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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Prince Robert Fitz Hamon & Princess Sybil de Montgomery

 319832086. Prince Robert Fitz Hamon & 319832087. Princess Sybil de Montgomery

~1045, Robert born in Normandy, France, s/o §§Baron Hamon Dentatus & Lady Hadwise d’Avoye.

1047, Robert’s father Hamon slain at the Battle of Val es Dunes.

1064, Robert, Sieur de Creully [Corbeil] in the Calvados of Normandy, named in a Bayeux charter.

~1065, Sybil born in France, d/o 639664140. Roger de Montgomery & 639664141. Mabel Tavas de Alencon.

By 1066, Robert fitz Hamon founded the priory of St. Gabriel.

1074, ‘Ego Robert frater huhus Haimonis’ and ‘Ego Haimo Regis dapifer’ witnessed a charter of William the Conqueror.

1081, King William made a pilgrimage to St. David’s in South Wales.

1084, Robert named in a Bayeux charter.

1086, Robert held no lands in England in the Domesday survey, but both of his brothers [Richard de Granville, and Hamon the Steward] held lands.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England; succeeding William the Conqueror. His elder brother Robert became Duke of Normandy.

1087-1100, Robert fitz attested more charters [more than 11] of King William II than any laypersons except the two stewards: Eudo, and Roger Bigod. (S) Anselm of Bec, Vaughn, 1987, P164.

1088, Robert a supporter of King William Rufus in the rebellion of Odo of Bayeux, earl of Kent. For his service, Robert fitz Hamon, steward of the King [and the king’s cousin], assigned the lands in England [worth £260-£320] of Queen Matilda, wife of the Conqueror [died 1083.]

[––Robert & Sybil––]

~1088, Robert married Sybil.

8/11/1089, There was a great earthquake throught England.

1089, Robert conquering Glamorgan, southern Wales. Robert, with his brother Richard de Glanville and 11 other knights, led an army trained in the conquest.

1089-90, Robert created lord of Gloucester by King William, where he was also granted the mint where he issued 2 or 3 types of coins. (S) History of Bristol, Corry, 1816, P109.

1090, Duke Robert of Normandy protested King Williams grant of their mother’s lands to Robert fitz Hamon – Orderic. (S) Numismatic Chronicle, 1901, P123.

1090, Robert erected a motte in the northwest corner of an older Roman fort. [Later – Caerfilly castle.] (S) Edinburgh Encyclopaedia, V5, 1830, P188.

1091, Robert defeated the forces of Rhys ap Tewdwr (639664170) at the battle of Brecheiniog in South Wales. Jestin, son of Gwrgan, prince of Gwent and Morganwg, was driver out and his lands [Glamorgan] which were partitioned among the knights, all doing homage to Robert as their overlord.

1091-97, Robert fitzHamon lord of Britow [Bristol]. (S) Bristollia, Hooke, 1743, P56.

1092, Robert re-founded Tewkesbury abbey on river Severn. (S) Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy, V2, 1854, P250. [Originally founde as early as 715.]

1093, Robert completed the conquest of Glamorgan and built the castle at Cardiff. (S) The Early Castles, 1991, P10. [Robert is styled in his own charters ‘Sir Robert Fitz-Hamon, by the grace of God, Prince of Glamorgan, Earl of Corboile’.]

1093, Sir John Basset the vicecomes in Glamorganshire to Sir Robert FitzHamon. (S) Burke, V4, 1838, P733.

1094, Robert FitzHamon with the earls of Arundel and Gloucester fought against the men of Gwent. (S) Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1851, P67.

1095, King William II conducted an expedition into North Wales.

Summer/1097, King William entered North Wales with a great army.

8/2/1100, King William II died on a hunting trip in New Forest. Henry rode to London to sieze the English crown while his older brother Robert was returning from crusade to Normandy. Robert fitz Hamon was a member of the hunting party that accompanied William’s body back to Winchester.

8/5/1100, At his coronation King Henry I announced the “Charter of Liberties”. Those present included brothers Robert and Henry Beaumont; Simon, earl of Northampton; Walter Giffard, Robert de Montfort, Robert Malet, Eudo dapifer, Roger Bigot, and Robert fitz Hamon. (S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007, P139.

9/14/1100 at Westminster, The King grant to St. Peter’s, Bath, and Bishop John 5 hides of land in Weston. … signatories … William count of Mortain, Walter Giffard, Earl Hugh, Earl Simon, Robert fitz Hamon, Earl Henry, Roger de Bigot, …

3/6/1101, Robert fitz Hamon represented the king at Dover where an agreement was made with Robert, earl of Flanders, which bound the Earl to the support of King Henry.

6/9/1101, King Henry sent letters throughout England commanding all free Englishmen to defend England against his brother Duke Robert. Witnesses to the letters included Archbishop Anselm; Robert, count of Meulan; Robert fitz Hamon, and Eudo Dapifer. (S) Anselm of Bec, Vaughn, 1987, P320.

7/20/1101, Back from crusading, King Henry’s elder brother Duke Robert Curthose invaded England, landing at Portsmouth, claiming his right to the throne. Richard de Reviers is noted by William of Malmsbury as one of the few nobles who supported King Henry. [Others included Robert fitz Hamon, Roger Bigod, and Robert de Beaumont and his brother Henry de Newburgh.]

8/1101, Robert 1 of 3 barons that negotiated a truce between King Henry I and Robert Curthose.

12/1101, Robert attended King Henry’s Christmas court in London.

1102, Robert and Sibil made significant grants to the abbey of Tewkesbury, which included transferring the monks of Cranbourne to the abbey.

1103, Robert and his brother Hamo witnesses to a deed between the Abbot of Fecamp and Philip de Briouse.

8/4/1104, Ralph de Conches; Robert, count of Meulan; Richard, earl of Chester; Henry of Eu, Robert fitz Hamon, Robert de Montfort, and Ralph de Mortimer were part of a large force with King Heny as he crossed the channel and proceeded to Domfort. They captured Evreux from King Henry’s brother Robert.

By 1105, Robert returned to Normandy where he held the lordship of Torigni and Creully in the Vexin.

1105, Robert captured in a battle in Normandy near Bayeux by Reginald de Warren, a supporter of Duke Robert Curthose. Robert had taken refuge in a church tower, which was set on fire. Robert was imprisoned at Bayeux.

1105, King Henry invaded Normandy, landing at Barfleur, in response to his brother Robert’s claim on England, and the capture of Robert fitz Hamon, one of his closest advisors [and father of his son Robert of Caen’s wife].

1105, King Henry torched Bayeux in freeing Robert fitz Hamon. Robert bought the freedom of other prisoners who had served with him.

1105, Robert with King Henry captured Caen, which surrendered. [Some of the prisoners whom Robert had ransomed were from Caen.]

5/1105, Robert with the King at the siege of Falaise, where Robert was injured in the head and never fully recovered.

1106, Robert was returned to England to his Gloucestershire estates.

11/30/1106, Notification to … Herbert bishop of Norwich, Roger Bigot, … and the barons of Suffolk of the confirmation to the Benedictine nunnery of Malling of the gift of the manor of Cornard made by Robert fitz Hamon.

3/1107, Robert died; buried at Tewkesbury abbey.

(S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007. (S) History of The Granville Family, Granville, 1895, P17. (S) DNB, V19, Stephen, P159.

Family notes:

Daughters Avice and Cicely became nuns at Wilton and Shaftesbury respectively. The youngest daughter married the Earl of Brittany.

Child of Robert and Sybil:

i. Mabel Fitz Robert (159916043), born ~1090 in England.

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