King John, and will them to annoy him as the enemy of the church. (S) The Historie of Cambria, Caradoc, 1584, P193.

8/18/1214, King John ratified the truce concluded between the Pishop of Winchester, Llywelyn, Maelgwn, Gwenwynwyn, and Madog ap Gruffydd.

3/1215, King John commissioned William of Cornhill, bishop of Lichfield, to inteview Llywelyn, Maelgwn, Gwenwynwyn, and Madog ap Gruffydd on the border to make offers to secure their support against the revolting barons.

4/1215, King John released a hostage given by Gwenwynwyn.

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

1215, After the signing of the Magna Carta, Gwenwynwyn was again in support of King John.

1216, Lywelyn ab Iorwerth sent to Prince Gwenwynwyn of Powys “bishops and abbots, and other men of great authority.” (S) The Welsh Cistercians, Williams, 2001, P29.

1216, Llywelyn “the Great” divided the kingdom of Deheubarth into three parts. Llywelyn captured Hen Domen, which King John had given to Gwenwynwyn. Gwenwynwyn took refuge in Cheshire.

1216, Gwenwynwyn of Powys died in exile. Llywelyn agreed to maintain his family until his sons came of age.


10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

8/2/1220, Margaret Corbet names Nicholas Walsh as her attorney in a plea of land against Llewelyn. (S) Collections – Montgomeryshire, Powys-Club, 1873, P19.

3/7/1223, King Henry confirmed the possession of the manor of Ashford, Derbyshire, to Margaret, the widow of Gwenwynwyn. (S) Archaeologia Cambrensis, Skinner, 1867, P250. [As well as a third part of the hamlet of Holm.]

8/29/1226, The king has committed to Margaret, who was the wife of Gwenwynwyn , for as long as it pleases him, two thirds of the manor of Ashford with appurtenances. (S) FRsHIII.

11/24/1228,  The king has granted Margaret, who was the wife of Gwenwynwyn , that she may have and hold in her hand two thirds of the manor of Ashford … year by rendering £20. (S) FRsHIII.

8/8/1230,  Order to the sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to place in respite, …, the demand of £30 that he makes by summons of the Exchequer from Margaret, who was the wife of Gwenwynwyn , for the arrears of the farm of 2 parts of the manor of Ashford. (S) FRsHIII.

11/10/1230, … £30 for the manor of Ashford , which Margaret, who was the wife of Gwenwynwyn , holds … (S) FRsHIII.

3/1/1231, Order to the sheriff of Derbyshire to place in respite, …, the demand of 108s. that he makes … from Margaret, who was the wife of Gwenwynwyn of Wales , for the tallage assessed to the king’s use upon the vill of Ashford, and … for the tallage assessed to the king’s use upon the vill of Longstone. (S) FRsHIII.

1241, Margaret and son Gruffudd began a frequent conflict with her brother Thomas Corbet of Caus; initially over Margaret’s dower.

Margaret died.

(S) Portraits of Medieval Women, Mitchell, 2003. (S) History of Wales, V2, Lloyd, 1912.

Child of Gwenwynwyn and Margaret:

i. Gruffud ap Gwenwynwyn (60848500), born ~1205 in Wales.

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