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Saturday, September 12, 2020

William de Charneles & Beatrice de Turvill

 16886944. William de Charneles & 16886945. Beatrice de Turvill

~1215, William born in England.

~1227, Beatrice born in England, d/o 33773890. Roger de Craft & 33773891. Cecily de Turville.

~1250, Beatrice coheir to her brother Roger.

1250, William died.

10/18/1250, Beatrice, who was the wife of William de Charneles, gives the king half a mark [each] for a writ ad terminum. Order to the sheriffs of Leicester and Warwick. (S) FRsHIII.

Aft. 1250, Beatrice married 2nd Henry Hubaud. (S) Hist. of Warwick, V3, 1945, Fulbrook.

4/1269, Hugh de Herdebergh (23640220) sued Henry Hubaud and Beatrice for his share in the estate of Cecilia [de Quatremars formerly de Tuberville], his own aunt and sister of Beatrice, in virtue of which he claimed to hold half the manor and advowson of Fulbrook. (S) Hist. of Warwick, V3, 1945, Fulbrook.

Beatrice died.

1279, Henry Hubaud holding a moiety of Upper Woodcote (S) Hist. of Warwick, V6, 1951, Leek Wooton. [Upper Woodcote formerly held by Beatrice’s maternal grandfather.]

Family notes:

·         Bilton descended to the Charneles family by marriage of Roger de Craft’s daughter Beatrice with William de Charneles.

·         Beatrice, with her brother Roger and sister Isabel, took the name of their mother.

Child of William and Beatrice:

i. Nicholas de Charneles (8443472), born ~1245 in England.

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