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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Baron Gilbert fitz Reinfrid & Lady Helwise de Lancaster

 47282030. Baron Gilbert fitz Reinfrid & 47282031. Lady Helwise de Lancaster

~1162, Gilbert fitz Roger fitz Reinfrid, born in England, s/o §§Roger fitz Reinfrid & Alice de Breton.

~1175, Helwise born in England, heiress & d/o 94564062. William de Lancaster & 94564647. Helwise de Stuteville.

6/1180, at Caen, France, Gilbert fitz Reinfrid witnessed a royal charter to the abbey of the Holy Trinity at Caen.

4/5/1181, at Chinon, France, Gilbert fitz Reinfrid witnessed a royal charter to Walter, usher of the King’s chamber.

10/4/1183 at Leon, France, Gilbert fitz Reinfrid witnessed a royal charter to the abbey of Croxden Staffordshire.

1184-95, Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid confirms to Thomas son of Gospatrick his lands of Kendale, namely Holm, Preston and Hoton, to hold by the service of a 4th part of a knight's fee. Witnesses: Roger Fitz-Reinfrid, Hugh de Morvill, …

9/14/1186, at Marlborough, Gilbert fitz Reinfrid witnessed a royal charter to the Carthusian priory of Witham, Somersetshire.

1187, Ketel, son of Ughtred, and Gilbert fitz Reinfrid, granted to Henry de Redman lands at Levens, Westmorland.

12/31/1187, at Caen, France, Gilbert fitz Reinfrid witnessed a royal charter to the abbey of St. Peter at Preaux.

1188, Henry de Redman, successor of Gilbert by grant at Levens, exempted from payment of the tribute called ‘noutgeld’.

7/20/1188, Notification by King Henry II, addressed to our dear son Richard, comte de Poitiers, of his grant to Gilbert son of Roger FitzReinfrid, our sewer [steward], of the daughter of William de Lancaster with her whole inheritance. Witnesses: Geoffrey our son and chancellor, William Marshal, Richard de Humet.

7/6/1189, Richard I succeeded Henry II as King of England.

1189, Gilbert fitz Reinfrid, steward of King Richard I, granted the forests of Westmorland, Kendal, and Furness, to hold to him and his heirs, as fully and freely as William de Lancastre and Nigel de Albiny had held the same.

12/9/1189, King Richard I grants to Gilbert son of Roger FitzReinfrid for 20 marks a weekly market on Saturday at Kyrkebi in Kendale.

1189, Gilbert, steward of King Richard I, granted the forests of Westmorland, Kendal, and Furness, to hold to him and his heirs, as fully and freely as William de Lancastre and Nigel de Albiny had held the same.

4/15/1190, King Richard granted southern Westmorland to Gilbert, together with acquittance of the noutgeld, suits of shires, etc. due to northern Westmorland, for 2 knights’ service.

4/1194, The acquittance of the noutegeld of the land of Gilbert FitzReinfrid ceased, with the grant of £8 18s 2d in Kendale, and a fishery valued at £5.

1196, Ulverston and the western moiety of the Fells were confirmed by the monks to Gilbert FitzReinfrid and his wife Helewise. Gilbert and Helewise renounced all claim to Newby in Yorkshire and to hunting rights in the eastern moiety of the Fells; they promised free passage through Ulverston and Crakeslith to the Crake fishery.

[––Gilbert & Helwise––]

By 1196, Gilbert married Helwise and became baron of Kendal, Warton and Nether Wyresdale. Gilbert asumed the name “de Lancaster”.

1196, Gilbert, son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid, and Helewise his wife, grant by fine to Henry de Redeman all of Selesat.

1197, Gilbert FitzReinfrid proffers £100 for having £6 worth of land and for having acquittance of cornage and other liberties, according to the tenour of the king's charter.

1199, Gilbert FitzReinfrid proffers to King John £100 for the confirmation of his charters and for having gallows and pit in his fee which he holds by knight's service in co. Lancaster.

4/6/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England. [Richard made his brother John his heir, but previously had named Arthur of Brittany, who was next in line.]

4/1200, King John granted to Gilbert FitzReinfrid free court, gallows, etc., in the knight's fee he held in Lancashire.

1201, A jury declared that £6 worth of land in Kendale and a fishery … were always in the hands of Henry II and Richard I, as their demense until king Richard gave them to Gilbert FitzReinfrid.

1201, Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid sought to replevy his land which had been taken into the king's hands for his default against Sibyl [de Broc] late the wife of William de Arundel.

1202, Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid paid 10 marks and 2 palfreys for the confirmation of a charter. (S) Hist. and Antiq. of the Town of Lancaster, Simpson, 1852, P216.

1203-4, Gilbert fitz Reinfrid, plaintiff, v. Magister Matthew, defendant. (S) History of the Parish of Garstang, Fishwick, 1878, P77.

4/1204, A jury came to recognise whether the church of St. Helen, Garstang, belong to the crown, the attorneys of Gilbert fitz Reinfrid and Helewise his wife allowed the jury to be taken by 11 jurors in the absence of the twelfth. (S) Intorduction to the Curia Regis Rolls, 1944, P207.

1204, Gilbert FitzReinfrid and his wife Hawise repurchased parts of Scotforth.

1205, Gilbert succeeded to the Honour of Lancaster.

1205-13, Ralph de Aencurt with the assent of Helen his wife gives to the canons the rent of one moiety of the vill of Siggiswick, which the canons hold, viz. 2s. 6d., for the health of the soul of Helewise de Lancastre and John son of Adam son of Roger (de Yealand).

1206, Gilbert high sheriff of Lancaster.

1206, Theobald le Butler ordered to deliver his heir to Gilbert fitz-Reinfrid. (S) DNB, V8, 1886, P78.

12/7/1208, at Lancaster, Gibert fitz Renfrid and Hawise his wife, plaintiffs, v. Richard Boteler, enant … land in Clacton. A jury of grand assize summoned. (S) Record Society, V39, 1899, P33.

1209, Gilbert sheriff of Yorkshire with Henry de Redman.

10/25/1211, Alan de Arches had a writ directed to the sheriff of Yorkshire that the latter should not hold a plea between Gilbert Fitz Reinfrid and Helewise his wife, 2 plaintiffs, and Alan for a carucate in Kirkby Overblow, unless a duel was waged. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, V11, Farrer, P151.

1211-14, Gilbert appointed high sheriff of Yorkshire.

1212, Gilbert FitzReinfrid and Helewise his wife demand against Thomas de Brumfeld 4 carucates of land in Brumfel and Rohetun, as the right of the said Helewise, and as those whereof Ketel son of Eutret, ancestor of the said Helewise, was seised in the time of Henry, grandfather of king Henry, father of the king.

1212, Gilbert and Helewise his wife, plaintiffs, v. Robert Bainard, deforciant, land in Kirkby Hornblower and Tydour.

7/8/1212, The King orders Gilbert son of Reinfrid to get one good palfrey from Eustace for the bastard dau. of William Stuteville. (S) Archaeologia Aeliana, 1952, P24.

1213, Helen de Haynecurth (Aincurt), late the wife of Ralph de Hayncurth, for the health of the soul of her lord, Ralph de Hayncurth and Helewise de Lancastre, releases to the canons the service of 2s 6d for the moiety of the vill of Siggeswick which Herbert de Elhalle held.

5/24/1213, From: Geoffrey Fitz Piers (189118338), earl of Essex, justiciar; Reginald, count of Boulogne; Ranulf de Blundeville, earl of Chester; William, earl of Warenne (and Surrey); William the Marshall, earl of Pembroke. To: William d'Aubigny, earl of Arundel (and Sussex); William de Ferrers (19989504), earl of Ferrers; William Briwere (189118346); Robert de Roos (9994952); Gilbert son of Renfed; Roger de Mortuo Mari; Peter son of Herbert. They will ensure that King John will observe the terms of the settlement made between him and the Church in England. (S) UKNA.

9/22/1213, The king sent his writ to Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid to acquit John, the chaplain of Egton, of 8s which Gilbert had assessed yearly upon 2 bovates.

1215, Gilbert, sheriff of Lancaster, a rebel baron against King John, lost his castle of Kendale and the honor of Lancaster.

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

11/30/1215, Gilbert, his son William, and Henry de Redman, in rebellion, captured at Rochester castle after a 7-week siege. (S) Medieval Scotland, Barrow, 1998, P91.

1/22/1216, Gilbert FitzReinfrid delivered up to the king his castles of Morhull and Kirkeby, at Berewic, on which occasion he made fine with the king by 12,000 marks for his goodwill …, and that his son, William de Lancaster, and his knights, Ralph de Aencurt and Lambert de Busay, might be delivered from prison, having been taken in Rochester castle.

1216, The heir of Ralph de Ayencurt is given as a hostage for Gilbert [as well as others including the daughter of Richard de Copland].

10/18/1216, King John died.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1217, Gilbert asked that his fine be reduced to 300 marks.

1/2/1219, Henry de Boulogne gives the king 10m. for having a writ to summon Gilbert de Gant, Gilbert son of Reinfrid, William of Romanby, and Robert de Ros before the itinerant justices in Yorkshire to answer him for the 200 m. that they owe him. (S) FRsHIII.

Bef. 5/5/1220, Gilbert of Lancashire, Westmorland and Yorkshire, died.

(S) Remains, Historical and Literary, V104, 1878, P5. (S) The Brus Family in England and Scotland, Blakely, 2005. (S) Kirkby Overblow and District, Speight, 1903, P22. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878.

Child of Gilbert and Helwise:

i. Helwise de Lancaster (23641015), born ~1200 in England.

ii. William de Lancastre, born ? in England.

1217, Mandate issued to Peter de Maulay to deliver to the Earl of Chester, William de Lancaster, a prisoner in his custody; to be sent to Gloucester under safe conduct.

5/6/1220, William de Lancaster, 3rd baron of Kendal, heir to his father.

William married Agnes de Brus, d/o 47282028. Peter de Brus & 47282029. Agnes of Albemarle.

1233, William high sheriff of Lancaster.

1242, William presented to the church of Kirkby Overblow.

Bef. 11/20/1246, William died, his nephews by his sisters his heirs.

iii. Avice de Lancastre, born ? in England.

Avice married William de Lindsey.

iv. Sarrota de Lancastre, born ? in England.

Sarrota married Alan de Multon.

Bef. 1246-47, Sarrota died without children.

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