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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Lord Imbert Pugeys

 47281432. Lord Imbert Pugeys

~1205, Imbert born in France.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England. Prince Louis [VIII] of France also claimed the throne.

7/14/1223, Louis VIII succeeded as King of France.

10/1235, King Henry III of England sent an envoy to Provence to arrange his marriage with Eleanor (b.1223), who was a niece of a vassal of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, and sister of the Queen of France.

By 1236, Imbert came as an knight escourt to England with Eleanor of Provence, wife of Henry III.

1238, Henry III granted a messuage and building plot to Imbert Pugeys worth £15. (S) Hist. of Oxford, V13, 1996, Aston and Cote.

1239, Imber’s improved land valued at £30. (S) Hist. of Oxford, V13, 1996, Aston and Cote.

1240, Imbert married Joan, widow of Ralf fitz Bernard [d.1239] and was granted the wardship of his heirs.

7/20/1240, The king has granted to Imbert Pugeys that he may hold at farm the entire remaining part of the manor of Bampton and he is to render to the king £37 per annum. (S) FRsHIII.

10/31/1240, The king has given to Imbert Pugeys a moiety of the custody of the land formerly of Ralph son of Bernard, to have until the legal age of Ralph’s heir, and he has similarly made fine with the king by 300m for having the other moiety. (S) FRsHIII. [Lands in Hereford, Buckingham and Kent.]

5/4/1242, For Imbert Pugeys. Order to the barons of the Exchequer to place in respite the demand that they make from Imbert Pugeys in Oxfordshire for 1000m, for the debts of the count of Boulogne, and the demand they make from him in Kent for 5½ m., for the debts of Ralph son of Bernard, until the king returns from overseas parts. (S) FRsHIII.

4/29/1243, For Imbert Pugeys. Order to the barons of the Exchequer to place in respite, until the king’s return to England, the demand that they make for the debts of Ralph son of Bernard. (S) FRsHIII.

12/11/1244, For Imbert Pugeys. Order to the barons of the Exchequer to place in respite the demand that they make by summons of the Exchequer from Imbert Pugeys for the debts that Ralph son of Bernard. (S) FRsHIII.

1247, Imbert and Joan in Book of Fees.

11/12/1247, For Imbert Pugeys. The king has given respite to Imbert Pugeys for the debts which Ralph son of Bernard owed to the king. (S) FRsHIII.

1250, Alice de Merley impleaded Peter de Merley for a carucate of land in right of Sir Robert Aguillon, her late husband, Adam de Cockfeld, Ibert Pugeys and Joan his wife, Giles de Argenton and Margaret his wife, Luke de Poynings, his son, and Thomas de Poynings, (who was in the ward of his father). (S) Ess Tow’s Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, V9, 1808, Wiveton.

~1253, Imbert purchased the marriage of Amice de Stokes for his son Robert.

1254, Yumbert le Pugeis holding Stoke.

8/6/1253, King Henry left for Gascony from Portsmouth with 300 ships.

9/8/1254 at Bordeaux, Imbert Pugeys witnessed a grant to William de Appelderefeld. CPRs. [Imbert also witnessed charters-grants on 9/3, 9/7, 9/14, 9/23, 9/28, 10/8, 10/10, 10/11, 10/14, 10/16, 10/20 & 10/28.]

10/16/1254 at Burdeg’, Charter of King Henry III … Witnesses: … Peter de Monte Forti, Robert Walerand, John, Richard and William de Grey, brothers, Nicholas de Sancto Mauro, Ymbert Pugeys, … (S) UKNA.

11/24/1254 at Orleans, Imbert witnessed a grant to Geoffrey, prior of the Holy Trinity, York. (S) CPRs.

12/10/1254 at Paris, Imbert witnessed a charter of John de Grey. (S) CPRs.

1/1255, King Henry returned to England.

3/1258, Rex concessit marinellis de Caleys … Per Johannem Maunsell et Imbertum Pugeys. (S) CCRs.

6/22/1258, The Tower of London has been committed to Hugh le Bigod, the justiciary. Mandate to Imbert Pugeys to deliver it to him. (S) CPRs.

10/1259, A scarlet robe to be given to the wife of Imbert Pugeys, steward of the king. (S) CCRs.

12/23/1259 at Paris, The King lately granted to the burgesses and merchants of the town of Ypres safe conduct … Witnesses :—Richard, bishop of Lincoln, Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hereford, Peter de Sabaudia, William de Fortibus, earl of Albemarle, John Mansel, treasurer of York, Robert Walerand, Giles de Argentein, Imbert Pugeys and others. (S) CPRs.

2/7/1260 at Arras, Imbert Pugeys witnessed a grant to William Belet. (S) CPRs. [Imbert also witnessed charters-grants on 2/16 & 2/21 &3/1 at St. Omer.]

4/10/1260 at St. Omer, Pardon, at the instance of Imbert Pugeys, the king's steward, to John de Somerton for the death of William le Poudre of Byllocby. (S) CPRs.

11/21/1260, Royal grant of market and fair … witnesses … Imbert Pugeys … (S) UKNA.

3/1261, Pro Imberto Pugeys et Roberto Aguylun.—Johannes Carbonel recognovit in cancellaria regis se debere Imberto Pugeys, senescallo regis, et Roberton Aguilun viginti libras solvendas eis in quindena Sancti Johannis Baptiste proximo futura sine ulteriori dilacione. (S) CCRs.

1261, Imbert, constable of Oxford, pardoned for the escape of a prisoner. (S) CCRs.

1262, Robert de Mucegros granted a messuage and 2 carucates of land in Arrington to Imbert Pugeys of Stoke Poges (Bucks.) (S) Hist. of Cambridge, V5, 1973, Arrington.

1262-63, Imbert died.

[––Post Mortem––]

2/1263, For the executors of Imbert Pugeys … (S) CCRs.

2/1263, Mandate to the custodian of the forest of Windes to give to Joan who was the wife of Imbert Pugeys wood for fires of the king’s gift. (S) CCRs.

Child of Imbert and Joan:

i. Robert Pugeys (23640716), born ~1230 in France.

1269, Beatrice, Robert de Mucegros's widow, released her rights in Arrington to Imbert's son Robert for a payment of 40s a year. [Arrington acquired in 1262 by his father.]

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