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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Steward William de Curci & ady Emma de Falaise

 638798808. Steward William de Curci & 638798809. Lady Emma de Falaise

~1077, William de Courcy born in France, younger s/o §§Richard de Curci & Wandelmode ?.

~1085, Emma born in England, d/o §§Baron William de Falaise of Stoke, Somerset

8/2/1100, Henry I succeeded William Rufus as King of England.

Aft. 1100, William appointed a royal steward.

1100-16, William de Curci, the sewer, attested a notification to the barons … of certain liberties in respect of the abbey at Feering, Essex.

3/1101, William a surety of 100 marks for the king in a treaty with Count Robert of Flanders.

1102-10, William de Curci attested a notification of a grant to the monks of Abingdon of land in Oxford.

1102-16, William de Curci attested with Eudes and other sewers directing the acquittal of aid required of Abbot Faritius for 5 hides at worth.

~1105, William married Emma de Falaise.

By 1105, On the death of his father, William inherited the English lands. William’s elder brother Robert the head of the Normandy line of the family.

1105, William de Curci, the king’s sewer, gave to Abingdon the church of Nuneham Cortney with 1 hide and tithes.

10/18/1105, William de Curci had his gift to Abingdon confirmed by King Henry I.

By 1106, William de Curci (638798808) an attestor with the Queen (189110275), Eudes the sewer (319837350), Urse de Abetot (973575682), Robert Malet (540377136), and Aubrey de Ver [f/o (1512946706)] at Cornbury of a gift fo Nigel de Oelli to the monks at Abingdon. [A similar grant was made by Aubrey de Ver attested by the same persons.]

4/1107-13, William witnessed an agreement made before the king touching the land of Ellington.

1110, William witnessed 6 royal charters.

1111, William an advisor to Queen Matilda while the king was out of England.

1111-13, A charter of Queen Matilda … to the monastery of Malmesbury … attested by … William de Curci, …

8/1111-7/1113, The Queen notifies …. Manor of Lewknor … attested by the Bishop of Salisbury, William de Curci, and Adam de Port.

1116, William de Curci, baron of Stoke Curci, Somerset, the founder of Harewood church. (S) Hist. and Antiq’s of Harewood, Jones, 1859, P67.

[Undated], William gave a gift of land, the advowson of the church at Nuneham Courtenay in Oxfordshire, and a fishery  to Abingdon Abbey. [William appears in multiple undated grants by contemporary persons.]

By 1130, William, baron of Stoke Curci, died.


1130, Emma de Falaise remitted 10s 4d as her part of an amercement for murders in the hundreds of Elstub, Kinwardstone, Bradford, Chippenham, Staford and Branchborough.

(S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, V2, 1924, P104ff. (S) English Hist. Review, Creighton, 1919, Itinerary of Henry I.

Child of William and Emma:

i. William de Curci (319399404), born ~1106 in France.

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