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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Lord Philip Denebaud & Alice Gifford

 19956480. Lord Philip Denebaud & 19956481. Alice Gifford

~1200, Philip born in England.

~1205, Alice born in Somerset, England, d/o §John Gifford of Hinton St. George, Somerset.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England. Louis of France also claimed the throne.

~1222, Philip married Alice in Somerset.

1233, King Henry suppressed a revolt of Richard Marshal.                                                       

11/1233, The king committed to Theobald de Engleskevill during pleasure the land in Hinton of Philip Denebaud, an adherent of the rebellious Richard Marshal, earl of Pembroke. (S) CCRs. [“Rex commisit Theobaldo de Engleskevill' terram Philippi Denebaud, qui est cum comite Marescallo, in Henton”.]

1245, Philip died.

Bef. 7/18/1245, Philip Denebaud died. Philip Denebaud’s son and heir, William died before his father, leaving a son and heir Philip. (S) FRsHIII. [Philip Denebaud, also possessed property at Portskewet (Mon.), near Chepstow, and married Alice, daughter and heir of John Gifford. He gave half to his eldest son William on William's marriage, and later half to his third son Hamon.]

5/14/1246, Writ to bailiff of Nether Went. Philip de Anebou, alias Deneboud, Denebaud. Philip Deneboud had many sons; to the eldest he gave a certain land in England, who married, begat children, and died 3 years ago (d.1243). Afterwards the said Philip gave to his son Matthew (b.by1225) the manor of Portesciwet, who still holds it and is of mature age; but who is the next heir it is not for the jury to judge. Monmouth: Portesciwet manor, whereof the lady of Portesciwet has a third part in dower, … Somerset: Henton, a moiety of the town was held by Philip Denebaud, who delivered a moiety of his land to his elder son William (1st son) on his marriage, who had 4 sons, and died before his father, and his wife (alive.1346) holds all that land. The said William had 2 brothers, Matthew (2nd son) and Hamon (3rd son), and in 29 Hen. III (1245) the said Philip gave to the said Hamon, his younger son, that moiety which remained with him, by homage and service. Philip, the eldest son of the said William (1st son), is aged 7 years; but the jury know not who is the next heir. (S) CIsPM.

(S) Hist. of Somerset, V4, 1978, Hinton St. George.

Family notes:

·         1251, William Denebaud holding Henton Sancti Georgii. 1 knight’s fee in Somerset. (S) IPM of Roger le Bygod, earl of Norfolk. [Unknown relationship, possibly an uncle.]

Children of Philip and Alice:

i. William Denebaud, born ? in England.

1243, William died before his father, leaving 4 sons.

Eldest son: Philip, born 1239.

ii. Matthew Denebaud, born by 1225 in England.

Matthew given the the manor of Portesciwet, Monmouth, by his father.

7/18/1246, Order to the steward of Netherwent to cause Matthew, son of Phillip Denebaud, to have such seisin of the land formerly of the same Phillip in Portskewett as he had thereof when the king ordered it to be taken into his hand by reason of the death of the same Phillip. … steward to take security for 20m.  (S) Fine Rolls, HIII.

1251, Matthew Denebaud holding Portscuet and Herberdeston as 1 Welsh knight’s fee in Monmouth. (S) IPM of Roger le Bygod, earl of Norfolk.

iii. Hamon Denebaud (9978240), born ~1235 in England.

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