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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Conde Alfonso II of Provence & Condesa Garsenda of Sabran

 47277572. Conde Alfonso II of Provence & 47277573. Condesa Garsenda of Sabran

~1175, Gersenda born in Spain, d/o §§Conde Rainou of Forcalquier & Condesa Gersend of Forcalquier.

1177, Alfonso born in Barcelona, Spain, s/o 94555144. King Alfonso II of Aragon & 94555145. Sanchia of Castile.

1185, Alfonso received the county of Provence after the death of his uncle Sancho.

1193, Alfonso [the father] turned over administration of Provence to his 2nd son Alfonso.

[––Afonso & Garsenda––]

1193, Alfonso married Garsenda, heiress of Forcalquier.

1196, On the death of his father, Alfonso inherited Provence and some smaller territories under the feudal suzerainty of his brother Pedro (47277588).

4/1204 at Millau, King Pedro II [Alfonso’s brother], Alfonso of Provence, and Raymond VI signed a pact of mutual assistance in case of war.

5/1204, Alfonso’s brother Pedro mediated a dispute between Alfonso and William II of Forcalquier over rights in Forcalquier.

1204, Alfonso captured in battle by William II of Forcalquier.

1/1205, Pedro ransomed his brother Alfonso.

7/1206, Pedro, aiding his brother Alfonso in renewed hostilities with the count of Forcalquier, received a loan of 100,000 sous from the consulate of Montpellier, pledging the castle of the same town.

6/4/1209, By the Treaty of Mallen, Pedro named his brother Alfonso as his heir.

1209, Alfonso of Provence led a contingent of 500 knights to aid Emperor Frederick in Sicily. [Alfonso was also accompanying his sister Constance to her wedding with Frederick II Hohenstaufen.]

8/15/1209, Alfonso attended the wedding of his sister Constance with Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.

1209, In Palermo, disease struck many of the knights including Alfonso.

9/11/1209, At the abbey of Monreale, Sicily, Alfonso made his will.

1209, Alphonso died in Sicily [before his brother Pedro.]

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Family notes:

·         After the death of Alfonso, poems were written by a ‘joglar’ that had been in the service of Alfonso about Countess Carsenda, whom he loved. (S) Women in the Middle Ages, Wilson, 2004, P354.

Child of Alfonso and Garsenda:

i. Raymond Berengar (23638786), born 1195 in France.

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