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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Compte Henri de Luxembourg & Comtesse Agnes of Guelders

 47277610. Compte Henri de Luxembourg & 47277611. Comtesse Agnes of Guelders

1112, Henri, born in Namur [in Belgium], s/o 378220818. Compte Godfrey de Namur & 378220819. Ermesinde, Ctss de Luxembourg.

11/27/1121, ‘Godefridus comes Namurcensis et Ermensendis comitissa’ founded the abbey of Floreffe, with consent of ‘Adelberto, Henrico, Clementia, Beatrice, Adelaide’. (S) FMG.

1/7/1125, ‘Godefridus comes Namucensis et Ermensindis comitissa’ made a donation to the abbey of Floreffe with the consent of ‘filiis suis Alberto et Heinrico’. (S) FMG.

Henri’s older brother Albert died.

[––Henri & Laurette––]

Henri 1st married Laurette of Flanders, d/o Thierry of Alsace.

1136, Henri succeeded his mother as comte de Luxembourg.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

1139, Henri L’Aveugle succeeded his father as compte de Namur, de la Roche, de Durbuy et de Longwy.

1140, Henry of Luxemburg and Namur destroyed the city of Fosse. (S) Oxford Encyclopedia of Medieval Warfare, V1, 2010, P178.

1140, Henri attacked Adalberon II, archbishop of Trier, for which he was excommunicated. The archbishop counter-attacked, and Henri lost Luxembourg.

1141, Alderberon and Henri aligned by a peace treaty, they joined together to besiege the chateau of Bouillon. (S) Cyclopedia of Biblical, … , M’Clintock, 1885, P81.

1146 at Sepyer, The archbishop and Henri signed a peace agreement.

1147, Henry, count of Namur, at war with the counts of Lon and Dasburch.

1150, Henry, count of Namur, and the Count of Rupe were allied in a struggle over protery of Monte Acuto against the bishop of Liege, who won the engagement, capturing 430 of Henry’s forces. (S) History of Germany, V1, Menzel, 1852, P475.

1151, Henri defeated at Andenne when attacking the forces of bishop Henri de Leyon.

1152, Baldwin of Hainaut [Henry’s brother-in-law] went to Hagenau in Alsass to call on Henry, duke of Luxemburg; to arrange for his inheritance. Frederick Barbarossa consented to the arrangement. (S) Luxemburg in the Middle Ages, Gade, 1951, P65.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

6/18/1155, Frederick I Barbarossa crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

~1160, Agnes born in Guelders [in Germany], d/o 94555222. Count Hendrik of Guelders & 94555223. Agnes of Arnstein.

1163, Henri’s wife Laurette, providing no children, left Henri for a convent.


1163, Henry designated his brother-in-law Baldwin IV of Hainault, husband of his sister Alice of Namur, as his heir.

1169, Baldwin V and his father, with 700 knights of Hainaut, supported Henry, count of Namur and Luxembourg in war with Duke Henry of Limbourg.

1170, Henry, count of Namur and Luxembourg, and the Count of Hainault defeated Godrey III, count of Louvain at the Battle of Carnieres. (S) Encyclopedia Metropolitana, V1, 1845, P561.

1171, Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut, with a force of 300 knights and as many mounted sergeants went in battle to support his uncle Count Henry of Namur and Luxembourg, who was being attacked by his own barons.

1171, With the death of Baldwin IV, Henri designated their son Baldwin V as his heir.

[––Henri & Agnes––]

1171, Henri married Agnes.

1172, Hendrik, duke of Limburg, attacked at Arlon by the Henry, count of Namur and Luxembourg, and Baldwin, count of Hainaut.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

9/1182, Baldwin V of Hainaut was at a tournament at Assche where his harness was stolen by Henry, son of the duke of Lovain; which began a war. Henry captured Hoesnaken from Baldwin. Baldwin assembled a large army of several Counts including Henri, count of Namur, to recapture the town. (S) Chronicle of Hainaut, Gislebertus, 2005, P80.

1182, Henri began losing his sight.

1184, Baldwin V of Hainaut entered Namur with 30,000 foot soldiers. Baldwin then surrendered to Emperor Frederick the whole “allod” of his uncle, Henry, count of Namur and Luxemburg; who then returned the allod to Baldwin as a fief. (S) Medieval Empire, V1, Fisher, 1898, P241.

1184, Henri repudiated Agnes.


1185, Archbishop Philip, the Count of Flanders, and Duke Henri of Brabant forced the count of Namur to take back his wife Agnes whom he had put aside.

[––Henri & Agnes––]

1186, With the birth of an heiress, Henri became at war with Baldwin V over succession rights. Heinrich VI King of Germany adjudicated the claims, deciding that Baldwin would inherit Namur. Ermesinde would inherit Durbuy and La Roche. Luxembourg would revert to the crown. [The war would continue.]

1187, In the valley of the Ailette [called the golden vale], Raoul de Coucy honored the Duke of Limburg, and the Counts of Hainaut, Namur, Soissons, Blois, and others with a festival. (S) France and America, Tardieu, 1927, P90.

1187, Henri betrothed his daughter to Henri II, compte de Champagne.

1188, Baldwin V, with 300 knights, 30,000 horsemen and footsoldiers, attacked and captured Henri who had a force of 240 knights and 20,000 footsoldiers. (S) The Art of Warfare in Western Europe, Verbruggen, 2002, P164.

1188, Henri reinstated Baldwin as his heir.

1190 at Worms, Hostilities between Baldwin I of Namur and Henri ended. Baldwin received Namur, with the expectation of Laroche and Durbuy on Henri’s death. The marriage contract for his daughter also ended.

1194, Henri sent forces to capture Namur. The were defeated at Noville-sur-Mehaigne.

8/14/1196, Henri L’Aveugle [the blind], count of Luxembourg, Durbuy and La Roche, died; buried at abbaye de Floreffe.

Child of Henri and Agnes:

i. Ermensende de Namur (23638805), born 7/1186 in Luxembourg.

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