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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Emperor Baldwin of Constantinople & Empress Marie of Champagne

 47277602. Emperor Baldwin of Constantinople & 47277603. Empress Marie of Champagne

7/1171, Baldwin born in Valenciennes, France, s/o 94555204. Baldwin V of Hainaut & 94555205. Countess Margaret I of Flanders.

1174, Marie born in Champagne, France, d/o 94555184. Henry I of Champagne & 94555185. Comtesse Marie of France.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

[––Baldwin & Marie––]

1186, At Chateau-Thierry, Baldwin married to Marie.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

7/1194, Baldwin routed the army of Luxembourg at Neuville on the Mehaigne river. Church property was damaged and an interdict was laid on the lands of Baldwin [removed before 1196.]

11/1194, On the death of his mother, Baldwin IX, Count of Flanders.

12/17/1195, On the death of his father, Baldwin VI, Count of Hainaut, did homage to King Philip of France.

6/1196, Baldwin swore allegiance to King Philip Augustus. [Baldwin could not get his barons to agree, and King Philip released him from the agreement – but later requested a papal interdict against Baldwin for failing to comply.] Afterwards, King Philip began to make treaties and arrange marriages that undermined the autonomy of Hainaut and Flanders.

9/1196, Baldwin signed a treaty of allicance with Prince John [future King] of England; acting on behalf of his brother King Richard I.

7/1197, Baldwin and Renaud of Boulogne captured Douai, Peronne, Roye, and Bapaume, and burned Hesdin, then laid siege to Arras. King Philip came north from Normandy and penetrated deep into Flanders before getting cut off at Ypres and making a peace agreement [which he immediately repudiated upon getting clear of dangerous territory.] (S) The Art of Warfare, Verburggen, 2002, P339.

9/1197, Confederation between Richard I of England and Baldwin, count of Flanders and Hainaut, against Philip, king of England. That the king of England can not make peace or truce with the King of France without the will and the consent of the count and the count will or will not make peace or truce with the King of France without the will and consent of the King of England. …

1198, The Count of Flanders is said to have had « an infinite amount of sterling » in his treasury. (S) Munzpragung, Geldumlauf und Wechselkurse, Cauwenberght, 1984. [Most of the money from King Richard I of England for his support against King Philip.]

1198, Baldwin besieged and captured the town of Saint Omer. (S) History of the Counts of Guines, Ardres, 2007, P187.

4/26/1199, A papal letter was sent to lift the interdict on Baldwin if it was found to be true that King Philip had released Bladwin from his fealty oath of 1196. [The Pope took Baldwin and his wife under papal protection against excommunication or interdict.]

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

5/1199, Baldwin, Renaud of Boulogne, and other Flemish barons came to render homage to King John of England for their tenures in England. King John confirmed his brother King Richard’s grants.

1/1200, Baldwin by the treaty of Peronne reaquired much of Artois, which had been given away by his uncle, Philippe of Namur [who had been captured, and was released under the treaty].

2/23/1200, Baldwin, with his brothers, took the cross of a crusader in the cathedral church of St. Donat at Bruges.

5/1200, Philip signed the Treaty of le Goulet with King John, now Duke of Normandy, in which Philip broke alliances with Baldwin of Flanders and Reynaud of Boulogne. (S) King John, Church, 2003, P7.

1201, Baldwin, count of Flanders, began the building of the ‘Les Halles’ market in Ypres. (S) Longmans’ Gazetteer of the World, 1916, P1763.

4/14/1202, Baldwin left on the 4th Crusade with Marie; leaving their 2 daughters in the care of their uncle Philip of Namur. Baldwin appointed his brother Philip and others to the regency of Hainault and Flanders.

1203, Baldwin and the crusaders took Constantinople after a 3-month siege.

5/9/1204, Baldwin, the most popular leader of the crusade, with the support of Venetians, elected Emperor of Constantinople; crowned 7 days later at Hagia Sophia. His crown was valued at 62,000 silver marks. (S) Memoirs or Chronicle of the 4th Crusade, Villehardouin, 2007, P51.

8/1204, Marie, who had been left behind at Acre, died after hearing of Baldwin’s election, but before she could leave for Constantinople.


4/14/1205, Baldwin’s forces besieged Adrianople. Baldwin was captured by the Bulgarians; and put Flanders under the control of Philippe of Namur; regent for his daughter Joan.

By 7/1205, Baldwin died in captivity in Bulgaria; his brother Henry succeeding as Emperor of Constantinople. [News of his death reached Flanders 2/1206.] (S) The Later Roman Empire, Williams, 1908, P15.

(S) Chronicle of Hainaut, Gislebertus, 2005. (S) The History of Belgium, Boulger, V1 of 2. (S) Romancing the Past, Spiegel, 1995. (S) The Interdict, Krehbiel, 1909.

Children of Baldwin and Marie:

i. Joan of Constantinople, born 1194 in Constantinople. [Eldest daughter]

1/1212 in Paris, Joan married Ferdinand, prince of Portugal [ Fernando, s/o Sancho I & Dulce of Aragon, s/o 94555154. King Alfonso Henriques I of Portugal & 94555155. Queen Mafalda of Savoy].

7/27/1214, Ferdinand captured at the Battle of Bouvines; Joan of Flanders left to rule.

1226, Fernando released from captivity in Paris.

1233, Fernando died.

12/5/1244, Joan died.

ii. Margaret II of Flanders (23638801), born ~1200 in Constantinople.

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