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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Earl William Comyn & Matilda Urquhart & Countess Majorie of Buchan

 47281480. Earl William Comyn & 47268241. Matilda Urquhart & 47281481. Countess Majorie of Buchan

1163, William born in Scotland, s/o 94562960. Richard Comyn & 94562961. Hextilde FitzWaltheof.

12/24/1165, William “the Lion”, age 22, crowned King of Scotland.

~1170, Matilda born in England, d/o §§Frederic Urquhart & Coetissa of Lochaber.

[––William & Matilda––]

~1188, William 1st married Matilda.

Bef. 1182, William succeeded his father.

Bef. 1189, William’s mother died.

~1195, Majorie born in Scotland, heir & d/o 94562962. Earl Fergus of Buchan.

1195-1211, William, Sheriff of Forfar.

7/6/1197, The Glasgow cathedral consecrated. William helped oversee its construction.

10/30/1200, William an ambassador from William the Lion to England to congratulate King John on his ascension.

2/1201-3/1202, William Comyn, in the presence of the lord king William and his court at Alyth, has quitclaimed in perpetuity to St Kentigern and to William bishop of Glasgow and his successors in perpetuity. (S) POMS.

3/22/1205, William appointed Justiciar of Scotia.

Aft. 1206, Majorie’s father died. [on Fergus’ death, Buchan became the first native mormaer dommajorie to pass into the hands of a foreign family.]

Bef. 1209, William named Great Justiciar of the Kingdom of Scotland.

1209, William sent with the Bishop of St. Andrews and others as ambassadors to the King of England to treat for peace.

1/7/1210, William, justice of Scotia, witnessed a charter of King William to the church of St Cuthbert of Kirkcudbright. (S) POMS.

[––William & Majorie––]

William Cumin of Tindail married 2nd Majorie.

1210, William named Earl of Buchan in right of his 2nd wife. (S) Chartulary of the Abbey of Lindores, 1903, P235.

1/1211, William, warden of Mobray; with 4000 men, through a series of battles, defeated the insurgency of Gofraid mac Domnaill [s/o Donald MacWilliam]; who had invaded from Ireland. (S) Medieval Scotland, Barrow, 1998, P175.

8/17/1211, William, earl of Buchan, witnessed a charter of King William the Lion at Ely.

10/2/1211, King William to William Comyn; has granted right to have a burgh at Kirkintilloch, and market every Thursday with liberties and rights pertaining to burghs. (S) POMS.

1211-14, Majorie, countess of Buchan, made a grant to the Monks of Arbroath of the patronage of the churches of Turref, Inverguie, Strothechin, and Rathen; which was confirmed by King William.

6/1212 at Kincardine, William captured and beheaded insurgent Gofraid mac Domnaill [who was again invading], after he was betrayed by his followers.

1212-33, Sir William Comyn, kt., earl of Buchan, witnessed  a charter of his son Richard Comyn concerning Carraw, Northumberland. (S) The Anglo-Norman Era in Scottish History, Barrow, 1980, P121.

By 1214, William given the manor of Leuzie, Dumbartonshire and lands of Krikintulach by King William. (S) History of the Provence of Moray, Shaw, 1827, P117.

8/17/1214, William Comyn, and his heirs, have given, and granted, to St Cuthbert to light the church of St Cuthbert, in perpetual alms, one stone of wax, to be rendered annually at the feast of St Cuthbert in September. (S) POMS.

12/4/1214, King William of Scotland died. [William had witnessed at least 88 charters of King William I.]

12/5/1214 at Scone, Alexander II crowned King of the Scots.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1218, William and Majorie made donations to the Monks of Arbroath, including the partonage of the church of Buthelny; and Majorie confirmed a grant of the church of Kilrenny, in Fief, made by Ada, mother of kings Malcolm IV and William the Lion.

1219, William, earl of Buchan, founded the Cistercian abbey of Deer. (S) Book of Deer, Stuart, 1869, P-X.

6/15/1220, King Alexander II makes known that he undertakes to marry Joan, eldest sister of Sir Henry, king of England, … and, if not, he swears that he will marry Isabel, younger sister of King Henry, within fifteen … The earl of Buchan [William Comyn], Alan of Galloway, constable, and other barons of the king, that is, Philip de Mowbray, Walter Olifant, Duncan of Carrick, Henry de Balliol, Thomas Durward, John of Maxwell, David Marshal, Walter Comyn …

6/18/1221, Alexander, Die gracia rex Scottorum, … Johanne primogenite sorori domini H. illustris regis Anglie, … Testibus … Willelmo Cumin, comite de Buchhan justiciario Scocie, Roberto de London, … (S) CPRs. [William a witness to the marriage contract of Joan, princess of England, with King Alexander II.]

6/20/1221, William Cumin, earl of Buchan, Justice of Scotland, granted a market at Newbrough, Northumberland. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1222, Alexander II appointed William as guardian of the earldom of Moray.

12/26/1223, William, earl of Buchan, and his son Walter Cumyn witnessed a charter to Arbroath abbey by King Alexander II. (S) Calendonia, V1, Chalmers, 1807, P563.

1224, The marches of Calyquhat and Drimmie wer sworn to and perambulated at the king’s command by William Cumin, earl of Buchan and Justice-General of Scotland. (S) Book of Dignities, Haydn, 1851, P411.

3/27/1226, King Alexander II confirmed the agreement between Earl William Comyn and Cambuskenneth over the church of Kirkintilloch . (S) POMS.

1228, William, earl of Buchan and justiciary, suppressed another rebellion of the clan of Guthres, kin of the Maormores. (S) Publs. Of the Scottish History Society, 1902, P91.

1228, William captured Gillespie, chief of Badenoch, and his sons.

1229, William given the lordship of Badenoch for his son Walter for his successes in 1228.

1230, William constituted Justiciary of Scotland by King Alexander II.

1231, William succeeded as justiciar by steward Walter fitz Alan. (S) Wars of Scotland, Brown, 2004, P30.

1233, William died in Buchan; buried in Deer Abbey.


8/3/1236, Contess Majorie in a dispute with Arbroath abbey which was settled by perambulation. (S) Caledonia, V1, Chalmers, 1807, P565.

7/18/1142, Majoried living when her son Alexander, not yet using “earl of Buchan” witnessed a charter of King Alexander II.

By 1243, Majorie died; son Alexander succeeding as Earl of Buchan.

(S) Scotland’s Historic Heraldry, McAndrew, 2006. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P59. (S) Chaloner’s Treatise of the Isle of Man, App. D. (S) Historic Earls of Scotland, 1898, P80. (S) Peerage of Scotland, 1716, P48. (S) Scottish Notes and Queries, V3, 1890, P90. (S) Kingdom of the Scots, Barrow, 2006.

Family notes:

·         Children by Matilda: Richard Comyn, Walter Comyn, lord of Badenoch, who became earl of Menteith when he married Isabella, daughter of Maurice, earl of Menteith; William Comyn, clerk; David Comyn, who married Isabel de Valognes, lady of East Kilbride; Jean, who married William, earl of Ross.

·         Children by Majorie: sons William and Fergus, and sisters: Elizabeth, who married William, earl of Mar; Idonea, who married Gilbert Hay; Agnes, who married Philip of Meldrum.

Children of William and Matilda:

i. Richard Comyn (23634120), born ~1190 in Scotland.

ii. Walter Comyn, born ? in Scotland.

1229, Walter became lord of Badenoch.

1231, Walter married the heiress of Monteith.

Aft. 6/30/1233, Walter succeeded as earl of Menteith.

1237, Walter one of the signers of the Treaty of York. (S) POMS.

7/13/1249, Walter present at the coronation of Alexander III.

10/26/1255, Safe-conduct … for Walter Comyn, earl of Manetez, his knights and those of his household coming to the king in England wherever he may be. (S) CPRs.

1258, Walter died; his heir John Comyn, the son of his brother Richard.

Children of William and Majorie:

i. Alexander Comyn (23640740), born ~1215 in Scotland.

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