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Saturday, September 5, 2020

King Ferdinand II of Leon & Queen Urraca of Portugal

 47277576. King Ferdinand II of Leon & 47277577. Queen Urraca of Portugal

1137, Ferdinand born in Spain, 2nd s/o 189110312. Emperor Alfonso VII of Spain & 189110313. Berenguela of Barcelona.

1139, Urraca’s father declared himself King of Portugal by winning independence from Leon.

12/25/1147 at Toledo, Charter of Alfonso VII, Berengaria, and sons Sancho and Fernando to the monastery of Sar.

1148, Urraca born in Portugal, d/o 94555154. Count Alfonso Henriques I of Portugal & 94555155. Mafalda of Savoy.

Aft. 1149, Fernando’s mother died.

5/14/1151 at Toledo, Charter of Alfonso VII and sons Sancho and Fernando [who confirm as kings] to the monastery of San Miguel de Caneles.

11/25/1152 at Carrion, Charter of Alfonso VII, Rica [step-mother], and sons Sancho and Fernando

10/12/1153 at Sahagun, Alfonso VII, Rica, and Sancho and Fernando, sons, issued a charter to the monastery of Sahagun.

1/7/1154 at Salamanca, Alfonso VII, Rica [stepmother], Sancho and Fernando, kings, and Regina Sancha, issued a charter to the monasterio of Ayo de Nogales.

1/28/1155, ‘Adefonsus Imperator Hispaniæ . ..cum uxore mea Imperatrice Domina Rica et cum filiis meis Sancio et Ferrando Regibus’ donated property to the bishop of Segovia. (S) FMG.

12/28/1155 at Palencia, Alfonso VII, Rica, and Sancho and Fernando, kings, issued a charter to the monastery of Stant Maria de Varzana.

1156, Alfonso VII, Rica, and Sancho and Fernando, kings, issued a charter to Pedro Garcia, alcalde de Baeza.

8/21/1157, Ferdinand’s father died; leaving him as King of Leon and Galacia.

1157, Count Ponce de Cabrera exiled by King Fernando.

5/1158, Brothers Sancho III and Fernando II met at Sahagun and decided that when Portugal was conquered Fernando would divide the lands in half and Sancho would get to choose the half he wanted.

7/1158, Fernands’ older brother Sancho III died leaving a 4 year old Alfonso VIII as his heir.

9/1158, Fernando II compensated Pelayo Curvo for devastation caused by the King of Portugal.

1160, At the battle of Lobregal in the Tierra de Campos, the contending sides of the family King Alfonso VIII of Castile, a minor, fought with the Castro side victorius over the Lara side. By invitation of the Castro’s, Fernando II of Leon garrisoned troops in Toledo and collected its revenues until 1166.

1160, Fernando founded the city of Ciudad Rodrigo on the Portuguese border.

12/1160 at Celanova, Fernando met with Alfonso Henriques and sealed a marriage agreement of Fernando and Alfonso’s daughter Urraca.

1162, Fernando suppressed uprising in the cities of Salamanca and Avila.

9/1162, Fernando II of Leon arranged for Alfonso II of Aragon to marry his sister Sanchia, and declared himself tutor and defender of his body and honour. (S) Spain, 1157-1300, Lineham, 2011.

1162-63, Fernando occupied a large part of the kingdom of Castile.

1163, Fernando had Manrique Perez de Lara bring his nephew Alfonso to him at Soria.

3/14/1164, Fernando granted the monastery of Deomundi in Galicia to Fernando Odoariz.

[––Fernando & Urraca––]

6/1165, Fernando married Urraca.

1165, Fernando II made a pact with Sanc VI of Navarre.

10/30/1165, Fernando granted a house in Zamora to his knight Ponce Rodriquez in recognition of his loyal service.

1167, Fernando confirmed his father’s grants to the bishop of Salamanca of a third of the money coined in the city.

1167, Fernando and Alfonso Henriques in battle over the city of Ciudad Rodrigo. Alfonso’s son Sancho led the attack on the city. Fernando’s forces won the battle. Fernando captured many of Alfonso’s men, but later freed them.

11/23/1167 at Benavente, Fernando issued a charter granting his vassal Count Armengol VII of Urgel the town of Alcantara.

1168, Fernando held his court at Lugo where a dispute was settled between the monastery of Sobrado and Don Pedro Munoz about lands and inhabitants.

5/1169, Ferdinand, at the battle of Badajoz, took the King of Portugal prisoner [Alfonso I, father of Urraca] and recoved all lands lost in the intervening years of war.

1170, Fernando II attempted to move the city of Tuy away from the Portuguese frontier.

1170, Fernando granted the possession of the captured Almohades city of Caceres to the Order of St. James.

1171-72, Fernando and Urraca’s marriage annulled by Pope Alexander III on consanguinity, as they were 2nd cousins,  great-grandchildren of Alfonso VI of León and Castile. [Urraca became a nun in Zamora, then the monastery of Stanta Maria de Wamba.]

10/1174, Fernando exempted all the lands and vassals of Count Ponce de Minerva from taxation. (S) Aristocracy in 12th Century Leon and Castile, Barton, 2002, P106.

1175, Pope Alexander II approved Fernando’s establishment of the Order of Knights of Santiago. (S) Spain, 1157-1300, Linehan, 2011.

5/25/1176, Queen Urraca donated land and villas to the Order of Saint John.

1177, The kings of Castile, Leon, and Aragon agreed by the treaty of Tarazona to cooperate in campaigns against the Moors.

9/1178, Fernando held the Council of Salamance in which laws were passed.

5/23/1179, Pope Alexander III named Urraca’s father as “rex Portugalensium”; thereby confirming Portuguese independence.

1179, Urraca repudiated by Ferdinand.

[––Ferdinand––] & [––Urraca––]

8/1179, Ferdinand married 2nd Theresa de Traba.

1179, The knights of the Order of St. James supported Fernando in his border war with Alfonso I of Portugal. (S) Rule of the Spanish Order of St. James, Blanco, 1971, P7.

1180, Fernando gave estates in the Orbigo valley to his falconer Estaban.

4/28/1181 at Benavente, Fernando granted his vassal Count Armengol VII of Urgel estates at Almenarilla and Santa Cruz.

1182, Fernando held a curia at Astorga to resolve an issue of Bishop Manrique of Leon.

1183, Fernando II and Alfonso VIII [his nephew] met and ratified the Treaty of Fresno-Lavandera.

12/8/1185, Urraca’s father died [having doubled the size of Portugal in wars against the Moors].

1186, Fernando granted Bishop Vidal of Salamanca of a third of the money coined in the city.

5/1187, Ferdinand married 3rd Urraca Lopez de Haro.

1/22/1188, Ferdinand died. (S) Spain and Her Colonies, Wilberforce, 1898, P357.


1188, Urraca present for the coronation of her son Alphonso.

5/4/1188, Urraca and her son Alfonso confirmed Ferdinand’s donations to the Order of Santiago.

1211, Urraca donated the village of Castrotorafe to the cathedral at Zamora.

Urraca died, buried at the monastery of Santa María de Wamba, Valladolid, Spain.

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Child of Ferdinand and Urraca:

i. Alphonso IX of Leon (23638788), born 8/15/1171 in Spain.

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