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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Baron William de Meschines & Lady Cecilia de Romeili

 638798810. Baron William de Meschines & 638798811. Lady Cecilia de Romeili

~1073, William le Meschin born in France, s/o 319832080. Viscount Radulfe of Bayeux & 319832081. Matilda d’Avranches.

~1090, Cecilia born in France, d/o §§Robert de Romille.

9/1096, Duke Robert Courteheuze set out on crusade. They traveled south to Lucca, then Rome, then the south coast of Italy to the port of Bari. Not having access to ships, they wintered at Calabria.

6/1097, The crusaders reached Nicea, joining a siege in process, while being harrassed by mounted archers of Kilij Arslan. William recorded on crusade at Nicea.

8/1097, The crusaders reached Iconium in Asia Minor, closely populated by Armenian Christians. Traveling east, the crusaders engaged Seljuks at Heraclea, easily winning the city.

10/1097 at Antioch, the crusaders 1st captured the Iron Bridge to seal access from the east.

6/3/1098, In a swift assualt through gates opened by crusaders that had scaled the walls at night, Antioch fell.

6/7/1099, By way of Beirut, Acre, Tyre, Haifa, Caesarea, Arsuf, Ramla, and Jaffa, they came within sight of Jerusalem.

8/10/1099, The crusaders defeated an approaching Egyptian army.

8/12/1099, The crusaders fought the Battle of Ascalon.

8/1099, Duke Robert and his crusaders left the Holy Land to return to Normandy.

Aft. 1099, William moved to England.

~1108, William married Cecilia, lady of the honor of Skipton. (S) Camden Series, V33, 2012, P56.

1119, Ranulf Meschin (159916040) and his brother William Meschin attested the charter granted by Richard, earl of Chester, to the abbey of St. Werburgh at Chester. (S) Chartulary Series, V1, 1897, P470.

1120-21, William founded St. Bees Priory, a daughter house of St. Mary's Abbey.

[Undated] William founded the Augustinian priory of Embsay.

William, baron of Egremont and Skipton, died.

Children of William and Cecilia:

i. Avice de Romeilli de Bayeux (319399405), born ~1110 in England.

ii. Ranulf de Meschin, born ? in England.

1130-35, Ranulf died leaving his 3 sisters as his heirs.

iv. Adeliza de Rumelli (189129291), born ~1120 in England.

iii. Matilda le Meschin (39979457), born ~1123 in England.

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