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Monday, September 7, 2020

Baron Roger de Lacy & Maude de Clere

 39979060. Baron Roger de Lacy & 39979061. Maude de Clere

~1162, Roger Fitz John de Lacy, born in Lincoln, England, s/o 79958120. John Fitz Richard de Lacy & 79958121. Alice de Mandeville.

~1165, Maud born in England.

~1182, Roger married Maude.

1086, Roger de Lacy held 1½ hide at Edgeworth. (S) Hist. of Gloucester, V11, 1976, Edgeworth.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1192, Roger’s father died on the crusade.

1192, “Roger de Lascie, conestable of Chester”, hung Alane de Lec and Peter de Bouencourt for delivering the castles of Notingham and Tikehill, which Roger had captured from the bishop of Ely, to John, earl of Montaingne [later King John.]

1193, Roger took the “de Lacy” title after his grandmother denied his claim to the Lizours titles and estates, leaving his grandmother’s paternal inheritiance to fall to the children by her 2nd husband.

4/17/1194, Returning from captivity, King Richard had a 2nd coronation ceremony. The following Thursday, the agreement between Roger and his grandmother was confirmed by King Richard.

6/6/1194, Rogerus de Lascy, constabularius Cestrie, granted the 1st charter to the townfolk of Pontefract for £200. (S) Greneral Report to the King, 1837, P474.

1195, Roger contributed £45 15s toward the release of hostages held in Germany for King Richard I.

Aft. 1195, Carta Rogeri de Lascy, constable of Chester, … church of Kippax … (S) Record Series, Yorkshire, V25, 1899, P35.

1196, Roger paid 2000 marks to King Richard I for his “Honour of Pontefract”.

1197–1198, Roger, Constable of Cheshire, was commander at Château-Gaillard, France. Richard I of England, and feudal Duke of Normandy, ordered that the castle be built to protect Rouen and Richard’s duchy of Normandy from the French kings territories to the east.

4/6/1199, King Richard I died in France.

4/1199, Roger swore fealty to Prince John. [Records indicate he was good friends with King John, even loosing £25 and £40 to him while gambling.]

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

1199, at Northampton, William Marshall, having returned to England, assembled barons to address their grievances, including Roger de Lacy, constable of Chester. [Those assembled held over 850 knights’ fees.] (S) Reign of King John, Painter, 1949, P12.

1199, Roger de Lascy, constable of Chester, given the castle of Pomfret, for 500 marks and giving his son and heir as a hostage. (S) Annals of Roger de Hoveden, 1853, P460.

11/1200, Roger sent to escort King William of Scotland to Lincoln. [And was present when King William did homage to King John.]

5/1201, Roger, with 100 knights, sent with William Marshall (94559174) to defend King John’s lands in Normandy.

8/1203, Roger defends the Château of Les Andelys against an attack by King Philip II of France. (S) Historians’ History of the World: France, 1904, P50.

3/8/1204, Due to the famine of a 6 month siege, Roger exited the Château in an attack on the French forces and was taken hostage. Roger was held captive in Paris, with liberty within the city. King John paid 1000 marks for Roger’s return, and forgave the debt. [As an additional reward, Roger named Sheriff of Cumberland and York, and was given custody of their castles.]

1205, Roger held 43.5 knights’ fees.

2/19/1206 at Carlisle, Grant of King John to the abbot and monks of Abbertbrothoc … witnesses … Roger de Lascy, constable of Chester, … (S) History of Arbroath, Hay, 1899, P48.

1208-09, Peter de Brus made an agreement with his Cleveland tenants within Langbaurgh. Witnesses: Roger de Lacy [Rogero Constabulario Cestria]; Robert de Ros; Eustachia de Vescy; …; Walter de Faucumberge; … (S) Gentry of Angevian Yorkshire, Thomas, 1993.

1209, Robert made a justiciar.

1210-11, Roger de Lacy summoned to provide a force to relieve the siege of Rhuddlan castle, Wales, held by Ranulf [de Blundeville], earl of Chester. (S) Proceedings of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Conference 1993, P26. [For this service, Ranulph granted Roger exclusive right of governing the minstrels of Chester.]

1211 in Wales, King John defeated Llywelyn, reducing his holdings to Gwynedd and Meirionydd, and imposed a very large tribute.

By 10/1/1211, Alan, son of Roland, constable of Scotland, quitclaimed to Roger de Lacy, constable of Chester the advowson of the church of Kippax, Yorkshire. [Kippax was part of the dowery of daughter Elene.]

1/1212, Roger died in Pontefract, Yorkshire; buried in Stanlow Abbey in Cheshire.

(S) The Judges of England: With Sketches of Their Lives, Foss, 1848. (S) The Chartulary of St. John of Pontefract, 1899, P23. (S) History of Pontefract, Fox, 1827. (S) DNB, V31, 1892, P388.

Family notes:

·         Maud de Clere the “sister to the treasurer of York Cathedral.”

·         Bef. 1168, Roger de Clere, or his wife Helewysia, founded a small monastery in the Deanery of Buckros, East Riding, Yorkshire. (S) Monasticon Eboracense … Yorkshire, Burton, 1758, P285. [This document lists multiple donations by “Clere” family members over multiple generations.]

Children of Roger and Maude:

i. Elene de Lacy (39979015), born ~1183 in England.

ii. John de Lacy (19989530), born 1192 in England.

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