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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Lord Roger de Lascelles & Isabel ?

 11820706. Lord Roger de Lascelles & 11820707. Isabel ?.

1232, Roger de Lasceles born in England, s/o 23641412. Thomas de Maunby & 23641413. Avice de Lascelles.

~1245, Isabel born in England.

Bef. 1253, On the death of his maternal uncle, Roger de Lascelles, Roger’s mother became a family heiress [by a fine levied by the uncle.]

1253, Roger of age, took the name of his mother.

By 1261, Roger’s mother died.

1268, Roger holding the manor of Kirkby Knowle.

1279, Roger de Lasceles of Ellerton, Yorkshire, claimed free warren in his manors of Eskrik, Kirkby-knoll, and Scruton, holding Kirkby-knoll of Galfridus de Upsale.

1279-81, On a plea of Quo Warranto before John de Vaux and others, Roger de Lasceles ‘… dicit quod tenet manerium suum de Hellerton, ut liberum maritagium Elizabethae uxoris suae, de Willelmo [filio] Thomae, qui ipsum inde defendit et acquietet contra omnes homines.’ (S) Plac. de Quo Warr., 200.

9/27/1280 at Scardeburg, A grant from Adam de Boldeby … co. Northumberland … Witnesses: Sir R. bishop of Bath and Wells, the chancellor, …, Sir R. Tibbetot, … archdeacon of Coventry, Sir R. de Neyvill, John de Eyvill, Roger de Lasceles, … William de Boyvill, knights … (S) CCRs.

4/19/1282, Sir Roger de Lasceles and Sir Simon le Conestable: on marriage of Robert son and heir of Sir Simon and Avice daughter of Sir Roger, property: Sir Roger to give Robert £15. of lands and rents in manor of Thirnetoft, to use of Robert and Avice and heirs of their bodies. To revert to Sir Roger if she die childless. If Sir Roger shall have a male child who outlives him, he shall be bound for payment to Sir Simon of 250 marks of silver within 2 months of death of Sir Roger for the marriage. … Avice to stay with her father and mother until Robert can keep her honourably in food and clothing. Witn. Sir William de Saham the King's judge, … (S) UKNA.

6/20/1282, Roger de Lasceles to Robert son of Sir Simon the Constable, property: his daughter Avice in marriage with all she shall inherit (sharing with her other sisters) on Roger' death Binds himself for payment of 250 marks … Witn. …, Sir William de Faucenberge, Sir Ralph de Gousil, … (S) UKNA.

1284, Roger de Lascelles a chief landholder in Kerperby, North Yorkshire. (S) Cartularium Prioratus de Gyseburne, 1894, P314.

1285, 2 oxgangs in Kirkby Knowle held of Roger de Lascelles.

1294, Sir Roger de Lascelles summoned to parliament. (S) Beauties of England & Wales, Brayley, 1812, P720.

1295, Roger summoned to parliament.

~1300, Roger de Lascelles of Ellerton, Yorkshire, died.


6/27/1302, Agreement between Joan widow of Thomas de Colewynne, Sir Robert de Tylyolle and wife Matilda, Sir Ralph Fitz Ranulph and wife Theophila, and Robert le Constable and wife Avice (daughters and heirs of Sir Roger de Lascelles) on the division of Sir Roger's fees in Yorks … Sournta' and Estkryke, co. Yorks., to remain to Joan de C. … All in Yorks to remain to Robert and Avice le C. … All others in Lincs. and in Westmorland to remain to Robert  and Matilda de T. and Ralph and Theophila Fitz R.

1303, Thomas son of Adam de Maunby disputed 6 acres of wood in Kirkby Knowle with Isabel de Lascelles.

1323, Isabel died.

5/25/1323, Writ of IPM of Isabel ‘de Laucelles’ alias ‘de Lasceles’. York: Escrik the manor …  held in dower of the inheritance of the heirs, Joan, Avis, Maud and Ralph, … Ellerton the manor … held for life in fee tail of the inheritance of the said Avis, Maud and Ralph, of Ralph de Graistok without any certain service. Joan, late the wife of Thomas de Colewenn, Avis whom Robert le Conestable married, aged 40, and Maud, late the wife of Robert Tilliol, aged 36, daughters of the said Isabel and Roger de Lauceles, and Ralph, aged 24, son of Theophania late the wife of Ralph son of Ran[ulph], another daughter, are heirs of the said Roger and Isabel; Escryk … (S) CIsPM.

(S) Topo. & Gen., V1, Nichols, 1846, P217. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, V5, Honour of Richmond, Pt2, P184 & P185. (S) Hist. of York North Riding, V2, 1923, Kirkby Knowle. (S) Hist. of York North Riding, V1, 1914, Kirkby Wiske.

Children of Roger and Isabel:

i. Joan de Lascelles, born ? in Cumberland, England.

Joan married Thomas de Colewen.

By 6/7/1302, Thomas died.

ii. Avis de Lascelles, born ~1268 in Cumberland, England.

6/20/1282, Avis married to Robert le Conestable.

1316, Robert and Avis holding the manor of Kirkby Wiske.

3/12/1325 at Halsham, Gift: Matilda widow of Sir Robert de Tilliol to Sir Robert le Constable of Holdernesse and his wife Dame Avice [Maud’s sister] property. All her share of the manor of Kirby-underknoll, … In exchange for all their property in the manor of Ellerton super Derwent.

iii. Maud de Lascelles (5910353), born ~1275 in Cumberland, England. (S) Latest birth of 1st son.

(S) Women, Art, and Patronage, Gee, 2002, P167.

iv. Theophania de Lascelles, born ? in Cumberland, England.

Theophania married Ralph son of Ranlph.

Bef. 5/25/1323, Theophania died.

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